Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment-Chapter 1394 - : I Advise You Not To Fight With Me. I’m Too Harsh.

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Chapter 1394: I Advise You Not To Fight With Me. I’m Too Harsh.

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Even Ye Feng could not help but look at Yu Fengsheng a few more times. He was not attracted by her beauty. Although this was also the reason, it was only a secondary reason.

The main reason was that he felt that this woman was very reasonable.

In fact, if she really wanted to take it seriously, she was not in the wrong. Even if she did not return this fist manual, no one could find any fault with it.

However, she still kept her promise and returned the manual happily. This was very impressive.

After Yu Fengsheng returned the book to the Liu family, she turned to Third Hair. “I’ve already returned the book to him. Return the money I spent on the book and this matter will be written off.”

Third Hair instantly had a bitter expression. “President Yu… Can you give me a few more days? That money… I lost it just now…”

“You can’t take it out, right? It’s alright.”

Yu Fengsheng had a sweet smile on her face as she slowly walked in front of Third Hair and suddenly raised the iron rod in her hand.


The iron rod smashed heavily on Third Hair’s face.

Third Hair was directly smashed to the ground, his face was already lacerated and fresh blood flowed out of his mouth.

“Wuwuwu…” He rolled on the ground in pain and let out a shrill cry.

“You dare to sell me something you stole? Do you think my money is easy to earn?”

Yu Fengsheng stepped on his chest, her gaze as sharp as a knife.

“President Yu, spare my life! Spare my life!”

Third Hair knelt at the feet of a woman and started to beg for mercy.

Everyone from the Liu family was shocked by Yu Fengsheng’s methods.

This woman had been so easy to talk to just now. They did not expect her to have such a cruel side.

The iron rod in her hand kept hitting Third Hair’s body. Third Hair was soon beaten to the point of being on the verge of death. He was already breathing out more than he was breathing in, but Yu Fengsheng did not have the slightest intention of stopping.

“That’s enough. Do you really want to fight to the death?”

Just as everyone was as silent as cicadas in winter, a sudden voice sounded.

Yu Fengsheng stopped what she was doing and turned around. She saw a young man in his twenties looking at her with an indifferent expression.

“What does it have to do with you if I hit him?”

“Of course it matters. We brought him here, so we have to take him away. If you kill him like this, we won’t be able to get away with it.”

The one who spoke was Ye Feng.

He had thought that Yu Fengsheng was quite reasonable, but he didn’t expect her to be a violent maniac.

Although Third Hair was hateful, his crime did not warrant death.

If she continued to hit him, he might really lose his life.

“Since you’re so worried about him, can you take the beating for him?” Yu Fengsheng held the bloodstained iron rod and walked toward Ye Feng.

When the Liu family saw this, they immediately went forward to stop her.

But Ye Feng raised his hand to stop them. He only looked at Yu Fengsheng quietly. “I advise you not to fight me, I am too harsh.”


When the people from the Three Phoenix Society heard his arrogance, they immediately exploded and began to give it a try.

As long as Yu Fengsheng gave the order, they would charge up and beat Ye Feng to death.

Yu Fengsheng stared at Ye Feng, her eyes were like sharp swords.

But Ye Feng’s eyes were as calm as water. There was no emotion in them, but there was an unfathomable feeling.

For some reason, Yu Fengsheng actually felt a trace of fear in the depths of her heart.

“Don’t fall into my hands next time. Otherwise, watch how I deal with you.”

Yu Fengsheng glared at Ye Feng fiercely. She threw the iron rod aside and turned around to return to the building.

Only then did the Liu family members heave a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go.” Ye Feng looked at Yu Fengsheng’s back again. He turned around and walked out.

Two members of the Liu family went over to carry Third Hair who was on the verge of death and followed him out.


Just as the group was about to walk out of the door, an angry roar suddenly came from behind them.

Everyone turned around and saw Lai Zhiqiang walking out angrily, charging straight at Ye Feng.

“Is there anything else?” Ye Feng looked at him quietly.

“Kid? You’re very arrogant. How dare you speak to our president like that? Are you courting death?” Lai Zhiqiang’s eyes were like a vicious wolf as he stared at Ye Feng.

“If the emperor isn’t anxious, then the eunuch is. Your president hasn’t even said anything, so why are you in such a hurry to jump out?” Ye Feng was amused by him.

“Our president can’t be bothered to argue with you. Do you really think that our Three Phoenix Society is a place where you can come and go as you please?” Lai Zhiqiang pointed at his nose and said in a menacing tone.

“My legs are on my body. Of course, I can leave if I want to. Can you stop me?”

Ye Feng gave a contemptuous smile and prepared to leave.

“Go to h*ll!”

Lai Zhiqiang saw that Ye Feng had ignored his threat, and he was instantly enraged. He raised the iron rod in his hand and smashed it toward the back of Ye Feng’s head.

“Stop!” Liu Wenlong and the others were shocked and tried to stop him.

However, as Lai Zhiqiang’s sneak attack was too sudden, it was too late for them to stop him.

He was about to sneak attack.

However, at this moment, everyone felt their vision blur.

Lai Zhiqiang spat out a mouthful of blood and flew three meters away. He fell heavily to the ground and could not get up for a long time.

“What exactly happened?”

Everyone from Liu family looked at each other. Other than Liu Wenlong, Liu Wenyuan, and a few others, most of them did not see how Ye Feng attacked.

Even Liu Wenlong and Liu Wenyuan could only get a rough idea.

It was as if Ye Feng had suddenly elbowed Lai Zhiqiang in the nick of time, smashing heavily on his chest.

However, the power of this elbow strike was too strong. It directly sent a burly man of about 80 kilograms flying three to four meters away.

Moreover, it could be seen that Lai Zhiqiang’s skills were not ordinary. He actually did not react in time. It could be seen how fast he attacked.

The strongest members of Liu family were thinking to themselves, if it was them, would they be able to block Ye Feng’s elbow attack?

But they all got a helpless answer in the end.

It seemed unstoppable.

Liu Wenyuan had a complicated smile on his face. He was proud of having such a disciple, but at the same time, he felt a deep sense of defeat.

This disciple of his had only practiced martial arts for more than a year, but his strength had already reached such a terrifying realm, far surpassing his master.

Although when he accepted Ye Feng as his disciple, he already knew that he was a peerless genius.

However, he definitely did not expect him to be so talented.

The members of the Three Phoenix Society who had followed Lai Zhiqiang out stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

Lai Zhiqiang was the Double Red Stick of the Three Phoenix Society and had a very high status.

If it was any other time, they would definitely swarm forward to avenge him.

But the strength that Ye Feng displayed was too strong. Everyone looked at each other, and no one dared to charge forward.

Ye Feng ignored them. He stood up and walked towards Lai Zhiqiang.

Lai Zhiqiang was struggling on the ground. When he saw him walking over, he immediately retreated in fear. “You… You…”