Epic of Caterpillar-Chapter 2207 Fallen Angels

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Chapter 2207 Fallen Angels





[You have activated the Bloodline Ability: [Corrupted Archangel Soul Weapon]!]

[All of your Holy and Unholy Aspects have been summoned out of your Soul!]

[These Aspects have absorbed Essence, Holy Essence, and Demonic Essence, taking a new shape.]

[You've summoned your own personal [Corrupted Archangel Soul Weapon]: [Black Heavens Hammer Of Chaos: Metatron]!]

[Your [Corrupted Archangel Soul Weapon] will grow stronger as your Soul does, the higher your Soul Ether Stat, the Tougher, Sharper, Heavier, and Mightier it will become.]

[The Soul Weapon Abilities will be unlocked as the Bloodline progresses. Current Soul Weapon Abilities: [Black Heaven's Judgement] [Chaotic Smiting]]

"Isn't this a nice little toy?"

The hammer was of a pitch-black color, with two black angelic-like wings at the end of the handle, and a big red and black colored jewel on top of the hammer. It was finely decorated with gold linings, and crimson linings by the handle.

It emanated an Aura I had never seen before, of Corrupted Holiness, a special Element that only Fallen Angels seem to be able to wield. And that for some reason Archdemons don't wield. I wonder if that's because they became Archdemons and got locked out of this potential power?

Whatever was the case, Satan did have a lot of weapons, maybe they were his Soul Weapons or something, whatever the case, this is not bad. I can grow as many arms as I want, so having more strong weapons that grow with me is always good.

Even more if I use Absolute Cosmic Enchantment on the hammer and combine it with something else temporarily, the possibilities are endless.

"Woah, what's with that big hammer?" Gaby wondered, looking at its black brilliance. "W-Where did you get that? Is that a reward, Kireina?"

"Yeah, something like that honey." I smiled. "It is part of a Bloodline I acquired from Satan. You see, he happened to be a Fallen Archangel, actually!"

"Really?" Asked Altani. "He had nothing angelic about him. He was nothing but a barbarian brute, how could an archangel become the monster he was?"

"Well, I've heard that Hell was primarily made as a punishment for the Archangels, a purgatory for them to remain sealed, those that betrayed The One, that is." Said Agatheina, she had quite good knowledge. "Well, back when Genesis had yet to divide into Realms, such knowledge circulated as rumors, when the Archdemons and the Demon Invasions were much more active than now, just as they had landed on the planet."

"So it ended being true." Altani nodded. "But this Bloodline, you stole it from him? Heh, that's rather smart of you. Though I wonder why he couldn't use it." Altani was trying her best to be more talkative, and I had to support my wife for that.

"Yeah, for some reason Archdemons don't seem capable of channeling their Archangel Bloodlines, even if Fallen." I said. "I have a theory they had to go through some evolution process that purged their remaining holiness, even if corrupted, to embrace the complete opposite and become demons, rulers of sins and unholiness."

"You're not wrong." Mammon suddenly appeared, sitting down over his throne of gold. "It appears you've acquired another interesting power, Kireina. Did you manage to assimilate Satan's Bloodline? Incredible." He was acting all high and mighty now that he was surrounded by his men. I suppose I'll let him have that for now.

"Yeah, do you know why he couldn't use this power, though?" I wondered. "He could have been able to get a bit stronger with this… Look, I can even grow a pair of black feathered wings and a black halo!" I showed them the other abilities.

"T-That's true!" Said Nephiana. "W-what's going on?! Did our wifey really became an angel now?! Kireina from all people?"

"You talk like she doesn't deserve it…" Said Lilith.

"Well…" Charlotte muttered. "It is not as if she's the most virtuous and holy."

"Not wrong, but you don't have to be so harsh about it…" Alice added a comment. "Though, I did experience her harsher tone back then. Ahh, just remembering that time when she held me against my will and bit my neck, it excites me…" She bit her lips.

"I-I've told you several times I was sorry…" I sighed. "Yet you still chose to remain at my side even when there was not a single mind controlling ability set on you anymore…"

"Heheh, that's because I liked it! I love you, my dear." She caressed my face, giving me a kiss on my cheek. "I cannot live without you, I need you. So you better not go away… I won't let you~"

This woman…

I guess Alice is just built different, huh?

Now that I think about it, she had always had these Yandere-like tendencies.

"Anyways, Mammon, do you know why he couldn't use it? And you too?" I asked.

"It is because of the evolution we underwent. Thank you." He crossed his legs sexily as he grabbed a big cup full of several balls of ice cream with many flavors handled to him by a female demon servant. He started eating it as he explained. "You see, we Archdemons were the Fallen Archangels that lost in the Rebellion of Heaven, perhaps one of the first ever Wars in this Universe. It happened when Lucifer led us towards a battle with our father, The One."

"Yeah, yeah, I know that to an extent." I nodded. "You guys seem pretty tame about The One but Lucifer's still angry with him."

"I would say he still hates him to death, not just angry. The rest of us have mixed opinions… I stand with my neutrality, I joined Lucifer because he was my friend, but after eons, he has grown distant with everyone." Sighed Mammon. "Nonetheless, the Purgatory was made, Hell. The One created this world to seal his Immortal and undying children inside, us. All of us went there. The Flames of Purgatory burned our holiness, as we swiftly started to mutate from Fallen Angels into Demons and Archdemons."


The One… I wonder if he's really on my side.