Flash Marriage: He is a Wife-pampering Addict-Chapter 24 - : 024 Treatment for Disease

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Chapter 24: 024 Treatment for Disease

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Then, footsteps!

Every muscle in Wen Ran’s body was tight as she stood rigidly at the doorway.

The footsteps grew closer; the crisp, masculine aura of the man behind her wove into her nostrils, unruly disrupting her heartbeat.

“Did you shower?”

MO Xiuchen’s deep voice fell into her ear, warm breath accompanying it, causing her heart to jolt. She jerked around abruptly, a large hand holding fast onto her shoulder.

The man’s breath was now focused directly at the tip of her nose.

“I did!”

Her voice trembled slightly due to his presence. With that spoken, she furrowed her brows in annoyance, vexed at why she was so nervous.

“Hmm, then let’s go to bed!”

Compared to her nervousness, MO Xiuchen was evidently calm and composed, unhurried and patient. At this moment, he and Wen Ran were like a cat and a mouse. 𝑓𝑟ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝒷𝑛ℴ𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝘮

“I’m not sleepy, you go to sleep first!”

Wen Ran reflexively rejected, turning to look at the European-style large bed a few meters away, her heart beating frantically.

She had lived for twenty-two years and had never slept beside a man. Even though she had been in a relationship with Zixuan for three months, there was no intimacy between them. The most intimate thing they did was handholding. Even kissing was limited to her forehead.

Now, in order to save her father’s company, she wasn’t only married to a stranger but also had to share the same bed. The tension was inevitable. “If you’re not tired, perhaps we can do something else?”

With a slight tilt of his firm brow, MO Xiuchen’s deep and husky voice held a suggestive note. fr eewebn ovel.com

It was precisely because Wen Ran understood the implication of his words that she was even more shocked. He was sick, wasn’t he? How could they…?

Noticing her surprise, MO Xiuchen’s hand slipped down her shoulder, seizing her wrist, and pulled her towards the bed. Feeling her moist palm, his gaze deepened as he casually said, “Perhaps, you might cure my illness, who knows!”

On purpose, he laid emphasis on the word ‘illness’, leaving Wen Ran unable to feign ignorance.

Her small face blushed, fueling her enough to stammer, “I, I’m not a doctor.”

“Of course, I know you’re not a doctor. Some illnesses don’t need a doctor for the cure. If you can’t sleep, perhaps we can try, I’ll guide you through.” The more Wen Ran became nervous and shy, the more MO Xiuchen wanted to tease her. He had an uncanny feeling that being with her was like being with the little girl from his past.

However, she is not that little girl and doesn’t have a mole on her chin.

The girl with a mole on her chin, whom he had met in the morning, made him feel disgusted when she came close.

“I, I’m not ready yet.”

As MO Xiuchen, holding Wen Ran’s hand, turned towards the large bed, she panicked. Wrestling with her strength, she managed to break his hold, accidentally knocking off the bath towel bound around his waist.

The next second, his bath towel fell off. Wen Ran screamed in surprise… Her mind went blank as a sudden shock hit her!

MO Xiuchen was also taken aback, having not expected his towel to fall off. His perfect physique was abruptly displayed before Wen Ran.

For a moment, the spacious master bedroom was so silent that only their breathing could be heard.

Feeling Wen Ran’s stare, MO Xiuchen’s gaze darkened with intensity. With a sensual bob of his Adam’s apple, he reached out to clutch her shoulder, pulling her towards him….

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