Emperor's Domination (Web Novel)-Chapter 5860: True Form of Epoch’s End

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Chapter 5860: True Form of Epoch’s End

“Boom!” Li Qiye was taken inside the mirror of death.

“Crack!” The true dragon immediately coiled around Li Qiye and constricted, wanting to break his bones.

The phoenix flapped its wings to form gales of death, intending to drown Li Qiye with the corroding affinity.

The gluttonous beast waited nearby with its mouth open, ready to devour Li Qiye after the dragon let go. This was the same for another kun peng nearby. It leaped into the air for a tail whip with his true fate as the target.

In just a short time, one dead beast after another unleashed their attack, either to crush Li Qiye or swallow him.

Meanwhile, the epoch-level toxin melted any power or defenses while attempting to permeate into his pores, eating the flesh and everything beneath.

“Boom!” A fist wielding the power of the primordial pierced through everything, traveling from the past to the present and future.

Its rays obliterated the corpses, turning them to smoke. The mirror shattered afterward; particles scattered to the wind. The world of death was no more.

“Die!” Epoch’s End roared and attempted to crucify Li Qiye with his spear known as World Ender. The fiery trail from the thrust was devastating and resplendent in space.

“Scram.” Li Qiye sneered and punched again. A million stars erupted in unison and illuminated space, bathing everyone in a primordial glow and heralding a new start of prosperity.

Its primordial affinity made it look like it was coming from the distant past, far more devastating than World Ender’s fiery trail.

The latter could only destroy one epoch while the primordial light had enough power to gestate worlds for eternity.

“Bam!” It seemed unfathomable that someone would meet an epoch-level weapon with his bare hand.

Cracks first appeared on the spear and eventually, the pressure from the punch crushed it, inch by inch.

Spectators couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Although it wasn’t a paragon artifact, that spear still far exceeded imperial weapons.

Alas, Li Qiye broke it with a single punch. The remnant shockwaves still aimed for the boundless space.

“Rumble!” Spatial fabrics were being crushed along with the stars. Debris and meteors scattered in all directions.

“Buzz.” Starlight gathered in the same spot, creating a separation barrier.

Li Qiye still broke through with his primordial affinity. It surpassed logic and destroyed all tangible objects - the stars included.

Epoch’s End reacted incredibly quickly, summoning a stone slab to block the punch. It absorbed the majority of the shockwaves but he was still sent flying through stars.

The illusion was dispelled and everyone was shocked to see him standing back up. He was far smaller than expected.

His original form was a cosmic entity, seemingly larger than Voracious Leviathan. In reality, after Li Qiye destroyed the cosmo, it turned out that he was a dwarf as tall as a ten-year-old boy.

His long arms and big head looked out of place, making people question whether his small frame could keep it up. His eyes were disproportionally large as well.

A big pair of eyes were usually cute-looking but this was not the case. They looked like black holes capable of devouring souls.

“This is Epoch’s End?” Everyone was astounded to see him, Voracious included.

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