Evolving Silver Dragon-Chapter 82 - : 081 Fish Caught on the Hook 1

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Chapter 82: 081 Fish Caught on the Hook 1

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But soon, Moray provided her with a satisfactory answer.

“The size of that big dumb dragon is bound to increase, and food will definitely be a major issue in the future.

You said before that you were willing to take care of him. You weren’t just saying that, were you?”

“Of course not!”

Sofia hurriedly shook her adorable little head.

“So as long as you can work with me to complete this kind of spell.

Just think about it, with a flick of a spell, a live wild boar can be transformed into various delicious dishes in just a few seconds!

By then, our King Otto will no longer have to endure the inferior cooking skills of those stupid followers.

Wouldn’t you have successfully helped him?”

“And also…”

Moray’s voice sounded very tempting.

“And also?”

The young girl’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Haven’t you heard the bard say? To hold a man, you have to hold his stomach!

Although Otto is a dragon, he is also a male creature, isn’t he?”

“1…1 don’t have that kind of relationship with the big dumb dragon…”

Sofia blushed and hesitated for a moment before pretending to be serious: “But I think you’re right, someone should explore the unknown and embark on the glorious path of a magic researcher!”

“Of course!”

“Not for the big dumb dragon!”

“I understand, I understand!”

Both sides reached a consensus in an instant, and their moods became quite good.

Sofia felt that she had found another way to help Otto.

As for Moray, he was happy that his many long-standing magic research problems could continue to progress.

At the same time, he slowly figured out how to deal with this moody half-elf youngster.

Finally, they returned to where the other half of the monsters were, and Little Fatty came to greet them from afar.

When both parties gathered together, under Mega Fatty’s command, the ogres who had followed Sofia up the mountain to search for treasures and those who had stayed behind exchanged their icy backpacks.

Even though the ogres had thick skin and were endowed with a cold resistance spell.

However, carrying such a large block of ice close to their bodies for a long time still caused them to shiver constantly.

Therefore, taking turns carrying the icy backpack was the right choice.

And a considerable amount of time had passed since Otto left.

By then, the other monsters that had previously been exhausted could stand and walk slowly.

Although they hadn’t regained much combat strength, they should have no problem just traveling.

So, Sofia sat on Mega Fatty, who had unloaded the icy backpack.

With a wave of her little hand, hundreds of monsters made their way to the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

Along the way, Moray was still discussing future cooperation with Sofia.

And through the young girl, he learned a lot about the situation in the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

Suddenly, Moray asks, “Are you saying that dogs in Dragon’s Land are raising a group of kobolds to serve as food?” “Yes, is there a problem with that?”

“Don’t you think it’s a waste?”

The young girl shook her head, not understanding Moray’s meaning.

She generally didn’t interfere with Dragonland’s development, which was mostly managed by Saru.

Moray regretted this, saying, “The kobold race is indeed populous and grows rapidly.

But it’s a pity to raise them only as ordinary livestock! ”

“So what do you want to do?””They are natural excavators and builders, if it were me, I would definitely throw them into the mines.

At the same time, I would require them to build more sturdy buildings or walls within our territory!”

Moreover, Moray added, “With your eyes, we can easily find some hidden magic metal veins in the mountains or underground.

By then, these Kobolds can work tirelessly for us to mine those rare ores.”

As a legendary witch demon who had lived for thousands of years, Moray naturally knew much more than Saru, an indigenous creature of Nolan Forest.

However, he would only occasionally offer relevant suggestions at some points.

If he were to replace Saru as the butler of the Land of the Soaring Dragon, he would certainly be unwilling.

He would rather stay in the magic laboratory instead.

Generally, Sofia did not intervene in the internal affairs of the Land of the Soaring Dragon, but this did not mean she didn’t care about them.

After all, this was Otto’s property.

She silently noted down the matters Moray had mentioned. Naturally, she would inform Saru when she returned to the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

By then, the old Lizardman would give her a satisfactory answer on how to proceed.

Many things don’t require personal involvement, just giving a direction is enough for the subordinates.

On this point, her view was completely the same as Otto’s.

Next, Sofia and Moray had many in-depth discussions regarding the construction of the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

When they learned that Otto and Sofia still lived in a barren cave, Moray suggested, “Now you have become the joint masters of Nolan Forest and Sulfur Mountains.

It is simply unacceptable that such a noble status does not even have a decent palace!”

Sofia, who agreed with this very much, nodded repeatedly. However, she did not want to leave the place where she first settled.

What’s more, the construction of the Land of the Soaring Dragon had already taken shape, and it would be too wasteful just to give up.

After that, Moray mysteriously chuckled, “I happen to have a long-shelved research subject in magic.

The research direction is how to quickly generate buildings in line with our preferences using magic. I call it The Skill of Rapid Construction of Wonders!

If we can successfully research it, you can use this spell to stack up a magnificent castle on the spot!”

Sofia’s eyes sparkled with desire.

At this moment, she seemed to finally understand why Moray was so obsessed with researching new magic. “Ha, the fish is hooked!”

Moray felt even more joyful.

Land of the Soaring Dragon.

After a battle, this place has become even more lively and vibrant.

Under the leadership of the Wild Boar Chief Longfang, a group of Quilboars and Goblins were speeding up the construction of new dwellings.

They will be allocated to the newly joined Quilboars and Werewolves in the Land of the Soaring Dragon.

As they were working enthusiastically, a giant shadow floated through the sky overhead.

If you looked up, you could see a large expanse of silver scales reflecting the dazzling light in the sun.

Otto had returned.

Saru arrived at the open space in front of the Giant Bear Cave as soon as possible and successfully saw Otto who was about to go into slumber.

With his eyes half-closed, Otto drowsily looked at the old Lizardman.

Tiredly, he said, “I am going to sleep. All matters will still be handed over to you to handle.

If there is anything difficult to decide, you can discuss it with Sofia.”

Without waiting for Saru’s response, Otto hurried into the depths of the cave.

Of course, he did not forget to leave one last sentence.

“From today on, I am the joint master of Nolan Forest and Sulfur Mountains!”

The old Lizardman stood still with a rigid expression, breathing rapidly and appearing stunned….