Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!-Chapter 315 - : Different Treatment

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Chapter 315: Different Treatment

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At this moment, Song Fan didn’t have the mood to consider the issue of jewelry. She urgently needed to find out who the person lurking in the Gu family was.

The person was skilled, but they hadn’t attempted to take Gu Chen’s life. This indicated that there was something they wanted to know from Gu Chen, perhaps related to some important secrets.

Song Fan shook her head; she felt a slight soreness in her left shoulder. Her left shoulder had been seriously fractured before, but due to her young age and proper recovery, it hadn’t affected her mobility. Moreover, she paid attention to regular exercise, so even among mercenaries, few had noticed her weakness. However, today, that person seemed to have known her weakness from the start; otherwise, that person wouldn’t have targeted her left shoulder.

Upon thinking about the earrings she glimpsed during the fight, she suddenly remembered that Li Lan was wearing earrings that day.

She took out her phone, intending to contact Su Yang. His behavior today was somewhat unusual. Even if his wound had reopened, he shouldn’t have left so quickly. However, his actions seemed normal, and it was true that Li Lan was in the hospital.

Song Fan swiftly entered the dark web of Mi Wu, trying to learn about Li Lan’s past. However, it seemed that her information was normal, and Song Fan keenly noticed a specific time point: Li Lan had also spent two years abroad, and foreign affairs were untraceable even in Mi Wu.

Upon thinking of her own two lost years of memory, an uneasy feeling crept into her heart. The inexplicable sense of familiarity, coupled with the familiar movements of the person she fought with today, could it be that Li Lan was someone she knew from her disappearance? Or could it be that the person who fought with her today was Li Lan?

Upon considering that she could check on Su Yang’s condition at the hospital tomorrow, she took a shower and lay down on the bed, falling asleep. Since Li Lan might be involved, Song Fan knew she couldn’t act rashly, and she had to wait until there was a flaw.

Early in the morning, Song Fan got ready, intending to go and check on Su Yang. However, Charlie’s speed was faster than hers; he had already arrived at the Song family’s house by 8 a.m.

“Good morning! We’re just having breakfast. Miss Song, are you leaving without eating?” Charlie sat very comfortably in the dining room. “Skipping breakfast is not good for your health. Is there something urgent that you’re in such a hurry?”

Meng Xia didn’t expect him to come so early. In a hurry to tidy up, she found that Song Fan had already come downstairs and was talking to Charlie about something.

She hurried downstairs, almost stumbling. Although Charlie saw her about to fall, he pretended not to react. Fortunately, a servant beside her helped her.

Meng Xia felt a bit embarrassed but maintained a smile. “I didn’t expect you to come so early. I was afraid you would be anxious. Is Sister going out? Then hurry up, don’t delay your important matters.”

She couldn’t wait for Song Fan to leave quickly. She didn’t want Song Fan to continue talking to Charlie.

Song Fan had no intention of bothering with these two people. But unexpectedly, Meng Xia, who was dissatisfied early in the morning, became unhurried. She directly sat across from Charlie. “Charlie is right. Skipping breakfast is bad for my health. I’ll have breakfast before leaving.”

“You!” Meng Xia was so angry that she almost couldn’t hold back. She had inquired beforehand that Song Fan rarely ate breakfast at home. Even if she did, it was just a pretense. At this time, when the family members were all at work or school, and Meng Yu had made an appointment with several rich ladies to play golf, Meng Xia had a chance to be alone with Charlie. However, Song Fan was so annoying.

But in front of Charlie, Meng Xia had to maintain a ladylike image. She could only smile awkwardly and then took the opportunity to sit next to Charlie. She purposely wore a slightly low-cut dress today, hoping that Charlie would notice that she wasn’t wearing a necklace.

Charlie indeed took out a small box from his pocket. Meng Xia’s heart raced; it seemed to be a necklace. Could it be that Meng Yu had said something to him? She felt her breath quickening.

As Meng Xia watched Charlie with anticipation, he directly pushed the box in front of Song Fan. “Yesterday’s meeting was rushed, and I didn’t have time to give you a gift. This necklace is for you.”

He looked at Song Fan expectantly. Meng Xia, on the side, was embarrassed, not knowing what to say. The anger in her eyes flared up, and with teary eyes, she looked at Song Fan as if Song Fan were a criminal who had done something wrong.

But Song Fan didn’t reach out to take it. She just calmly said, “No merit, no reward. We’re not familiar; there’s no need for you to give me a present.”

“No, this is just a small gift. I already gave Xiao Xia a similar one yesterday.” Charlie opened the box, revealing an even more beautiful diamond necklace, which was more expensive. “You’re sisters, and it wouldn’t be right for me to treat you differently..”