Epic of Caterpillar-Chapter 2206 The Power Of Bloodlines

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Chapter 2206 The Power Of Bloodlines





A concept that was ever-present to my everyday life before everything gave a sudden shift when I perished in the war against Hel.

And then came back!

However, that's not the problem here, the problem is that I've been completely like… Not caring at all about it!

Even when it was a pivotal ability and power that allowed all my children to be born really overpowered. And well, by checking my previous status and all the skills there, which remain unmoved, the Bloodline is still on full effect.

However, that Bloodline's effects are already old and cannot compare to Cosmic Powers and abilities after all, right? So obtaining some new Bloodline Ability power was ideal.

And after eating Satan, I didn't get just any Bloodlines, but probably the most Uber Bloodlines imaginable.


[The Bloodline of the Archdemon of Wrath now boils within you!]

[You have absorbed his Bloodline, unlocked the Bloodline Section of the Origin System and obtained the [Primordial Archdemon of Wrath: Satan's Demonic Bloodline (Highest-Grade): 5%] and [Primordial Fallen Archangel: Satan's Corrupted Angelic Bloodline (Mid-Grade): 1%]!]

[You can further see the details of Bloodlines and their effects by clicking on them within the System Bloodline Tab. You can acquire more Bloodlines through a similar method of devouring and absorption, and either combine them or modify them.]

[The Origin System's Bloodline Section is much stronger than others, therefore, there is a limited amount of Bloodlines you can have. However, by fusing them together or sacrificing them to further boost the comprehension stage of others, you can free space.]

[The Comprehension and Adaptability Process of Bloodlines goes from 1% to 100%, where 1% is the least effects and 100% are the most effects. Whenever they're of a lower grade, once they reach 100% Adaptability, Bloodlines might absorb other Bloodlines available to Evolve into a higher tiered one.]

According to these descriptions, the Bloodlines have percentages of Comprehension or Assimilation? Apparently Satan's demon Bloodline is at the "Highest Grade" while his fallen archangel bloodline is only at the Mid-Grade.

"What are the Bloodline Grades?"

[Showcasing Bloodline Grades…]






[Bloodline Grades are based on the purity and power of Bloodlines. Basic Bloodlines will always start at Lowest Grade and will need to evolve or be combined with many more to Rank Up. As they Rank Up, Bloodlines effects increase, and they gain many new passive effects.]

[You can increase the Assimilation Rate percent of a Bloodline through the constant usage of its innate abilities, the absorption of other Bloodlines and then sacrificing them into your existing Bloodlines, or by using and letting the Bloodline absorb compatible materials.]

"I see, very interesting." I nodded. "So there are only six grades, I already got one at the maximum grade! How nice. Now I wonder though, this feels quite similar to the Vampiric Bloodlines where the Paths are born, can you merge both concepts?"


[The existence of Vampire Paths is still not yet completely analyzed. Please absorb more Vampire Blood from the World of Abyss and steal their Vampire Paths.]

[Once enough has been taken and a proper assessing can be done, it might or might not be possible to merge both Primordial Concepts.]

"So the power of Bloodlines I just awakened is some sort of Primordial Concept? How interesting." I smiled. "Alright, show me what they can do…"

I quickly decided to check the new Bloodlines details.


[Primordial Fallen Archangel: Satan's Corrupted Angelic Bloodline (Mid-Grade)]

[Bloodline Growth: 1/100%]

A Mid-Grade Bloodline that only powerful Archangels that have fallen from the grace of Heaven and God possess.

Although they have lost most of their Holy and Heavenly Powers after becoming Fallen Archangels, their Divine Strength, Authority, and Immortal Bodies remain, greatly enhancing the power of all those that wield it.

Bloodline Effects:

Increases All Physical Stats by +300% when fighting Demonic, Dark, Death, Eldritch, and Evil-type foes.

Grants Affinity with Corrupted Heaven Magic and Demonic Magic of the Highest Order, further boosting their Elemental Power, Control, and Conjuration Speed by +300%.

Increases the Regeneration Quantity and Speed of Health Points by +150%, while in Critical State, increases Regeneration by a further +150%.

Grants Access to Angelic, Fallen Angel, and Corrupted Divinity-type Class Changes, Evolutions, and Skill Trees.

Can conjure and develop a [Corrupted Archangel Soul Weapon], which is born from the user's Soul Potential and its power is based on Soul Ether Stat.

Grants the ability to use the [Fallen Archangel Aura], [Fallen Archangel Broken Wings], and [Fallen Archangel Black Halo] Abilities by spending Heavenly Essence or Demonic Energy.

[Fallen Archangel Aura]: Release an Aura of Corrupted Holiness, decreasing the Stats of all foes within a 50-meter radius of the conjurer by -30% and decreasing the Strength of their Holy or Demonic-type Skills, Spells, or Abilities by -50%. Duration: 10 Minutes.

[Fallen Archangel Broken Wings]: Grow corrupted black feathered wings that allow you to soar anywhere and go anywhere you want. Increases Movement Speed, Flight Speed, Reaction Speed, and Agility by +200% when used. Duration: 10 Minutes.

[Fallen Archangel Black Halo]: Invoke the Black, corrupted Halo of a Fallen Archangel, releases an Authority around you that works as an invisible, deadly barrier. Those that touch it are inflicted with [Holy Deterioration], which saps away their Life and Essence by 0.1% per second for 5 Minutes, can be stacked 3 Times.

More Abilities can be unlocked as the Bloodline progresses.


Wow this is crazy! Did Satan have this power?! And why did that bastard never used it to begin with? Was he too ashamed of using it? I know most Archdemons are actually Archangels, including Mammon, but this is a bit insane.

So I am an Archangel now? And all my children too, I'll have to teach them how to take advantage of these powers properly.

But for now, wow this is amazing! I'll be definitely using these bloodline powers. A Soul Weapon and three interesting little abilities.

While everyone ate, I decided to play around.

"Let's see… [Corrupted Archangel Soul Weapon]"


Suddenly, from the depths of my soul and my very being, a flash of bright golden light surged, and then landed over my hands, suddenly growing corrupted, a powerful aura growing larger. Everyone on the table gasped as they looked at me.

And then, this bright light that was corrupted and became red and black, changed forms, becoming a big…