Everyone Wants to Pamper the Bigshot Researcher After Her Rebirth!-Chapter 316 - : Dictator

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Chapter 316: Dictator

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He laughed genuinely, completely unaware that the woman beside him was fuming with anger.

Meng Xia almost gritted her teeth as she spoke, “Charlie, you don’t know.

Yesterday, Second Brother already gave Sister a box of jewelry from this brand

—necklaces, bracelets, you name it. I envy her so much.”

She gently tugged at the hem of Charlie’s suit, “Having a real older brother is wonderful. Unfortunately, I’m all alone, and no one cares about me.”

Meng Xia did show some genuine emotions. In the Meng family, she was at least the only junior recognized by Meng Yu. Also, because she occasionally visited the Song family, her status in the Meng family had been relatively high.

However, upon arriving here, she realized that being an adopted daughter meant just that—verbal acknowledgment. Besides residing in the Song family, she gained no real benefits. Especially after witnessing how these brothers treated Song Fan, not a single one acknowledged her existence. This made Meng Xia even more dissatisfied and aggrieved.

Charlie awkwardly smiled and took back the necklace, “Since Miss Song doesn’t like it, let’s forget about it. After all, Miss Song is adored by countless people, and these brothers dote on her, making it truly enviable. If you don’t like it, I’ll just take it back. Besides, I don’t have any women around me to give it to.”

His words were natural, without the slightest hint of noticing Meng Xia’s abnormality. However, Meng Xia, who desperately wanted to express that she wanted that necklace, couldn’t bring herself to say it.

After having watched enough of the drama, Song Fan didn’t want to waste any more time. She stood up to leave.

Charlie also stood up simultaneously, “As I said, I came yesterday to see Miss

Song, and it’s the same today. Where are you going? I’ll take you.”

“Sister must have urgent matters, and now she’s in a romantic moment with Young Master Gu. Charlie, you don’t need to…” Meng Xia’s words got stuck in her throat; she couldn’t continue because she saw Charlie’s indifferent gaze.

Though he only glanced at her faintly, Meng Xia felt a chill all over her body, as if she were being stared at by a venomous snake. She had never seen Charlie like this. Upon thinking about his identity and background, she suddenly realized that the man in front of her was not the gentle gentleman she had imagined but a true upper-class figure.

Upon seeing that Meng Xia wisely stopped talking, Charlie turned to Song Fan, “Mr. Song mentioned that he hopes you can join the Song Group soon. I happen to have a project in mind for cooperation with the Song Group. Miss Song, are you interested? I can take you wherever you need to go, and if you’re going to enter the company, you need to show some achievements, right?”

Charlie knew exactly how to handle people, especially after investigating the Song family’s situation. Song Yi was a man who could send his beloved daughter abroad. Not only was he ruthless, but he also wouldn’t easily trust others. Upon looking at Song Fan, she didn’t seem like someone who would let things slide. Moreover, there were the vigilant eyes of the Meng family.

His smile was sincere, and Song Fan saw through his intentions. She nodded. “Sure, Mr. Brown. I appreciate that.”

Upon hearing her agreement, Meng Xia almost bit her lips until they bled. But considering Charlie’s icy gaze earlier, she knew she couldn’t afford to anger him at this moment.

She pleaded, “Charlie, what about our plans for today? Didn’t you say you wanted to enjoy some good food? I’ve already prepared an itinerary.”

Meng Xia’s eyes were filled with tears, appearing wronged. If it were any other man by her side before, he would have immediately felt sorry for her. However, Charlie wasn’t an ordinary man.

He politely bowed, “I’m sorry, Miss Meng. Brown Group’s work is more important. I believe you understand.”

Meng Xia wanted to say more, but seeing his expression, she could only keep quiet and nodded silently.

Charlie was somewhat surprised; he didn’t expect this woman to be so sensible. He then took out the necklace in his hand, “To express my apologies, I’m giving you this necklace as compensation. I’ll make sure to prepare time in advance next time.”

The moment Meng Xia received the necklace, she felt a bit relieved. She was well aware that men in power liked obedient women. So, she nodded meekly and watched as the two left.

Upon sitting in the car, Song Fan spoke first, “How do you plan to cooperate? You should know I don’t hold any position in the Song Group.”

“Not just you.” Charlie relaxed, leaning back lazily in his seat. “Even your brothers don’t hold any positions. Mr. Song is a dictator..”