Everyone Wants to Pamper the Lucky Daughter-Chapter 58 - 59: Being Remembered by Someone 1

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Chapter 58: Chapter 59: Being Remembered by Someone 1

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Su Zixuan finished making dinner, anxiously waiting at the courtyard entrance, craning his neck towards the village entrance.

From a distance, he saw his sister carrying a small basket on her back, walking with her short legs, her petite figure happily running home, and tears of excitement filled his eyes.


The nine-year-old boy rushed forward, almost sobbing, to hug his petite sister, his hoarse voice trembling.

“Sister, you’re finally back.”

“Brother, look, I dug up so many bamboo shoots.”

Su Qingluo glanced at the curious villagers watching the siblings, took off her small basket prepared beforehand from her shoulder, and cutely spoke with her babyish voice, presenting her treasure to her brother.

Summer bamboo shoots are rare. Liu’s daughter-in-law passed by the siblings and showed an envious expression, her eyes full of eagerness.

“Sister, you’re great! Let’s go home.”

Su Zixuan had a keen mind. From the undisguised eagerness of Liu’s daughter-in-law, he sensed an unusual meaning, subconsciously took the basket, and led his sister home by the hand.

“That child, Sister Yu, is really a little lucky star. Since she came, Su Hu’s family’s days have become more and more prosperous, and even the Village

Chief’s house has benefited. They’re now constantly enjoying game.”

Behind the siblings, Liu’s daughter-in-law couldn’t help but be envious, whispering to her mother-in-law as they walked.

“Isn’t it?”

Madam Liu covered her mouth with a palm-leaf fan, whispering in response: “The more you look at her, the more you like her. She is beautiful and sweet-mouthed. Su Hu and his wife picking her up is truly like picking up a treasure.”

“Our buffalo is six years old this year, about the same age as Sister Yu.”

Liu’s daughter-in-law’s cunning eyes darted back and forth, leaning in to her mother-in-law’s ear: “Mother, what do you think about them being a couple?”

“I think it’s fine!”

Madam Liu slapped her thigh and happily agreed: “If Sister Yu becomes our granddaughter-in-law, the blessings will surely come to our family.”

“That’s it then. Tomorrow I will go back to my mother’s house and ask her to arrange for a matchmaker from the village to propose.”

Liu’s daughter-in-law was secretly pleased, eager to snatch the lucky child into her own family.

“Go ahead.”

The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law agreed unanimously, and Madam Liu readily agreed.

Su Hu and his wife had no idea that during the five days they were away, both their children had been eyed by others.

When Dashan’s daughter-in-law and the matchmaker invited by the Liu family came to their home, the couple laughed and cried, reluctantly declining the two families’ good intentions.

To avoid hurting the harmony between neighbors, they specifically asked the Old Village Chief to mediate.

Skipping over the proposal incident, Su Qingluo and Little Kingfisher went to Mystic Canyon and returned with a full harvest.

After returning home with her brother, the two siblings ate dinner and went back to their rooms to rest.

Su Zixuan stayed up late to read and review his lessons.

Su Qingluo and Little Kingfisher together looked through the items inside the silver Storage Ring.

Storage Rings are space artifacts used by cultivators to store personal belongings, with varying sizes of built-in space.

The Storage Ring Su Qingluo obtained from Mystic Canyon had a built-in space equivalent to two bamboo houses and could hold many items.

A person and a bird used their spiritual powers to flip through the artifacts, spiritual tools, and other items that had been stored inside for thousands of years, evaluating them one by one.

Three sets of blue and white porcelain tea sets, two green jade snuff bottles, two copper tripods, two Alchemy Furnaces, two Flying Swords, a small stack of ghost-expelling talismans, a bag of spirit stones, a defensive shield, a small pile of white jade vials, white jade boxes, and a few bottles of spiritual medicine.

The items are fine but not numerous. After a careful look, the person and bird were quite satisfied.

Except for the spiritual medicine, which had been stored for too long and could no longer be used, the other things were just what they needed now.

Especially the Alchemy Furnace, once Su Qingluo had it, she could refine precious medicinal plants into Spirit Pills, making it even more convenient to heal and save people..

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