Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 512 - Fighting Sakomo (2)

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512 Fighting Sakomo (2)

At this moment, Guo Qiao felt that there was only this pair of eyes left in the world.

Its eyes seemed to contain the ultimate fear of all life forms towards the concept of death!

Guo Qiao’s body stiffened.

Then, under Sakomo’s dumbfounded gaze, an extremely fanatical expression actually erupted in his eyes.

Talent – Death of Glory!

Hero Skill—Gods of Dusk!

The former could allow him to become stronger the more he died!

The latter could ignore any life form, even if the God Spirits attached a mental negative buff to it!

For example, the ultimate fear from the concept of death in front of him!

To Guo Qiao, fighting to death in battle with a noble bloodline life form was the way he yearned to die the most.

Most life forms might be afraid of such death.

However, he thought that this was the best resting place for him!

He was naturally not frightened by such a death.


Guo Qiao laughed fanatically. Then, he ignored the cross-shaped blood mark on his heart, as if he could not feel that his heart had stopped beating. He held the sharp axe and slashed at Sakomo.

Hero Skill— Dragon Slaying Axe Technique!

The dragons here did not only refer to pure-blooded dragons.

It referred to all living beings with noble bloodlines!

This was a hero skill specially targeted at noble bloodline life forms! It was also a rather profound combat skill!

Sakomo felt extremely threatened by this hero skill.

It held two sabers and fought with all its might, but it was suppressed by its exquisite combat skills and was clearly at a disadvantage!

More and more wounds appeared on Sakomo’s body.

This made its expression extremely ugly.

However, in the next second.

Guo Qiao, who was sent flying, threw the Blood Axe in his hand over.

The Blood Axe was like lightning. In the blink of an eye, it slashed across his right arm and cut off his Black Star Saber.

Even Sakomo could not help but cry out in pain.

This was because it was possessed by a soul.

This strike did not slash at its body, but its soul.

The latter was a thousand times more painful than the former!

At this moment.

An extremely shocking death crisis suddenly descended on his heart.

And then…

It realized that the sky suddenly darkened.

Or rather…

It realized that the world it was in had turned black, as if it was enveloped by a black curtain.

In this dark world, Sakomo realized that its perception was greatly restricted.

At this moment, a blood shadow suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was the Night Rakshasa Sword God—Xu An!

He slashed gently with his sword, cutting off Sakomo’s left arm.

Sakomo did not have time to think when he saw this. He hurriedly controlled the two Black Star Sabers to fly back and slash at Xu An in front of him.

Xu An, who had been struck, actually turned into a blood shadow and disappeared.

Another Xu An appeared behind Sakomo and cut off its right leg.

After Sakomo controlled the Black Star Slash to fly over again, he realized that this Xu An was also a blood-colored phantom.

Xu An’s blood shadows appeared one after another and quickly disappeared after cutting off a portion of Sakomo’s body.

After repeating it for the ninth time.

Xu An’s ninth sword cut off Sakomo’s head.

Xu An’s ninth sword cut off Sakomo’s head.

“As expected of a believer of the God of Death.”

Xu An said calmly when he saw the smile on its face.

The Dark Night Screen he had set up disappeared. Then, he saw Guo Qiao with an unwilling expression.

“You stole my enemy. This is not honorable.” He said angrily.

His injuries had already recovered with the help of the divine blood.

Even his heart, which had stopped beating, began to beat healthily again.

Xu An said nothing.

At this moment, there was no such thing as fairness and glory in his eyes.

The most important thing for them was to deal with the target as quickly as possible.


This guy was really strong…

Stronger than him.

If not for the fact that he had first cut through the black membrane on the other party’s body and caused a flaw in the other party’s physical Defense, he would not have been able to deal with the other party so easily with the Blood Shadow Kill.

It might even be very difficult to achieve this outcome because it was a physical defense formed by a fake Law Skill.

He did not have the same fake Law Skill or Law Skill to resist it. He did not even have a hero skill like the Dragon Slaying Axe Technique that specialized in dealing with noble bloodlines. He only had normal attack Skills.

“The Lord has countless experts under his command.”

Xu An sighed.

Yesterday, he was still the strongest expert in the Blazing Sun Territory.

Today, the person this title was referring to had changed.

The pressure was really a little high.

He did not say anything else and brought Sakomo’s corpse to the Lord’s location.

As for the two million soldiers of the Nether Bark Army, they had already withdrawn.

Sakomo’s death was not in vain.

On the other side.

Zhou Zhou looked at the kill notification in front of him.

[Your Subject Butcher—Guo Qiao, Night Rakshasa Sword God—Xu An has killed an Epic-Tier Elementary Grade Death Spirit Servant—Sakomo. Obtained promotion energy +400 million! Loots condensed!]

[Blessing of the War God: Your Subject Butcher—Guo Qiao, Night Rakshasa Sword God—Xu An has obtained an additional 8 billion promotion energy points!]

[Your Subject Butcher—Guo Qiao, Night Rakshasa Sword God—Xu An’s hero biography has been updated!]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

These two subordinates did not disappoint him.

After using the God of Death Descend, the Epic-Tier Elementary Grade Sakomo’s strength had already reached the Legendary-Tier. Moreover, it was a Legendary-Tier expert who could use pseudo Law Skills!

However, even such an expert was killed by Xu An and Guo Qiao.

He was really strong!

As expected of a talent with Reputation Rating and Mythical Reputation Rating!

Soon, Xu An brought Sakomo’s corpse to Zhou Zhou, followed closely by Guo Qiao.

“It’s because I’m not capable enough to keep the two million Nether Bark Army soldiers alive!”

Xu An lowered his head.

Guo Qiao also reacted and hurriedly lowered his head.

“It’s fine.”

“You two have already done quite well.”

Zhou Zhou smiled.

He really did not care about the two million Nether Bark Legion soldiers who had escaped.

On the contrary.

If he killed two million Nether Bark Legion soldiers and escaped from Sakomo, he might not be satisfied.

The two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhou Zhou put away Sakomo’s corpse and prepared to retrieve the Loots later.

Then, he flew to the front of the soldiers and looked at the dark blue divine dragon barrier.

“Vast Sea Divine Dragon Barrier…”

“It’s really a good capital protection facility.”

Zhou Zhou muttered.

Then, he looked at the King of the Tahan Kingdom who was looking at him with a dark expression in the middle of the capital.


“You’ve been watching us since we arrived.”

“Have you seen enough?”

Zhou Zhou said calmly.

His voice spread throughout a radius of 50 kilometers.

His perception was astonishing. When he first arrived, he felt a burning gaze from the capital. At a glance, he knew that this guy was the King of the Tahan Kingdom after seeing the monster information.

King Tahan naturally heard it.

However, it did not say anything and only looked at it coldly.

Zhou Zhou did not say anything.

His gaze landed on the Vast Sea Divine Dragon Barrier again, and his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

He flipped his right hand, and a Diamond-Tier Advance Grade bow appeared in his hand.

Then, he drew the bow. The chaotic Origin Energy in his body surged out, forming a chaotic arrow on the bow.


The bow was like a thunderbolt!

The chaotic arrow turned into a chaotic stream of light and landed on the Vast Sea Divine Dragon Barrier in the blink of an eye.


The arrow was embedded deep in the barrier.

Then, cracks quickly spread in all directions with its landing point as the center.


Under the dumbfounded gazes of everyone and the monsters, the Vast Sea Divine Dragon Barrier that the two million Nether Bark Army soldiers had tried their best to attack for such a long time but could not break…

Actually shattered with a bang?!