Everyone Pampers the Small Blessing Who Has a Spatial Pocket!-Chapter 685 - : Going Home

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Chapter 685: Going Home

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“Grandma, are those people very powerful?”

Old Madam Wang was about to nod when she heard All Yu continue, “Will they be more powerful than the Emperor? Will they be more powerful than the Empress and the Empress Dowager?”

Old Madam Wang:”…”

She had neglected it. She did not fear any so-called noble from the bottom of her heart. Even the entire Wang Family did not have any concept of respect for nobles.

Look at Ah Yu. She casually mentioned the Emperor, the Empress, and the Empress Dowager.

It seemed that the child still had to be taught.

At this moment, Old Madam Wang did not want to think that she had actually deliberately delayed teaching Ah Yu.

This was because not only Old Madam Wang, but even the entire Wang Family had a premonition that if All Yu grew up too fast, she would eventually fly out like an eagle.

Ah Yu was different from ordinary women. She was even different from ordinary men. Her horizons were very wide, and her eyes seemed to be able to fill the entire world. Such a person was destined to not be able to remain in one place.

However, they ail hoped that this farewell would come later, but they were afraid that the child would leave early and they would regret it even more if they did not have the time to teach her.

Looking at Qin Huai, he also looked like he did not care at all, as if casually mentioning the titles of those people was as ordinary as mentioning his grandfather and grandmother.

Old Madam Wang began to think deeply. If Qin Huai sat in that position, would Ah Yu not have to be restrained?

Since ancient times, the number of Emperors who were faithful to their Empresses could be counted on one hand. It wasn’t impossible to only have one wife and no concubines, but they couldn’t have a good ending.

However, if it was All Yu, it might be possible.

No matter what, she had the protection of an immortal. Even if the immortal left in the future, she would still pull the Wang Family up. With everyone working together, it was not impossible for them to protect her.

“Grandma, am I right?” Ah Yu said a lot more. Just as she was about to continue, she saw that Old Madam Wang was in a daze. It was unknown if she was listening.

Old Madam Wang said, “How can it be? The highest peaks are usually occupied by the capable ones, and those who cannot climb to the top, for whatever reason, are just subordinates and defeated ones.”

With that said, Ah Yu was much more relieved. Although she was also very curious about the person who could make Grandma afraid, since it could be resolved, it meant that the danger factor was not that high.

“Grandma, don’t worry. I’ll protect All Yu well.” Qin Huai said firmly, “My people will protect her more than they protect me.”

This was also what Qin Huai had repeatedly warned Chi Jia.

Actually, there was no need to remind Chi Jia. Those Crimson Guards who had seen Ah Yu, all liked this little girl to begin with. Everyone had more or less received Ah Yu’s good intentions and even received their master’s orders. How could they not be diligent?

Old Madam Wang was not especially relieved. She never placed her hopes on a single person or group of people.

“I’ve told you so much today that 1 shouldn’t have. Leave the rest to the adults to handle.” Old Madam Wang pulled Qin Huai and Ah Yu up from the rock with each hand and said, “We’ll be returning to Wanning City in two days. Just play like normal children for a while. When you return to Wanning City, you can do whatever you want. Don’t care too much about the rest. Even if the sky collapses, there will naturally be someone tall to hold it up. It’s not your turn yet.”

As she spoke, Old Madam Wang looked up. A beam of light lit up in the distant mountains. It drifted over from the layers of mountains and cut through the grayness of the mountain.

It was dawn.

“Let’s go home.” Old Madam Wang held the two children’s hands and walked on the mountain path.

Ah Yu and Qin Huai stood at the side alone, but they did not break free from

Old Madam Wang’s slightly calloused hands.

In the past, Ah Yu only felt that Grandma’s hands had calluses because she had worked hard. Because she had never done heavy work, the calluses were not big, and they were not as ferocious as the other women in the village.

Now that she thought about it, she rarely saw Grandma do anything. She usually sat at home and used her brain and mouth. Most of the time, she let her family do everything.

The calluses on her hands…

“Grandma—” All Yu looked up and was about to ask when she saw Qin Huai shaking his head at her.

She shut her mouth and stopped asking.

Grandma was already old and tired. It was rare for her to say so much today. It was also because of their impulsiveness that she exposed herself.

If they asked more, be it Grandma lying to them or telling them based on her memories, she would be exhausted again.

Forget it. Who didn’t have some secrets?

In any case, regardless of whether Grandma knew martial arts or not, she was still her favorite Grandma!

At dawn, Wang Chuangui was about to set off for Chang’an County. When the villagers found out that he was going to Chang’an County to be a governor, they came early to send him off.

A few young people who were originally merchants had long tied up the ox cart and followed behind Wang Chuangui’s carriage.

As soon as he asked, they smiled and said, “We also want to go to Chang’an County to do business. I heard that there’s a place close to the desert there that produces all kinds of fur. If we can buy it, it’ll be winter when we come back. We can sell it!”

Someone else chuckled and said, “In any case, we’re also preparing to set off in the next few days. Let’s talk along the way and accompany Uncle Wang so that he won’t be too bored.”

Wang Chuangui looked at everyone and felt his eyes burn. How could he not know that they just wanted to take this opportunity to escort him?

The journey from Wangbei County to Chang’an County was long. Mother had arranged for an old couple and servants to follow him, as well as Chang Fu, who was in charge of driving, and various things to use on the way. She had also given him generous funds. However, all of these couldn’t completely dispel his worries about the journey.

These people accompanied him to not only provide protection but also to help send a message back home when he returns, so that his family wouldn’t worry about him.

“Wait, wait!” Third Aunt Hu crawled out of the crowd, panting. She pulled a young man behind her and pushed him forward. “Chuangui, bring this kid along. He’s learned some martial arts outside in the past few years. If you encounter anyone stupid on the way, just let him deal with them. If he can’t beat them, throw him onto the road and run by himself.”

Wang Chuangui:”…”

He couldn’t help but look sympathetically at Hu Sanwa, who was behind Third Aunt Hu. Everyone in the village knew that Third Aunt Hu’s youngest son was away all year round. She talked about him all day long. How could she bear to treat him like this?

“Flower Jiang, your mouth is really full of nonsense!” Old Madam Wang rolled her eyes at Third Aunt Hu. “My Chuangui hasn’t even left the house yet. Can’t you hope for something better!”

Wang Chuangui was immediately touched and couldn’t take it anymore. Look, his mother was always concerned about his safety.

Then, he heard Old Madam Wang say, “The mountains are high and the road is long. If anything happens on the way, won’t we be tired out if we have to make a trip over to collect them?”

Wang Chuangui:”…”

He grabbed Hu Sanwa’s arm and patted him. “Brother, let’s go early. We’ll rush to the first courier station before dark so that we won’t starve.”

Hu Sanwa and the others hurriedly agreed. “Yes, yes, that makes sense. Aunt Wang, Third Aunt Hu, we’ll leave first!”

Before long, the people gathered at the village entrance immediately got on donkeys and horses and left in the blink of an eye.

Sitting in the carriage, Wang Chuangui said to Madam Ma, who was hanging her head at the side, “What’s wrong? You’ve been unhappy since this morning. Are you sad because you’re leaving home and you can’t bear to leave? Why don’t we take a detour and go to your family to say goodbye to them?”

Madam Ma shook her head. “It’s not that. My parents have already agreed and they’re not worried about me. In any case, I’ve been following you outside all year round. They’re already used to it.”

In this day and age, how many daughters would never return to their families after marrying? It did not matter if she went further away for a while..