Everyone Wants to Pamper the Lucky Daughter-Chapter 57 - 58: Bamboo House_l

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Chapter 57: Chapter 58: Bamboo House_l

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Compared to the underground gold mine, she was more interested in the thousand-year-old medicinal herbs. Stepping on the soft soil of the herb garden and smelling the thick fragrance of the leaves, every cell in her body was happily contracting, enjoying the long-lost pleasure.

“Mmm, millennium-old medicinal herbs are hard to find in the world. Each one is a treasure that can revive the flesh and bones of the living dead!”

Little Kingfisher fluttered its wings and landed on her shoulder, sharing happiness with its master.

“Perhaps this valley was once the secluded residence of a hidden master from a thousand years ago. The fog formed a barrier, preventing outsiders from disturbing.”

Su Qingluo glanced at the bamboo house that would melt at the touch, contemplating, “After he passed away, no one could set foot here again, so the herb garden could be perfectly preserved.”

“I think so too. The sudden appearance of this mysterious fog in the Qilian Mountain Range is too strange, as this place is the territory of ordinary people and its spiritual power is not very strong. Rarely do cultivators come here.”

Little Kingfisher agreed wholeheartedly: “The sudden appearance of a fog that blocks people from entering must be intentional.”

Su Qingluo laughed with good fortune: “Fortunately, there is this fog, blocking out the herb pickers, so that this herb garden can be preserved.”

“We are so lucky to enjoy the fruits of others’ labor!”

Little Kingfisher fluttered its wings happily: “Master, what are your plans? Will you dig up the medicinal plants and take them back?”

“No, millennium-old medicinal plants are hard to come by, let them continue to grow.”

Su Qingluo shook her head: “We don’t need them for now. It won’t be too late to dig them up when we need them.”

“Okay, I’ll catch a few big snakes to stay at the entrance of the valley and guard the herb garden.”

Little Kingfisher jumped with joy, fluttering its wings and flying away at high speed.

“Guard the underground gold mine too.”

Su Qingluo saw that it left as soon as it spoke, chuckled, and stepped on the soft soil to return to the bamboo house.


Little Kingfisher chirped crisply, flew through the thick fog, and headed deep into the mountains.

The bamboo house was ancient, and a gentle touch would turn it into ashes. Su Qingluo didn’t come close but stopped in front of the doorframe, looking at the furnishing inside. freewe bnovel .com

A bamboo bed, a bamboo table, and two bamboo chairs.

Everything was visible at a glance.

Her eyes flashed, squatting down and looking under the bed. As soon as she saw it, she couldn’t help but shiver.

A skeleton lay flat under the bed. On the withered left pinky finger, there was a silver Storage Ring, and in its hand, there was a long sword with tiny inscriptions on the blade.

She used her spiritual power to draw the silver ring and long sword into her hand. Holding them with both hands, she looked closely at them.

The ancient text recorded the person’s life, explained how he came here by chance and secluded himself in this place. He hoped that someone with destiny after his death would bury his remains underground, so his soul could rest in peace.

Su Qingluo stared at the text for a long time and stood up gracefully. With a wave of her hand, she created a breeze that scattered the bamboo house, exposing the moist ground.

With her right hand’s spiritual power, she pinched a soil spell, and the soil under the skeleton suddenly collapsed, revealing a deep hole. The skeleton scattered and fell into the bottom of the hole.

The damp soil automatically closed in the middle, burying the deep hole and forming a mound.

“Your last wish has been fulfilled. Rest in peace now!”

Su Qingluo placed the long sword vertically in front of the mound as a tombstone. She bowed three times before the grave and then turned to leave.

Little Kingfisher was very quick. In less than half a Shichen, it had driven three giant snakes as thick as water barrels back from deep in the mountain, ordering them to guard the valley.

Su Qingluo saw that it was getting late and was afraid that returning late would worry her brother, so she summoned three tigers. They followed the same route back to the direction of Woniu Village.

When they reached Woniu Village, the sun had already set, and the splendid sunset dyed the sky red..

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