Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start-Chapter 1088 - Transformation, Lord-Grade! Powerful!

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1088 Transformation, Lord-Grade! Powerful!

Chu Feng looked at the many experts of the Demon Spirit Race who were all enveloped by his Saber Divine Domain.

A hint of killing intent suddenly appeared in his eyes.

Among these guys, there was no lack of Greater God experts. There were even many top-notch Greater Gods!

Of course, he could not let them leave just like that.


Chu Feng had never shown mercy to his enemies.

He understood too well the principle of eradicating the roots.

Therefore, the next moment, a silent slaughter unfolded at the edge of the battlefield.

With Chu Feng’s terrifying speed and powerful strength, these remaining soldiers were simply unable to resist at all.

Soon, they were all wiped out by Chu Feng.

Chu Feng seemed to have casually crushed a few ants. He ignored them and turned his gaze to the battlefield.

The battle between the candidates and the Astral Beasts was still ongoing.

Chu Feng could not be bothered to participate.

If he wanted to eat meat, he had to let them drink some soup.

Besides, he was not interested in that bit of Astral Beast Soul.

Putting aside the time and effort, what Chu Feng wanted to do the most now was to nurture the little Beamon Giant Beast!

Everything else could be put aside!

Coincidentally, while everyone was fighting and no one was paying attention to him, Chu Feng decided to leave the battlefield. He brought little Beamon Giant Beast and found a deep pit to hide in.

He would take advantage of this period of time to nurture the little Beamon Giant Beast!

When he arrived, Chu Feng could no longer contain his excitement.

He hurriedly opened the little Beamon Giant Beast’s information interface again.

Looking at the small “+” sign behind Growth Progress: 1%, Chu Feng impatiently clicked on it.

Then, a notification popped up in front of him.

Do you want to consume 10,000 Astral Beast Souls to increase the Beamon Giant Beast’s growth by 1%?

Hearing this voice, Chu Feng was extremely delighted.

Just 10,000 Astral Beast Souls could increase the growth by 1%?

In other words, he only needed a million Astral Beast Souls to nurture the little Beamon Giant Beast to the early-stage lord-level?!

This was too easy!

Chu Feng could not help but glance at the little elf beside him and snort.

“Little fellow, is this the astronomical figure you mentioned? You’re looking down on me! As the newbie guidance, you’re not very reliable, haha!”

Beside him, the little elf rolled her eyes.

She wanted to remind him, but when she saw Chu Feng’s smug expression, she immediately swallowed her words.

Fine, let’s see how long you can laugh!

Hmph! How dare you mock me!

You’ll cry later!

She tilted her head and did not look at Chu Feng making a fool of himself!

After interacting with Chu Feng for so many days, the little elf knew her master’s temper too well!

She was worried that Chu Feng would fly into a rage out of humiliation and find trouble with her again!

She might as well turn a blind eye to everything!

Seeing that the little elf was unwilling to pay attention to him, Chu Feng thought that she was in the wrong and he became even more smug.

Looking at the notification in front of him, he hurriedly chose to confirm.

The next moment, the number of Astral Beast Souls in his account had decreased by 10,000, and correspondingly, the growth progress for the little Beamon Giant Beast had become 2%!

Seeing this, Chu Feng became even more excited.

Continue, continue!

He frantically clicked on the small plus sign.

10,000 Astral Beast Souls were consumed again and again.

Chu Feng did not take it to heart.

However, at some point in time, Chu Feng suddenly discovered that for every 1% increase in the little Beamon Giant Beast’s growth, the amount of Astral Beast Soul required had actually become 30,000!

At this moment, the growth progress only showed 51%!

At this moment, Chu Feng began to feel that something was amiss. However, he was still calm.

But at 81%, every 1% increase in growth required 50,000 Astral Beast Souls!

Chu Feng immediately lost his composure.


“It’s actually not a constant value?!”

“If the further we progress, the more Astral Beast Souls we need, the total amount won’t be a small number!”


“How can this be?!”

At this moment, the little elf spoke carefully.

“Master, just think about it. The closer an Astral Beast is to transformation, the more energy it will need…”

Chu Feng was so angry that his mouth twitched.

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier!”

The little elf was furious. She knew that this guy would push the blame to her again!

“I reminded you! No pain, no gain! Astronomical figures!”

Chu Feng was speechless.

Thinking back to his previous smugness, he immediately felt a little embarrassed.

He hurriedly changed the topic.

“I hope it won’t increase in the future. Otherwise, these Astral Beast Souls of mine are really not enough!”


“This is only the transformation from a cub to the grown stage. It already needs so many Astral Beast Souls, not to mention the next few major realms. This guy is really a gourmet with a big appetite…”

As Chu Feng sighed, his hands did not stop moving.

He was still clicking.

Fortunately, the requirement did not increase.

All the way to 100%, he only needed 50,000 Astral Beast Souls for each 1%.

Even so, Chu Feng had spent 2.4 million Astral Beast Souls to nurture the little Beamon Giant Beast into its grown stage!

This was already an extremely terrifying number.

After all, even the leader Beamon Giant Beast he had killed previously had only given him three million Dao Astral Beast Souls!

But now, it only helped the little Beamon Giant Beast enter the grown stage!

Perhaps this was also what the little elf had said. No pain, no gain, right?

To exchange wealth for time, this was a price that had to be paid!!

Now, Chu Feng was glad.

Fortunately, his current wealth was enough!

At the very least, he could nurture the little beast to the Lord-level first!

This was a huge transformation!

As for the rest, it was obvious that he would need more Astral Beast Souls. Chu Feng estimated that his remaining 3.6 million Astral Beast Souls were definitely not enough.

He could only think of another way later.

Just as Chu Feng was pondering, the little Beamon Giant Beast in front of him suddenly underwent a tremendous change!

Its short body, which was originally only the height of a person, began to expand rapidly!

Ten feet, ten feet, a thousand feet!

Its weak and thin body actually turned into a giant!

It was burly, brave, and domineering.

Like a mountain, it stood before Chu Feng.

Its aura changed drastically!

In an instant, it transformed from a harmless little ape into an ape king!

A golden pattern slowly took shape on his forehead.

This was the sign that the Beamon Giant Beast had entered its grown stage!

Seeing the huge change in the Beamon Giant Beast, Chu Feng was overjoyed.

Now, he had a Divine Lord as his subordinate!

Furthermore, with the racial talent of the Beamon Giant Beast, even ordinary low-level lords would not be its match!

Strong enough!!

Chu Feng’s eyebrows were filled with excitement.

He looked at the Beamon Giant Beast that was prostrating respectfully in front of him.

With a thought from Chu Feng, he actually ordered, “Little Beamon Giant Beast, come! Attack me! Let me see how strong you are after your transformation?!”