Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 511 - Fighting Sakomo (1)

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511 Fighting Sakomo (1)

Under the terrifying God Spirit pressure, even the two million kobold soldiers of the Nether Bark Army also trembled, even though they were under less pressure under Sakomo’s intentional protection.

Their speed back to the black flying ship could not help but slow down a lot.

In front of Sakomo, the nine million soldiers who were deliberately targeted suffered the pressure of all the Gods of Death.

However, what Sakomo found unbelievable was that the nine million soldiers in front of it did not seem to be affected by the pressure of the Gods that ordinary races could not resist. They did not seem to feel much.

“This human Lord is indeed not easy to deal with.”

Sakomo’s expression was solemn.

This human Lord definitely had some special methods up his sleeve.

On the nine million soldiers’ side.

Zhou Zhou looked at the God of Death, which was 10,000 meters tall, with a solemn expression. Then, he seemed to have seen through something and his frown relaxed slightly.

“It’s not the real God of Death.”

“It should only be a divine power projection.”

He heaved a sigh of relief.

He had the secret inheritance of the Dragon Race in his mind, so he could easily see through this method.

This should be the other party’s hero skill—God of Death Descend.

It’s strong! However, it would be an exaggeration to say that it is super strong.

He glanced at his soldiers.

The soldiers and other professionals in his territory were all Dragon Slayer and were naturally immune to high-level bloodline pressure.

God Spirits could essentially be seen as a high-level bloodline, and it was an extremely high-level bloodline. Therefore, the pressure of the God of Death’s divine power projection was also immune to his Subjects.

Towards this, Zhou Zhou was not worried that his Subjects would be exposed as Dragon Slayers.

There were many methods in the myriad worlds that were immune to the pressure of high-level Bloodline God Spirits after all.

The unique thing about the Dragon Slaying Will was that it was not immune to the pressure of a high-level bloodline and could also increase its strength by up to two levels while being immune!

Green Bronze-Tier to Yellow Gold-Tier!

This was the most abnormal thing about the Dragon Slaying Will!

As long as his soldiers did not reveal their ability to increase their strength greatly at the same time, it was almost impossible for others to guess their Dragon Slayer identity.

At this moment, he saw Sakomo suddenly stand up from its cross-legged position. Right on the heels of that, it raised its hands, and a transparent kobold soul emitting a faint white light flew out of its head and fused into the projection of the God of Death behind it.

After the God of Death’s projection fused with Sakomo’s soul, its strength and pressure suddenly increased, reaching the strength of a Legendary-Tier. At the same time, its form quickly transformed into Sakomo.

It opened its blood-red eyes, drew two black sabers from its back, and charged towards Zhou Zhou’s nine million troops.

Seeing this scene, there was no need for Zhou Zhou to order.

Xu An and Guo Qiao had already stood up immediately and flew towards Sakomo in the God of Death descend state.

During the process of flying over, Xu An had already transformed into the 10,000-meter-tall Night Rakshasa.

In his Three Heads and Six Arms state, he held six Blood Shadow Swords and looked like a Blood God from hell!

At this moment, Guo Qiao was also wearing blood-red armor and holding two blood-red axes. His aura had already recovered to its peak!

He had already completely healed his injuries on the way here under the joint treatment of the 10 Legendary-Tier Elementary Grade doctors.

The current Guo Qiao had not only recovered from Diamond-Tier Elementary Grade to Epic-Tier Elementary Grade at his peak,

His strength even broke through again with the help of Bloodbath Song because he had absorbed the divine blood of the God he had killed and directly advanced to the Epic-Tier Advance Grade.

Zhou Zhou was even more glad that he had obtained the Legendary-Tier Ancestral Enhancement from the Imperial Ancestral Temple today.

If not for the 10 temporary Legendary Elementary Grade Doctors provided by the Legendary-Tier Ancestral Enhancement, he did not know how long it would take him to find a doctor who could treat Guo Qiao’s injuries.

“Everyone, attack together!”

“Fight to live or fight to our death!”

Zhou Zhou came back to his senses and ordered.


The nine million soldiers roared in unison. Then, they immediately launched all kinds of long-range attacks at the huge Sakomo.

On the battlefield.

When Sakomo, who was in the God of Death’s Descend state, saw Xu An, Guo Qiao, and the terrifying collective attack behind them, its expression immediately turned serious without too much fear.

With a thought, a layer of black skin appeared on the surface of its body, making it look like it was wearing tight light armor.

When the nine million soldiers landed on the black membrane on its body, these attacks seemed to have fallen into water and disappeared.

This was one of the three pseudo Law Skills it had mastered under the God of Death’s Descend—Divine Power Armor.

Even though it was not as powerful as a true Law Skill, it was not a problem to ignore Normal attacks below the Epic-Tier.

At this moment, Guo Qiao had already rushed in front of him.

“Dragon Slayer!”

He roared angrily and slashed down at Sakomo with both axes in his hands. There was actually faint lightning flapping on the two axes, forming an illusory blood-colored axe blade more than 3,000 meters long in the air!


It was as if a divine lightning had struck!

A large hole was actually split open in the black membrane on the surface of Sakomo’s body by the illusory blood-colored axe Blade.

Black blood gushed out of the wound. Before it could drip onto the ground, it strangely disappeared into the air.

Sakomo was shocked.

Who is this guy?!

Normally speaking, only Law Skills could deal with Law Skills!

Even if its Law Skill was only a temporary fake Law Skill, it shouldn’t be so fragile.

Why did this guy only use a hero skill to split open the divine power armor formed by its fake Law Skill?

His two blades slashed through the crazily slashing Guo Qiao until he was seven to eight hundred meters away. Then, he hurriedly retreated and lowered his head to look at his wound.

The wound on his chest was slowly recovering.

It did not recover at an extremely fast speed as it had imagined.

This hero skill actually countered its fake Law Skill so much?

Sakomo looked at Guo Qiao with a solemn expression.

Could it be that this guy’s hero skill was specially used to deal with Law Skills?

At this moment, Guo Qiao had already rushed up again.

Even though there was a world of difference between their sizes, Guo Qiao could release Axe Blades that were thousands of meters long, so he could fight Sakomo head-on.

While fighting, Sakomo was also observing his surroundings.

However, what made its heart solemn was that it did not see where Xu An, who had rushed over with Guo Qiao, was at all.

This shrouded its heart in a layer of gloom.

“Since you’re not coming out, I’ll deal with this person in front of me first.”

A cold glint flashed across its eyes.

Then, he slashed open Guo Qiao with his saber and put his sabers together.

Hero Skill—Death Cross Slash!

This was originally an ordinary Epic-Tier hero skill.

However, in the state of the God of Death Descend, it was also tainted with a trace of the aura of the God of Death’s divine power and had the weak power of the Law of Death.


A furious roar.

A black cross emitting a rich aura of death shot out from its two sabers and attacked Guo Qiao.

Guo Qiao also felt that this move was not to be trifled with and prepared to dodge.

However, at this moment.

Sakomo suddenly looked deeply at Guo Qiao with its blood-red eyes.

Fake Law Skill—Fear of Death!