Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 841 - Joining The People Of Foreign races

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841 Joining The People Of Foreign races
When the Yellow Emperor and the others saw all the higher-ups raising their hands, they looked at each other and could not help but click their tongues.

This was the charm of controlling a large number of high-end resources!

A casual sentence could make countless experts work hard for him!

“Why do I feel that a rich man has come to our human race?” Patriarch Lu muttered.
“Haha.” The Yellow Emperor laughed and sighed. “Previously, I was a little worried that the resources we were going to provide to Zhou Zhou would be opposed and gossiped about by the other upper echelons of the human race.”

“From the looks of it, this shouldn’t happen.”

Patriarch Lu and Bai He smiled and nodded.

“Zhou Zhou.” The Yellow Emperor looked at Zhou Zhou. “I will inform all the human factions that you need help.”

“But there’s one thing you need to be prepared for.”

“Currently, the various human factions are generally not doing well because of the calamity of the myriad races. Coupled with the war on your side, it might start tonight, so we might not be able to send too many helpers in such a short period of time.”

“At most, we can only get the human factions in the high continent to help you. Furthermore, it might only be God Spirits. As for soldiers below the God Spirit level, they won’t be able to rush over so quickly.”

“No problem.” Zhou Zhou nodded.

He understood very well.

The God Spirits each had their own escape techniques. Even though most of them could not catch up to the Galaxy, they were comparable to ordinary spaceships. It was indeed possible for them to rush over from afar.

However, as long as the normal soldiers were not at the God Spirit level, they definitely did not have the magic power to attack from an ultra-long distance in a short period of time.

Unless a Lord faction had spatial treasures that could carry a large number of lives, such as the Sky Spirit Ship and the World Ring, it was impossible to do so.

However, those treasures were very rare. Even Zhou Zhou had only obtained three or four by chance. Most of them had been upgraded through the King of Loots. Ordinary Kingdom-level Lord factions probably did not have them.

He didn’t mind.

It was fine as long as the God Spirits were in place.

As for soldiers, he alone was enough.

“The more Gods that can come, the better. If it’s too far, you can use the Galaxy in my territory to pick it up.”

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and said.

“The Galaxy can indeed do it.”

Lu Zhen and Ji Yun, who were sitting in the front row, nodded when they heard this. Then, Ji Yun stroked his beard and smiled. “My daughter just took five Galaxy spaceships from the Blazing Sun Kingdom not long ago.”

“I’ve experienced that speed before.”

“When flying at full speed, even the speed of a top-notch High-Tier Deity-level is far inferior.”

“I’m afraid only a True God-Tier can steadily surpass Galaxy’s speed.”

“That’s right.” Lu Zhen smiled at Zhou Zhou with anticipation in his eyes. “Neph… Sixth Councilor, when will my ten Galaxy ships be completed?”

“After you build those ten Galaxies, I plan to personally lead my troops to support the other human forces.”

Not only was the Divine Sword Empire the eldest brother of the five empires, but it was also the strongest Lord Country in the entire human race.

Every time the human race was in trouble, the Divine Sword Empire would always be the first to help the other human Lord factions and save the human race from trouble. If the Divine Sword Empire did not help out, countless human Lord factions would be destroyed by the people of foreign races and the Mist faction.

Now that the Divine Sword Empire had escaped the siege of the fog monster factions, they had already begun to prepare to support the other human factions without stopping.

The Galaxy was extremely important to them!

“10 Galaxies will be completed in the next five days.”

“I’ll send someone to deliver it personally.”

Zhou Zhou said. Then, he said seriously, “Also, Uncle Lu and Uncle Ji don’t have to call me the sixth councilor. I’m still used to hearing you call me Nephew.”


Lu Zhen was stunned for a moment before sighing. “Good nephew!”

“He” and Ji Yun had indeed not chosen the wrong person.

The gods looked at Lu Zhen and Ji Yun enviously.

This fellow and Ji Yun had True God-Tier backers like Patriarch Lu and Bai He to begin with.

Now, there was another super genius with True God-Tier combat power at the Legendary-Tier realm!

What kind of dog luck was this?


“Actually, you don’t have to send troops over.”

At this moment, Zhou Zhou said, “Even though the other party sent about five billion Scarlet Fog soldiers this time, there are even Empire-level soldiers among them.”

“But I believe that the soldiers under my command are not weaker than ‘Them’!”

He sounded very confident when he said this.

The Gods looked at each other, then nodded.

“They” no longer treated Zhou Zhou as an ordinary expert, so even if he said something so ridiculous, “They” could accept it.

“Alright, we’ll do as little friend Blazing Sun says.”

The Yellow Emperor nodded and chose to believe Zhou Zhou.

“There’s one more thing,” Emperor Huang said. “Actually, we can also invite some God Spirits from the people of foreign races to help.”

“For example, those allies of the people of foreign races who have been in the Human Alliance for more than a thousand years and…” The Yellow Emperor looked at Zhou Zhou and smiled. “Recently, because of your appearance, they have chosen to come into contact with us humans and made an alliance oath.”

“Because of me?”

Zhou Zhou was stunned.

The Yellow Emperor and the other God Spirits smiled and nodded.

Obviously, they all knew about this.

The corners of Zhou Zhou’s mouth twitched.

So he was the last to know.

“Actually, when you obtained the strongest novice Lord, some people of foreign races who are friendly with us humans started to learn about you from us.”

“When you won first place in the Myriad Races Lord Battlefield event, many people of foreign races, even those who had nothing to do with us previously, suddenly came knocking on our door and said that they wanted to build a friendly relationship with us humans.”

“Those people of foreign races who have good diplomatic relations with the human race are still alright. We can still barely believe them.”

“As for those people of foreign races that we’ve never seen before, we naturally can’t trust them easily. Therefore, we investigated the other party secretly while maintaining a friendly relationship on the surface.”

“Turns out…”

“The main reason why these unfamiliar people of foreign races who suddenly contacted us want to build a friendly relationship with us humans is because of you.”

The Yellow Emperor looked at Zhou Zhou. “After ‘They’ found out about your ranking in the event, they valued your potential. Some leaders of the people of foreign races even frankly said that with your achievements in the event, even if it’s very difficult for you to become the Lord of All Races in the future, as long as you live and continue to develop, you might become an ‘overlord force’ in the myriad worlds in the future!”

“Do you know what a transcendent power is?”

“A faction with a Master God-Tier is an overlord faction.”

Zhou Zhou had many legacies in his mind, so he naturally knew what an overlord force meant. He smiled and said, “They really think highly of me.”

Even though he already had many Subjects with Master God-Tier potential under him,

having this potential did not mean that he could definitely become a Master God-Tier.

If one wanted to advance to the Master God-Tier realm, it was no longer just a matter of promotion energy and nomological comprehension after all. There were even other important conditions that were needed to become a high and mighty Master God-Tier!

Potential was only one of the many thresholds for such existences.

“Becoming a Master God-Tier is indeed very difficult.” The Yellow Emperor’s expression was gloomy.

The upper echelons of the human race knew that the Imperial Lord Pangu was a peerless genius suspected to have the potential of a Master God-Tier.

It might even have reached the legendary limit of the world.

Until now, the human race had already produced more than a second or even third Master God-Tier genius. However, Imperial Lord Pangu had yet to advance to become a Master God-Tier.

It could be seen how difficult and bumpy the path of becoming a Master God-Tier was.