Everyone Pampers the Small Blessing Who Has a Spatial Pocket!-Chapter 684 - : Analysis

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Chapter 684: Analysis

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“Grandma, who’s hiding there?” Although All Yu and the others had heard the other party talk about many things, they did not mention who the master behind them was.

Therefore, Ah Yu was quite curious, especially now that Grandma had exposed her martial arts in front of them. This meant that Grandma had many things to tell them.

Old Madam Wang: “That’s a long story. However, it’s meaningless to tell you too much. You just have to know that the person there is not someone you can afford to provoke now. In the future, pretend not to know that there’s someone there, understand?”

“But 1 don’t think they’re good people. If we leave them alone, what if they threaten the people in the village in the future?” All Yu said, “I think that land is a little cursed. In the past, the people from Shanyang Village did bad things there. Now that there are new people there, are they going to rebel?”

“What does doing bad things have to do with the land? It’s just the heart.” Old Madam Wang corrected Ah Yu. “It’s not that 1 don’t want you to take care of this matter, but there will definitely be others who will take care of it in the future. You children should focus on growing up. Grandma is old now. If you do things too recklessly, Grandma won’t be able to protect you in the future.”

When she heard this, All Yu’s nose instantly turned sour. She hurriedly buried her head in Old Madam Wang’s arms. “Grandma, what are you talking about? Don’t say that. 1 don’t want to hear it! I was wrong this time. I won’t be so rash next time. If I go out, I’ll definitely tell Grandma.”

“There’s still a next time? Do you really want to break up my old bones?” Old Madam Wang glared at All Yu. “It seems like 1 can’t explain to you clearly today since you can’t understand the seriousness of this matter! Do you know what country is further north of us?”

Ah Yu said, “1 know that to the north is Beixing Kingdom, but they’re also a recently established country. In the past, they were mainly nomads. Although they’re called nomads, they actually live in the forest, right?”

“You’re right. The establishment of the Beixing Kingdom was thanks to our Great Chang. Naturally, some of them are unwilling to establish a country. Just like people who are used to freedom, how can they be willing to be bound by the rules?” When Old Madam Wang said this, there was obvious ridicule in her eyes. “However, those discontented individuals did not openly express their opposition. They even sent envoys to Great Chang to learn various techniques for governing their territories. After mastering these techniques, they realized that a rule-based nation was indeed easier to govern than the previously fragmented regions. Still, compared to Great Chang, they’re just small fries.”

When Qin Huai heard this, he couldn’t help but ask, “So they developed ambitions and wanted to split Great Chang’s land, or even steal the talents of Great Chang?”

“That’s right. About 40 years ago, Beixing Kingdom once caused a ruckus. They led their troops around this mountain range and attacked Great Chang from the south, causing the people of a certain area to be plunged into misery and suffering. At that time, Duke Yong had once received an order in the face of danger and brought an army to suppress the border, forcing that group of thieves to cede their land as compensation. He took the initiative to hand over the head of the evildoers before letting them go.”

At the mention of this piece of history, Old Madam Wang’s tone was very emotional. “From the standpoint of Beixing Kingdom, the winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit. However, there are always some people who are unwilling to admit defeat just like that. In addition, the parasites in Great Chang have yet to be eliminated, so there are always difficulties.”

At this point, it was more obvious. Ah Yu immediately came to a realization. “So, the people gathering the troops now are from Beixing Kingdom and Great Chang?”

Old Madam Wang nodded. “This person’s status in Great Chang is extraordinary. 1 believe that the migration of Shanyang Village previously was also related to that person. Every detail of the game between the big shots will be considered, and the commoners below are all pawns.”

Hearing this, All Yu gasped. “That Shanyang Village who ate people and came to our village to cause trouble? Was it also their doing to move the entire village away?!”

Old Madam Wang: “Perhaps the land they originally took a fancy to is Hu Family Village and Shanyang Village.”

If Ah Yu had not come here, the entire Hu Family Village would have been buried under the avalanche of snow. After counting, everyone realized that there were very few houses in the village that were not buried. It could be said that less than 10% of the houses survived.

As for Shanyang Village, they were already eating people. If they discovered that Hu Family Village was gone, they would definitely come to plunder the entire village or go to another village to cause trouble. In the end, the entire village would definitely be implicated.

At that time, if the entire village was destroyed and the other village was filled with evil people, no one would be able to stay here anymore. This place would become a natural ominous land.

Back then, Old Madam Wang suspected that Zhang Zhan had been secretly harmed. The avalanche might have been to bury his corpse and the others in Hu Family Village. Later on, she went to the mountain with Old man Wang to take a look. As expected, she saw human traces.

Zhang Zhan had accidentally entered this place when he was investigating the winter situation. Those people were afraid that the matter would spread and would definitely kill him to silence him. However, Zhang Zhan was also lucky and survived. The other party let the matter rest and let the entire Shanyang Village be emptied…and even everything that happened after that.

In short, the plan was quite complicated. There was no need to explain it too carefully to the two children.

However, it was impossible for these people not to know about the development of Hu Family Village in the past few years, but they had never made a move. What did they want to do?

This was what Old Madam Wang cared about the most.

As for the reason why Hu Family Village was so good, everyone knew that it came from the child in front of her.

The one and only Ah Yu..