Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 2750 Honor Absent Parliament!

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Chapter 2750 Honor Absent Parliament!

When a fey evolved from Normal to Elite, to Bronze, then to World Emperor, it would obtain a total of ten abilities. When it evolved from Normal to Legend, to Fantasy Breed, to Myth Breed, then to Divine Kingdom, it would gain a total of six exclusive skills and one divine kingdom ability.

The Jasmine Lily gained the abilities Life Healing Flower Eye, Healing Resonance, and Spirit Restoration.

Life Healing Flower Eye was considered a very strong functional-type healing-type ability.

The Jasmine Lily could place flower eyes on a target. Before the flower eye was activated, it would only heal the target. But once the flower eye was activated, it would become a moving healing spring that could heal all the entities in the target's vicinity!

The Jasmine Lily could use Life Healing Flower Eye on many targets at once. This would allow the Jasmine Lily's healing abilities to become more comprehensive and multi-dimensional. The Jasmine Lily would be able to heal many targets at once during battle even if Lin Yuan did not summon it directly!

When this healing ability was paired with Severed Limbs Growth, it would reach the peak of healing effects.

Healing Resonance was simultaneously an endurance and boosting ability.

Currently, the Jasmine Lily's main endurance ability was Recovery Imprint.

However, Lin Yuan used Recovery Imprint as a foundational ability. He would only use such a foundational exclusive skill when the situation was absolutely dire.

Hence, the Jasmine Lily rarely had endurance when it was using its normal healing abilities.

But now that it had Healing Resonance, the Jasmine Lily would receive a certain degree of energy replenishment when it healed other targets.

The Jasmine Lily's healing could be activated on a large scale. With such large-scale healing, it was easy for the energy in the Jasmine Lily's body to reach its limit. This would keep the Jasmine Lily's energy level full, and its healing would be able to produce explosive effects easily.

The explosive effect would cause the healing effects to multiply while using up a small portion of energy. This effectively raised the Jasmine Lily's healing abilities.

These two abilities brought great joy to Lin Yuan.

The endurance of Healing Resonance enabled the Jasmine Lily to handle the job of meeting Lin Yuan's healing needs during combat even without relying on the Recovery Imprint.

Lin Yuan could stop using Recovery Imprint as an endurance ability but as a real secret weapon that he would only use when he was on the brink of death. This would give Recovery Imprint the chance to endlessly accumulate vitality!

However, these two abilities could not be compared to Spirit Restoration.

As the environment changed, the definitions of the levels of entities would change.

There were many foundational abilities in the main world that became insignificant in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

However, the Jasmine Lily's Spirit Restoration would continue to be seen as foundational even in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. It would even be considered one of the top foundational abilities.

This was not because Lin Yuan was overly confident in his fey's abilities but because Spirit Restoration truly reached this level.

There was a giant gap between spirit-fire and divine-kingdom lifeforms.

Divine-kingdom lifeforms were the most afraid of their divine kingdoms being damaged. Once their divine kingdoms were damaged, their ability to take in faith power would be affected.

When Lin Yuan was communicating with Spring, the latter mentioned that once a divine kingdom expert's divine kingdom was damaged, it would be very difficult for him to continue improving for the remainder of his life.

There were methods in the Sky Beyond the Clouds to heal divine kingdoms, but these methods required a large amount of rare ingredients that regular divine-kingdom experts could not afford.

Even if the divine-kingdom expert in question belonged to a large faction, the faction would have to weigh his value to the faction before deciding if they were worth the cost of so many rare resources.

Spirit Restoration would combine faith power and healing energy to heal and nourish damaged divine kingdoms until they were restored to their original states.

When they arrived at the Sky Beyond the Clouds, the Jasmine Lily would be able to use this ability to be of great help to Lin Yuan. This would give him the chance to gain many divine-kingdom expert subordinates.

The divine-kingdom experts under Lin Yuan would not have to be worried about being left vulnerable when their divine kingdoms were injured during battle.

Lin Yuan felt that this ability was even more precious than some divine kingdom abilities.

Aside from abilities, the Jasmine Lily also gained three new exclusive skills: Imprint Creation, Extending Life Returning Life, and Mountain Jade Protection.

Imprint Creation would allow the Jasmine Lily to use all the energy in its body to create an imprint. Its effects could be multiplied temporarily.

When Lin Yuan saw this exclusive skill, he instinctively thought of the Recovery Imprint.

If Lin Yuan used Imprint Creation at the same time he used Recovery Imprint, the latter's effects would be temporarily raised.

Lin Yuan would then be able to tap into more vitality to use to overcome obstacles.

This increased the strength of Lin Yuan's secret weapons.

Extending Life Returning Life allowed the Jasmine Lily to sacrifice its obstinate leaves and use the energy in the obstinate leaves to restore a target to its prime even if it was on the brink of death.

The Jasmine Lily was a crassulaceae genus/aeonium genus fey. It could heal targets, but its body also contained extremely potent poison.

There were many people who, out of starved insanity, consumed crassulaceae genus plants and died.

Extending Life Returning Life would allow the target to recover a large amount of vitality, but its body would also become filled with the Jasmine Lily's poison. Subsequently, the replenished vitality in the target's body would be depleted.

It was not impossible to remove the negative effects of Extending Life Returning Life. All that was needed was to remove the poison in the target's body immediately after it was healed.

Presently, Lin Yuan did not have many techniques to neutralize poison.

It was difficult for regular feys to neutralize the poison of a World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeform.

The only way to find such a fey would be to search in the Sky Beyond the Clouds!

Frankly, there were also feys in the main world that could neutralize the poison of crassulaceae genus/aeonium genus feys of the same level.

However, there was no way Lin Yuan would evolve another fey to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom just to neutralize the poison. Despite having the resources, Lin Yuan would not be so wasteful!

The stronger Lin Yuan became, the more aware he became that resources needed to be spent wisely! This was the only way to enable him to improve to the greatest extent!

The Jasmine Lily had obtained Mountain Jade Protection. Rather than calling it a healing ability, it was a defensive ability that came with strong healing energy.

It would not only use the Bud of Mountain Jade to boost targets but also protect targets at the same time. As a result, the targets would only have to suffer a small portion of the damage that was directed at it while most of the damage would be blocked by the energy in the Bud of Mountain Jade.

Although the boosting state would weaken over time and the target would have to suffer an increasing share of the damage, Mountain Jade Protection would defend the target from various forms of damage countless times. This would allow the target to survive a barrage of attacks.

Assault troops were used in various battles. They often had to sacrifice themselves.

Assault troops were a very rare resource in any faction. Only those with absolute loyalty were willing to become an assault troop and assault troops needed to be nurtured using a large amount of resources.

Mountain Jade Protection would ensure the safety of the assault troops to the greatest extent.

Compared to abilities and exclusive skills, Lin Yuan was more excited about the Jasmine Lily's divine kingdom ability.

Spring had already told Lin Yuan about the different types of divine kingdom abilities.

The Jasmine Lily's divine kingdom ability, Postponed Birth, was clearly a functional-type one.

Lin Yuan already had more than one revival technique. However, Postponed Birth was the only one that Lin Yuan could use in battle.

Lin Yuan felt that Postponed Birth could complete Mountain Jade Protection.

When the Jasmine Lily used Postponed Birth to put a target in a birth state, the target could be revived within a certain period after its death. It was an amazing ability.

However, these abilities came with negative effects. The negative effects were not directed at the Jasmine Lily but the target that was put in the birth state.

Each time the birth state was activated, the target would be drained in various ways. Its potential might even be severely affected.

Once a target's potential was affected, its future would come to a screeching halt. It would be even more difficult for powerful targets to advance further. Once their potential was cut off, they might not be able to move forward for the rest of their life!

However, in the Sky Beyond the Clouds where danger was abound, being alive was better than being dead.

This especially applied to assault troops.

It was clear that the Jasmine Lily's appearance had changed significantly from before. The current Jasmine Lily looked more divine.

The Jasmine Lily walked over to Lin Yuan and transformed back into its original form before landing on Lin Yuan's palm.

The Jasmine Lily had social anxiety and preferred to appear as its main body rather than its human form. The Jasmine Lily was more comfortable and carefree in its main body! 𝓯𝒓𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝓷𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝙘𝙤𝙢

Lin Yuan played with the Jasmine Lily for a while before he returned it to the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The Jasmine Lily could be nourished by pure spirit qi there.

It was extremely important for recently evolved World Emperor/Divine Kingdom lifeforms to be nourished by pure spirit qi.

Hence, powerful species from the Sky Beyond the Clouds always fought for blessed territories with a high concentration of spirit qi for the sake of their younger generation. Each time a blessed territory appeared, intense fighting would ensue.

Lin Yuan summoned Blackie.

Lin Yuan had no idea that when he summoned Blackie with the intention of evolving it, Fan Lou who was the leader of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team was once again visiting Honor Absent Palace. He was brimming with nervousness as he prepared to meet with Kong Huan again.

Before he came, Fan Lou held a meeting in Honor Absent Palace and repeatedly emphasized the situation.

Normally, Fan Lou would not throw such a big tantrum toward his subordinates.

These people under him all had similar portfolios. As long as they did not make grievous errors, they could all continue being Boundary Patrol Guards. He would still have to give them orders in the future, so offending them was not a smart choice!

All the intelligent Boundary Patrol Envoys had mindsets similar to Fan Lou's.

The Boundary Patrol Envoys who went on power trips would only diminish the morale of their team and lose support.

However, Fan Lou could not help himself this time.

Fan Lou's fury caused the members of his team to become terrified. This was not because they were afraid of him but because they also realized the seriousness of this matter. Despite knowing that there was something off about this Class 2 world, they did not dare to investigate it any further!

Benefits were indeed important, but these Boundary Patrol Guards cared more about their lives than benefits! None of them saw their lives as things to toy with!

Fan Lou was nervous and cursed his bad luck. This matter was clearly unrelated to him, yet he had to take responsibility for it.

With so many members of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team dead, Kong Huan was already livid. Now that another four had died, he felt as though he was provoking her! She would definitely blow her top once she found out about this matter.

After he was done with his explanation, Kong Huan might allow him to keep his life, but she would not favor him as heavily in the future!

There were 30 members of every Boundary Patrol Team. Once more than 1/3 of the members were lost, this had to be reported to the Honor Absent Parliament.

This matter had clearly reached the level that necessitated reporting.

Fan Lou had been a Boundary Patrol Envoy for some time. He could not figure out how a seemingly ordinary Class 2 world had become so special!

This matter would definitely gain attention from the bigshots once it was reported during an Honor Absent Parliament meeting.

It was likely that they would all fix their attention on this Class 2 world to investigate and understand its circumstances.

Although this Class 2 world was under the jurisdiction of the Sixth Boundary Patrol Team, there was no way he would receive any of the future benefits.

However, receiving benefits did not matter. What mattered was that Fan Lou found out whether this Class 2 world was hiding anything sinister.

How did it manage to cause him to shoulder such a heavy sin? This feeling was not comfortable in the slightest!

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