Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2749 Issues with the Boundary Patrol Envoy!

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Chapter 2749 Issues with the Boundary Patrol Envoy!

Layers of fluffy clouds clustered together around the top of a palace. The entire palace towered like a mountain and was surrounded by thousands of square meters of various captivating flora and fauna. Purple leaves filled the bows of trees. With each passing breeze, the branches swayed with a hypnotic beauty. 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝙣𝓸𝙫𝒆𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

At that moment, a man with short grayish-brown hair was kneeling in the hall, his forehead dripping with cold sweat. His face was scrunched up with anxiousness.

Fan Lou was Honor Absent Palace's newest Boundary Patrol Envoy and led the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team. Although he was not considered part of Honor Absent Palace's management level, he did have a respectable status.

Out of the 3,000 Boundary Patrol Teams, the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team was one of the best-performing ones.

Every 10,000 years, Honor Absent Palace renumbered its 3,000 Boundary Patrol Teams. The numbers were assigned according to the ranking the teams had achieved in the past 10,000 years.

At first, Fan Lou wanted to enable the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team to become one of the top five teams.

The Boundary Patrol Envoys that led the top five teams would not only be able to obtain more resources from Honor Absent Palace but could receive an Honor Absent Token.

The Honor Absent Token was a symbol in the East Universe. Even the most inferior white Honor Absent Token symbolized considerable status!

However, the team Fan Lou managed caused trouble a few days ago.

In actuality, every Boundary Patrol Team was dishonest to a certain degree.

The Boundary Patrol Envoys needed to generate income when they patrolled lower worlds.

The members of Boundary Patrol Teams did tedious work and needed some incentive to motivate them.

Honor Absent Palace closed one eye when it came to these matters.

Not long ago, Fan Lou received a letter of resignation.

One of his subordinates had lost his life treasure while supervising a lower world.

Every member of a Boundary Patrol Team was a divine kingdom lifeform who had all activated their divine kingdom abilities.

When their life treasures descended to the worlds, they would cause significant impacts even in a Class 3 world, much less a Class 1 world!

Fan Lou was the type to treasure relationships. Nonetheless, in order to keep the transgression under wraps, he accepted the resignation.

At first, Fan Lou thought about holding a meeting with the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team to discuss this matter and give the other members a warning.

They were in their busy period. Due to an unknown reason, almost 1/3 of the four universes' fate had been drained.

Fate could be recovered, but it would not be easy to restore the amount of fate to its previous state.

Most importantly, the dominant factions of the four universes and all the species had worked together to investigate this matter but came up empty. This bothered the dominant factions and species of the four universes immensely.

Any misstep at such a juncture could lead to one's doom.

If he revealed this matter, it was inevitable that it would be leaked to the members of other teams.

The teams were rivals, so they only appeared to be on good terms on the surface. But behind closed doors, they often use dirty tricks to undermine each other.

The team that Fan Lou led had been tripped up by others numerous times.

There was an infinitesimally small possibility of a faerie appearing in a Class 1 world. There was no need to pay attention to such anomalies.

At this moment, Fan Lou regretted not bringing this matter up. If he had strictly and strongly emphasized this matter, there would have been so many members of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team who secretly spied on the Class 2 world when one of its lifeforms evolved to the World Emperor grade the divine kingdom level. They all ended up killed by a lifeform in that Class 2 world!

The Sixth Boundary Patrol Team was now three-quarters of its original size.

It was true that he was the Boundary Patrol Envoy who was the acting leader of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team. However, despite being under his management, the members of the Boundary Patrol Team were not truly his subordinates.

Every Boundary Patrol Guard was an official staff in the territory owned by Honor Absent Palace. If anything happened to a member, it had to be reported and addressed.

Regardless of how capable Fan Lou was, he could not keep such an enormous matter under wraps.

Hence, he had no choice but to seek punishment from Honor Absent Palace.

A seated, beautiful girl toying with a gem in her hand frowned when she heard this.

"What? So many members of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team have died! Moreover, a lifeform in one of the Class 2 worlds under the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team's jurisdiction has evolved to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom! Fan Lou, I am always generous with you. Are you here to crack jokes with me?"

This girl threw the gem forcefully on her chair's armrest.

"How could a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeform appear in a Class 2 world? The world rules don't permit the existence of such a lifeform! Is it possible that the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team once again received private benefits from a faction or individual and ended up making a mess?"

Fan Lou's kneeling body jumped when he heard the sound of the gem slamming onto the chair's armrest.

He did not know how to explain himself to this beautiful girl.

Fan Lou also found it bizarre and did not understand how a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeform could have appeared in a newly promoted Class 2 world. This event indeed went against all reason.

It was true that Fan Lou and the Boundary Patrol Teams he led in the past had accepted benefits from other factions and species.

Each under-the-table operation earned staggering profits for Fan Lou.

Each time he received resources, he would share a portion of it with this girl. This girl had always been the one watching out for him in Honor Absent Palace.

Otherwise, despite being a Boundary Patrol Envoy, Fan Lou would never be assigned to manage such an outstanding team.

"Lordess Kong Huan, even if I did do something extra, how could I ever hide it from you? You have always been taking care of me. Even at the cost of my life, I would never step over the rules! If you don't believe me, you can investigate personally!

"It's true that a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeform has appeared in a Class 2 world! I don't know why that Class 2 world's wills did not restrain this lifeform's evolution."

Fan Lou paused before he continued. "Lordess Kong Huan, in truth, this Class 2 world received two Heaven's Trials even when it was only a Class 1 world."

When the enraged girl heard what Fan Lou said, she could not stop herself from sitting straighter.

"Fan Lou, you claimed that a Class 1 world managed to produce two faeries. Are you lying to me?"

Fan Lou hurriedly began defending himself, "Of course not! It's true that a Class 1 world birthed two faeries, and these two faeries successfully overcame the Heaven's Trials! One of them even successfully evolved into an intermediate faerie!"

Kong Huan stood up.

At first, she intended to investigate and find out what was different about this Class 2 world personally.

However, this Class 2 world had produced an intermediate faerie when it was only Class 1. This matter concerned the powerful Faerie Institution, so Kong Huan could not look into it too deeply.

Kong Huan decided to report this matter. As long as one of the higher-ups took over this report, there would be no need for her to take responsibility for future repercussions!

"Fan Lou, I am aware of everything. You can leave. Remember, do not allow your Boundary Patrol Team to cause any other mishaps! Otherwise, not even I will be able to protect you! I will allocate members to the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team before the assessment!"

Fan Lou relaxed when he heard Kong Huan's response.

This matter seemed to be very messy but was very simple to address.

The first option was for Kong Huan to throw him to the dogs and allow him to take on all the responsibility and blame. He would then be captured by Honor Absent Palace's punishment department for questioning and sentencing. Once he admitted to his crime, the executioners would immediately eliminate him.

Many of the Boundary Patrol Team captains who did not have anyone supporting them ended up with such fates.

Alternatively, Kong Huan could take on the blame on his behalf. This incident was not serious enough to shake her position in Honor Absent Palace. However, he would have to compensate her in whatever way she asked for in the future, even if it came at the cost of his life!

When Fan Lou left Honor Absent Palace, he decided that he would hold a meeting and sternly rein in the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team. They should not take off running in the hopes of receiving unconfirmed benefits once anything happened in one of the worlds!

Fan Lou had it all planned out. But when he returned to the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team, he saw that another six members of his team had died. This was exactly the same as what had happened previously.

Fan Lou cared a lot about the image he portrayed. However, at that moment, he could not stop himself from roaring, "Ling Gu, what is the meaning of this? You are the deputy captain of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team. Don't you know that you are in charge of managing these idiots when I'm not present?"

The skinny and tall man named Ling Gu pulled back his neck and said, "Boss, another World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeform has appeared in that Class 2 world! The four of them insisted on checking it out and…"

Before Ling Gu could finish speaking, Fan Lou's body started to tremble.

Nonsense! They had all gone off the rails!

He had just finished giving his report to Lordess Kong Huan. Now, another four members of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team had died. What was he going to tell her now?

Lin Yuan did not know that the Jasmine Lily's evolution had caused such a giant scene in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

He used True Data to check on the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom Jasmine Lily.

[Fey Name]: Jasmine Lily (Bud of Mountain Jade)

[Spirit-Lifeform Species]: Crassulaceae genus/Aeonium genus

[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Wood

[Fey Quality]: Elementary Divine Kingdom

[Divine Kingdom Grade]: Miniature


[Heal]: (Fasciated Flower Stand): Its Heal ability will reverse-heal the target, absorbing its vitality and letting it experience extreme comfort at the same time.

- Crystallized Main Flower: Its Heal ability will reverse-heal the target and absorb a large amount of its vitality.

- Bud of Mountain Jade: Its Heal ability will heal the target and channel rich vitality into it through its Bud of Mountain Jade, restoring the target's damaged vitality.

[Mountain Jade Imprint]: The Mountain Jade Imprint will compress the pollen and vitality within the Bud of Mountain Jade to combine the two. A special imprint will be formed. When applied to a target, the healing effects will be greatly raised.

[Healing Transfer]: When the Mountain Jade Imprint is healing a target, if the vitality being injected into a target exceeds the amount that the target requires, the vitality will explode and heal the other lifeforms in the area. Alternatively, it can transfer the vitality to other targets that have the Mountain Jade Imprint applied on them.

[Life Protecting Soul]: When a target is being healed, the vitality can form a protective layer over the soul to help the target's soul defend against external attacks.

[Red Crystal Jade Drain]: When using the Crystallized Main Flower to carry out reverse healing on a target, the effects of draining vitality and the negative impacts to the spirit senses will be magnified. If the enemy target has the Mountain Jade Imprint applied on it, it can drain the target's vitality.

[Mountain Jade Prayer]: Once the Fasciated Flower Stand is activated, layers of jade will be produced and the vitality within the body will be rapidly released. There is no distance limit and the targets with the Mountain Jade Imprint on them will receive healing. This will enable the friendly targets with the Mountain Jade Imprint on them to recover their vitality to maximum level.

[Revived Muscle and Bone]: If the target's body has lost its genetic model, the mountain jade fluid in the Buds of Mountain Jade can use the target's damaged body to analyze and create a replica of its genetic model.

[Life Healing Flower Eye]: Flower eyes will be left on the body of targets. Before the flower eyes are activated, the targets' injuries will be healed. After the flower eyes are activated, the vitality in the flower eyes will spread outwards like a fountain and heal the area around the target.

[Healing Resonance]: Each time a target is being healed or recovered, the Jasmine Lily receives a certain amount of energy replenishment. If the Jasmine Lily's energy limit is reached during the resonance process, the healing will achieve explosive effects!

[Spirit Restoration]: The combination of faith power and healing energy will recover the divine kingdoms of other targets. The targets' divine kingdoms will be nourished and restored.

Exclusive Skill:

[Recovery Imprint]: It accumulates the healing energy that is released by the Jasmine Lily during normal times. The contractor can activate the imprint to release the accumulated healing energy.

[Severed Limbs Growth]: It comprehends the arcana of plant growth. Even if one's gene template is damaged, the rich vitality can allow one to continue to grow slowly.

[Generated Wedge]: Vitality will be poured into the target's body and used to bless the target. Before the vitality is used up, the target will not die regardless of how serious the injuries it sustains are.

[Imprint Creation]: All the energy in the Jasmine Lily's body will be used to create an imprint. The imprint's effects will be multiplied momentarily.

[Extending Life Returning Light]: A few of its leaves will be sacrificed. The energy in the leaves will enable the target to return to its prime state even if it started on the brink of death. However, the target will also be filled with the Jasmine Lily's poison, and their vitality will be continuously depleted until it dies.

[Mountain Jade Protection]: The Bud of Mountain Jade will bless and protect the target. When the target is attacked, it will only undertake a small amount of damage, while most of the damage will be blocked by the energy in the Bud of Mountain Jade. The blessing state will be weakened as time goes on. Accordingly, the damage suffered by the target will continuously increase until the target eventually takes on the full extent of the damage.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Postponed Birth]: The target will be put into a birth state. After the target dies, it will be able to be revived for a temporary period of time. When the birth state is activated, the target will be drained in various ways, and its potential will also be affected.

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