Evolving Silver Dragon-Chapter 81 - : 080 Magic Research_l

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Chapter 81: 080 Magic Research_l

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Although Moray’s tone sounded very excited, Sofia still found it hard to understand.

So Moray explained, “Do you know why developing a new magic spell is so difficult?”

The little girl tilted her head, thinking for a while before saying doubtfully, “Is it really difficult?”

Look, is this even human language?

If Moray were still alive now, he would surely be so angry that his heart would race and his blood pressure would rise.

But even now, his soul trembled a few times.

He then tried to calm himself down and continued, “Developing new magic is a process of constant experimentation, and this usually requires a large amount of time, manpower, and wealth.

But you can skip the most difficult and important part of the process.

As long as you master enough knowledge, your eyes will allow you to easily choose the best combination of magical power and elements.

This is also why you can easily learn and use a new spell.”

Moray’s voice sounded excited, but Sofia frowned at him and asked, “Why do you tell me all these?

I don’t think you’re kind enough to help me explore my own secrets.”

“You’re very smart! With both talent and brains, you’ve mastered half of the factors to become strong!”

“What’s the other half?”

Sofia had always been interested in becoming strong because only by becoming strong enough could she not cause trouble for Otto during crucial moments.

But she didn’t want to just limit herself to this; she wanted to help Otto as much as possible.

Let the big dumb dragon take the lead while she hid under his protection and enjoyed herself?

This wasn’t the life Sofia wanted; she wanted to stand side by side with Otto.

To enjoy the same happiness and glory and to bear the same pressure and challenges.

In response to Sofia’s question, Moray answered with a smile, “Luck!”


The little girl frowned, this answer didn’t seem to be what she wanted.

But Moray laughed, “Kid, never underestimate luck. With your talent, it’s not difficult to become a legend.

But whether you can live safely till that day depends on your luck!

Over the past thousands of years, I’ve seen too many amazing geniuses die from various accidents.

All of them were rare talents with great ambitions and confidence.

They thought they were God’s chosen ones, but what happened in the end?”

Moray sneered, “Let alone becoming a legend, how many of them could even survive?

I’ve even strangled a few idiots who didn’t know what’s good for them.

They really thought they were the main characters in a bard’s story, and everything around them would follow their whims!”

“I will survive, together with the big dumb dragon! And I’ve always been lucky. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met Otto!”

Sofia’s expression was very determined. She believed that she was indeed very fortunate to meet Otto.

If it weren’t for Otto, her best outcome now might be to become a personal servant for some big noble after she grew up.

Or maybe she would have been bought by some pervert by now.

At this time, the team, who had harvested a great deal, was about to return to the main group. Moray sighed at this moment.

“The big dumb dragon you’re talking about and I are very similar, but also very different .

“Tell me!”

Sofia was naturally very interested in anything about Otto.

Moray said bitterly, “He and I are both destined to walk this path called the

‘Lonely Route of the Strong.’

Almost everything in the world cannot tolerate the existence of him and me!”

“No, I will always follow him! Take care of him! Forever!”

Seeing Sofia’s unwavering answer, Moray’s voice sounded even more disappointed.

“Yes, this is where he and I differ. That guy is really lucky to have met you…

At this point, Moray seemed to recall his past thousands of years ago.

Back then, he seemed to have a beloved like this, but in the end, the two of them took entirely different paths.

Once lovers, they ultimately became enemies…

Although he didn’t continue speaking, he silently wished Otto and Sofia well in his heart.

He hoped that they would never make the same regretful choice he had made.

“Let’s return to our original topic!”

Moray adjusted his emotions and continued, “I hope we can cooperate!” “Cooperate? Like you and the big dumb dragon?”

Sofia shook her head, “I don’t think so because you’ve already used your knowledge to get the big dumb dragon’s protection. But what else have you got that’s worth offering?”

“Don’t jump to conclusions!”

Moray said indifferently, “Otto and I are allies at best, so I’ll kindly offer you some advice as an elder.

That is, never say no, especially when you’re not sure what you can gain from it!”

“So, what can I gain from you? And what do I have to offer?”

A so-called collaboration naturally involves mutual contribution and sharing the results.

“I like talking to smart people!”

Moray laughed, “I’ve devoted my life to the study of magic.

And it was also to continue what I love doing, that I turned myself into a Witch Demon.

This way, I have almost infinite time to squander!

Since becoming a Witch Demon, time is no longer a valuable resource for me.

However, who would want to waste time on boring experiments if they could be completed faster?”

After going around in circles, Sofia finally understood what he was trying to say.

“You want me to help you with your new magic research?”

“Exactly! ”

Moray said excitedly, “Although my power is limited, my knowledge is complete, and my passion is high.

All of these are enough for me to carry on with brand new magic research like before.

With your help, I can even more conveniently and quickly solve a lot of the problems that have piled up before

Also, magic research usually requires many precious materials.

Some of them are magical metals like Black Gold, buried deep in the depths of mines.

If I have your help, searching for them should also become much easier!”

Sofia frowned, “It sounds like I’m a helper or a drudge

Moray’s expression became enthusiastic, “You should consider yourself a noble magical researcher! !! ”

“In short, this is only the part I have to offer. What can I gain from you?”

Little girl was not as obsessed with magic research as Moray, who gave everything just to seek an unknown answer.

“Well, you’re a real buzzkill…”

Moray said unhappily, “Don’t you want to help the big dumb dragon? Helping me with magic research can easily achieve that!”

“Really? Tell me!”

The little girl became interested immediately.

Seeing the excited little girl, Moray felt that he might have found the way to deal with her.

So he tried to say, “For example, researching a spell that can quickly cook delicious food .


The little girl looked a bit puzzled at the Light Ball in front of her. She didn’t know what this had to do with what he had just talked about….