Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)-Chapter 5859: No Place To Hide Now

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Chapter 5859: No Place To Hide Now

“Because only Tianji knows, and he is still not completely dead.” Epoch’s End responded.

“Correct.” Li Qiye nodded: “But, you don’t know where Tianshou is, I do.”

“Hmph, doesn’t matter anymore.” Epoch’s End said.

“I bet you wouldn’t be saying this in his presence.” Li Qiye said.

“So what, the result is the same. All will turn into ashes.” Epoch’s End uttered coldly.

“Is that your excuse to feel better? Might as well devour your epoch instead of letting someone else do it, right?” Li Qiye asked.

“Tell me what the difference is then, whether I do it or the high heaven.” Epoch’s End said.

“This is the reason why the high heaven wishes to destroy all of you, always threatening with the tribulations. If you all devour everything, the cycles can’t continue.” Li Qiye said.

“Doesn’t seem to be working.” Voracious said.

“So confident, thinking that you can always escape the tribulations.” Li Qiye responded.

“And you? You wish to be the replacement for the sweeping?” Epoch’s End said.

“I believe in dust to dust, the high heaven can do that, there is no need for me to pick the unnecessary path of replacement.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What do you want then?” Voracious couldn’t help becoming curious.

“Nothing, just an answer. The future shall be as it should.” Li Qiye said.

“Then we’re not your enemies.” Voracious hurriedly said: “Just say the word and we will not appear in your epoch again. It is a promise.”

“A promise.” Epoch’s End agreed.

“Unfortunately, I do not need promises, only for you two to return everything.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Hmph.” Both were annoyed that a truce was not possible.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Meanwhile, coordinates lit up in Elder Galaxy, looking like stars at night.

They were the new hiding spots of Primal and his allies. These backup hiding spots were prepared long ago, never to be used until there was no other choice to keep them from being revealed.

They had fallen into Li Qiye’s trap today and had to use them while Li Qiye was preoccupied with Voracious and Epoch’s End. Alas, their coordinates immediately lit up so hiding was impossible.

“What is going on?” The three immortals were confused.

The founder, on the other hand, understood that someone had marked the majority of Elder Galaxy.

This was none other than Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng who prepared a special technique to reveal the hiding spots of the overlords. He looked as if he did nothing during his tenure in Celestial Court while making preparations.

He left the gold coin to Li Qiye - the key to all of this. Once the overlords actually appeared, the coin would be able to follow them.

“There is no place for them to hide now!” Profound Emperor’s group exclaimed.

They have been spies in Celestial Court for so long and couldn’t come up with a reliable method to find these overlords. The latter never appeared and always played it safe, making this task virtually impossible.

Therefore, they schemed patiently, offering themselves as bodies for the overlords to possess. With that, Li Qiye would be able to find a connection. Now, the addition of the gold coin finally completed their mission.

“The problem was getting you all to come out. Now, there’s no hiding again.” Li Qiye laughed and was pleased with the plan coming to fruition.

If these overlords had chosen to keep on hiding, it would have been difficult to find one, let alone all of them. After all, these beings have managed to elude even the tribulation. In the end, greed got the best of them.

“Pluff!” As Li Qiye stared at the coordinates, a gray aura wrapped around him.

“A sneak attack?” Li Qiye snorted and released his primordial light.

“Epoch Toxin!” Voracious roared thunderously after secretly releasing his venom that wrapped around Li Qiye like a cocoon.

“Boom!” As the toxin imprisoned him, a mirror materialized before him.

It resembled a world of utter stillness or an ominous pool of stagnant water. Within were countless drifting and colliding corpses of unimaginable sizes.

A true dragon towered like a mountain range while a phoenix had sky-blotting wings. A gluttonous seemed as big as a round planet could be spotted...

These divine beasts have been drained of their true blood, energy, and divinity. Only dried corpses were left behind inside this mirror of death.

The toxin entered the mirror and seemingly turned them into death puppets. They roared and became extensions of the toxin, determined to pull the ensnared Li Qiye into their world.

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