Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 840 - Transaction

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840 Transaction
Bai He surveyed the crowd and slowly said,

“This matter is indeed related to the King of the Blazing Sun.”

“You’ve heard about it during the previous Supreme Conferences.”

“During this period of time, the King of the Blazing Sun has lent a helping hand to our Knight Empire and the Divine Sword Empire. He has eliminated nearly three billion fog monsters that besieged our human empire and killed more than twenty scarlet God Spirits. He has resolved the danger of fog monsters that our two human empires are facing!”

“But because of that…”

“Currently, a large number of Scarlet Fog monster factions are targeting King of the Blazing Sun.”

“Just now, the King of the Blazing Sun came to me and asked for our help.”

“There’s nothing to discuss.”

“The King of the Blazing Sun is a hero of our human race. He got into trouble because he helped us, so we naturally have to help King of the Blazing Sun survive this crisis.”

“What we discussed was how to help.” Bai He said.

The upper echelons of the human race looked at each other. Then, an unexpected person spoke.

It was actually the Glorious Heaven Bodhisattva—Royegar—who had just been defeated by the King of the Blazing Sun!

“I will bring five Vajra Bit Buddhist cultivators and 200 million troops from the Saha Empire to help the King of the Blazing Sun.”

“But I have one condition.” Royegar said.

The gods looked at “Him” in surprise. They never expected him to be the first to stand up at such a time.

Zhou Zhou was also a little surprised.

Royegar looked at Zhou Zhou and said, “King of the Blazing Sun, I hope that after your crisis is resolved, you can bring troops and God Spirits to the Saha Empire to resolve the fog monster crisis of the Saha Empire.”

“Our Buddha Lord has undergone nirvana on his own. Senior Brother Kasyapa, the ruler of the Empire, has gone to the myriad worlds to look for the Buddha Lord’s nirvana body. He has yet to return. We can’t even contact him. He is currently suspected to be missing.”

“Due to the problem of faith, the Saha Empire has grudges with many other races. Coupled with the calamity of the myriad races and the invasion of a large number of fog monsters, the current crisis the Saha Empire is facing is actually even greater than the Divine Sword Empire and the Knight Empire.”

“We… really need help.” Royegar lowered “His” head, having no choice but to say this for the Saha Empire.

“He” gritted his teeth, feeling a little humiliated.

Zhou Zhou looked at this scene thoughtfully.

At this moment…

The Yellow Emperor’s voice sounded in his ears.

[Little friend Blazing Sun, please don’t blame Royegar for his rudeness.]

[Ever since Regal Pangu sealed himself in the Primordial World and the Buddha underwent nirvana on his own, the current king of the Saha Empire, Kasyapa, went to the myriad worlds to find the back of the Buddha’s nirvana. The Saha Empire’s situation can be said to be the most difficult among the five human empires.]

[As for the five human empires, our situation is not very good either. We can’t help the Saha Empire too much.]

[During this period of time, Royegar, the Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light, had been supporting the Saha Empire. The pressure on “His” shoulders could be imagined.]

[Before you came, Royegar had been working hard and making contributions with resources in order to obtain the help of the human race openly. He wanted “His” Junior Brother Puwang to join the Supreme Council and fight for more resources.]

[After you join, this spot will be gone. Royegar will inevitably be a little depressed.]

[I’m not blaming you for this. After all, we can only blame ourselves for this. After all, we suddenly gave you this spot. I just want to tell you the reason for this and let you understand that Royegar is not an evil person.]

[As for how “He”‘s request will be decided, everything will be decided by you, the sixth councilman. There’s no need to care about our thoughts.]

Zhou Zhou was taken aback. After some thought, he sent a voice transmission:

[Senior Yellow Emperor is too serious.]

[In fact, after I saw the techniques he cultivated and the Buddhist light of virtue behind him, I knew that he was not an evil person.]

Whether it was the Light Heavenly Saint Buddha Kingdom or the Merit Buddha Light, in his bloodline inheritance records, only those with great merit and perseverance could cultivate them!

This was related to the methods of laws. It could not be faked.

Zhou Zhou continued:

[The reason why I said this in the arena previously was because I was unhappy and wanted to show off my strength.]

[As for what “He” said, not to mention the reinforcements that “He” brought over, even if it was just to obtain a new Faction Quest, I would still bring my troops to the Saha Empire.]

[Great kindness.]

The Yellow Emperor smiled and stopped transmitting his voice.

Zhou Zhou only looked up and said ‘okay’ to Royegar before saying nothing else.

Seeing this, Royegar said, “Thank you.”

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly and did not say anything else.

“I’ll help too.”

“However, I don’t have any Lords under me now, so I can only come alone.”

The Black Moon King finally spoke.

“He” had wanted to be the first to speak up to help, but Royegar beat him to it.

“Thank you, Black Moon King.”

“I’ll pay you handsomely afterwards.”

Zhou Zhou’s attitude towards the Black Moon King was completely different as he said with a smile.

“You saved my life. Let’s not talk about this before.”

The Black Moon King waved his hand, not caring about the reward at all.

However, Zhou Zhou made up his mind to give the Black Moon King a huge gift after this crisis.

“Your Excellency Bai He, may I ask how many factions have come to deal with the Blazing Sun King’s fog monsters?”

Some higher-ups of the human race thought.

“There are 12 Empire-level Scarlet Legions and more than 200 Kingdom-level Scarlet Legions. Their military strength should exceed five billion.”

“Moreover, there are three Empire-level soldier types in three of the Empire-level Scarlet Army.”

“As for the scarlet God Spirits, there should be about a hundred of them in total.”

Bai He spoke.

As soon as these words were spoken,

the expressions of the upper echelons of the human race changed.

Five billion soldiers! Three Empire-level soldier types! 100 Scarlet God Spirits!

“Why did they attract so many fog monsters?”

Some higher-ups of the human race could not help but be shocked.

“Because he’s the King of the Blazing Sun.” Patriarch Lu said calmly.

Everyone looked at each other in silence.

That’s right, this sentence was enough to explain it.

The upper echelons of the human race hesitated.

Previously, they had thought that the ones who had come to deal with the Blazing Sun King would at most be a dozen or twenty Scarlet God Spirits, plus a billion or two billion Scarlet Fog forces.

If that was the case…

They also had the confidence to deal with it.

However, if there were five billion fog monsters, about a hundred Scarlet God Spirits, and the Scarlet Army of three Empire-level soldier types…

Under such circumstances, even if they participated, they would probably be in danger of dying.

‘Should I help?’

They hesitated.

But at this moment, Zhou Zhou spoke.

“Everyone should be wearing the divine artifacts that I lent out previously, right?”

The upper echelons of the human race nodded.

All the upper echelons of the human race present, even the High-Tier Deity-level ones, were wearing a few divine artifacts borrowed from Zhou Zhou.

There were even some Low-Tier Deity-level human God Spirits who simply wore borrowed Low-Tier Deity-level divine artifacts and armed themselves to the teeth.

“Could it be that the King of the Blazing Sun wants us to take action because of this matter?” Some higher-ups of the human race thought.

If that was the case, it was related to his life and safety. At most, he would not lend it to her!

No matter how magical it was, it was naturally not as important as his own life!

At this moment, Zhou Zhou said again.

“This King knows that with the Supreme Agreement around, even if everyone wants to help me, it will be difficult for them to do so.”

“Therefore, this King intends to employ everyone.”

“In this war, as long as a human God Spirit is willing to come to my side to participate in the war, no matter what the final outcome of the war is, even if it’s just killing some Normal fog monster soldiers during the war, I’m willing to give them any divine artifact they rent after the war!”

“If our human God Spirit kills one of the other party’s scarlet God Spirits in the upcoming battle and is willing to hand over the other party’s corpse to me, I can directly give the other party an entire set of six divine artifacts from those divine artifacts I rented!”

“If our human God Spirits are injured or even killed in the upcoming battle, This King is also willing to pay free medical treatment and resurrection services until our God Spirits are cured or completely revived.

“At the same time, according to the extent of my injuries, I will also give the other party a divine artifact that can reach the level of three lesser deities.

“If it’s a God Spirit of our human race who died in battle, I will send someone to revive him and also give him a set of divine artifacts at the Low-Tier Deity Level!”

“That’s the deal.”

“What do you think?”
“Those who are willing to participate in the battle, can you raise your hand?”

Zhou Zhou looked at the gods.

One second… two seconds… three seconds…

Royegar raised his trembling hand.

Right on the heels of that was the Black Moon King…

King Mo Luo, Wind Blade God, Dream God, Giant Spirit God, Heavenly Moon God…

In less than a moment, other than the Yellow Emperor and the other two true bodies, the other God Spirits present all raised their hands.

Zhou Zhou smiled.

The feeling of being a kryptonite was awesome…

He could easily pull in a group of ‘high-end substitutes’ at any price!

Moreover, he would probably earn more after this!

How could this be reasonable!