Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment-Chapter 1395 - : When Did the Liu Family Produce Such a Genius?

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Chapter 1395: When Did the Liu Family Produce Such a Genius?

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“If you don’t want to die, then don’t speak,”?Ye Feng said coldly. He stretched out his hand and rubbed Lai Zhiqiang’s chest a few times.

Lai Zhiqiang immediately felt his chest gradually relax.

He knew that Ye Feng was trying to save him, otherwise, he would have suffered serious internal injuries. He had mixed feelings.

After Ye Feng finished massaging him, he hurriedly stood up and bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry, I overestimated myself…”

Lai Zhiqiang knew very well that Ye Feng had shown mercy earlier, otherwise, with the speed and strength of that elbow strike, he would have died on the spot.

Thinking of this possibility, he was shocked and afraid.

He had always thought that the Liu family was only a second-rate family in Jiangzuo. He did not expect that there was such a genius in the family.

No wonder it was an old family with a hundred years of inheritance. Their background was indeed not something that a new force like the Three Phoenix Society could compare to.

Ye Feng did not care about what he thought. He turned around and walked to Liu Wenyuan. “Master, you guys go back to Liu family first, I will go out with Jingxin.”

Liu Wenyuan nodded, his face full of relief. “Xiao Feng, I really have to thank you for today.”

The other members of the Liu family also showed grateful expressions to Ye Feng.

“Master, why are we still talking about thanks?” Ye Feng immediately waved his hand and changed the topic. “Don’t just talk, you have to do something.”

As he spoke, he rubbed his two fingers together.

“Brat, you still want money from your master? I’ll beat you up.” Liu Wenyuan laughed as he rolled up his sleeves to settle the score.

“Let’s go.” Ye Feng hurriedly pulled Xu Jingxin up and escaped in a sorry state.


Everyone from the Liu family laughed out loud.

Ye Feng’s current appearance was what a young man in his twenties should look like.

At the same time, in the general manager’s office of the headquarters of the Three Phoenix Society, Yu Fengsheng was staring at the surveillance video at the entrance with a dumbfounded expression.

Lai Zhiqiang was one of the strongest Double Red Staffs under her. She did not expect him to be killed in one move by Ye Feng.

“When did the Liu family produce such a genius?” she could not help but mutter to herself.

If she could recruit such a genius under him, then the strength of the Three Phoenix Society would be like a tiger with wings.

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was.

The Liu family could only be considered a second-rate family in Jiangzuo. Moreover, due to the lack of talent, the younger generation of talents had withered, and there were even signs of decline towards a third-rate family.

If Three Phoenix Society would extend an olive branch to them at this time, they had no reason to refuse.

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was. She started to think about how to recruit Ye Feng.


Ye Feng did not know that someone was targeting him and wanted to recruit him as a lackey.

He and Xu Jingxin strolled aimlessly on the streets.

The sky had already darkened. There were many young couples shopping on the street. The two of them did not feel out of place.

“You’ve been in the limelight today.” Xu Jingxin followed him to his right and looked at his side profile with a smile.

“There’s no other way. With his strength, it’s impossible to keep a low profile.” Ye Feng sighed helplessly.

“Tsk, I said you’re fat, but you’re still panting.” Xu Jingxin’s voice was a little coquettish.

Although she said that, she was still shocked by Ye Feng’s influence in Jiangzuo.

Even the Liu family, which had been in Jiangzuo for hundreds of years, could not do it. He had actually done it so easily.

Even she was starting to admire him.

Ye Feng did not continue to dwell on this matter. He got up and ran to a stall by the roadside, buying a stick of candied haws. He walked back and gave it to Xu Jingxin.

“I’m not a child. Why would I eat candied haws?” Xu Jingxin glared at him shyly.

“If you don’t want to eat, I will.”

Ye Feng was about to put the candied hawthorn into his mouth, but Xu Jingxin changed her mind. She snatched the candied hawthorn and opened her cherry mouth, biting off the top hawthorn.

“Mmm, it’s delicious.” Her cheeks puffed up as she praised him vaguely.

“Ha, women always say one thing and mean another,” Ye Feng could not help but complain.

Xu Jingxin snorted and deliberately made him angry. She chewed on the candied haws in big mouthfuls, making chewing sounds.

Ye Feng stared at her for a while. When she was about to bite another hawthorn, he suddenly moved his head over and bit that hawthorn.

Xu Jingxin was caught off guard. Their lips pressed together, and her beautiful eyes widened.

Their eyes met for a few seconds.

In the end, Xu Jingxin was the first to react. She hurriedly moved her head away, but before she did, she still bit off half of the hawthorn.

Ye Feng successfully bit off the other half of the hawthorn. He chewed it in big mouthfuls. “Mm, it’s indeed delicious.”

Xu Jingxin’s face was already red. She glared at him angrily. “Ye Feng, you did it on purpose.”

Ye Feng nodded. “I did it on purpose, so what?”

He acted like a dead pig that wasn’t afraid of boiling water, and Xu Jingxin really couldn’t do anything to him.

When a person was shameless and powerful, they were truly invincible.

“Hmph, I’m ignoring you.” She pouted and strode forward.

Actually, she wasn’t angry. She was just too ashamed and didn’t know how to face him.

Ye Feng followed behind her leisurely, enjoying the night view of Jiangzuo.

[Ding! The system has detected a new treasure navigation. Please go straight for 50 meters and turn right…]

Just as the two of them were strolling around, a system notification suddenly sounded in Ye Feng’s ears.

He was stunned for a moment. This system was really good at playing. It actually triggered the treasure navigation in the middle of the night.

However, no matter what, he couldn’t treat the treasure navigation as a joke. This was a serious matter.

“Calm down, wait a moment.” He hurriedly stopped Xu Jingxin.

“What?” Xu Jingxin’s pretty face still had a trace of anger, and it was obvious that she could not be coaxed.

“I… I’ll take you somewhere.”

“Where are we going…”

Ye Feng did not give her the chance to ask further. He held her hand and walked quickly.

The two of them quickly bypassed the bustling streets and arrived at a low-rise residential area.

The street lights here were dim, forming a sharp contrast with the bustling scene just now.

Xu Jingxin was pulled into a dark alley by Ye Feng. Her heart started to beat wildly.

Could this guy be acting like a beast and want to do something dirty to her?

Thinking of this possibility, her heart was in a mess.

She wanted to turn around and escape, but her little hand was tightly held by him. It was obvious that she would not be able to escape so easily.

Just as her imagination was running wild, Ye Feng suddenly stopped in front of a courtyard and started to look around.

Xu Jingxin could not help but worry when she saw his sneaky appearance.

Could this guy have been led astray by Ah Can and wanted to change his profession to become a thief?