Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start-Chapter 1089 - Race Talent! Cross-rank Fighting!

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1089 Race Talent! Cross-rank Fighting!

At this moment, he reopened the pet beast interface of the Beamon Giant Beast.

The content had changed drastically.

Race: Beamon Giant Beast

Stage: Grown

Current Grade: Low-level Lord

Growth Progress: 1%+

Acquired Skills: Explosive Charging, Earth’s Gift

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

It actually learned two skills?

Realizing that he could check the details by clicking on the skill icon, Chu Feng did not wait and clicked on it.

Explosive Charging: Endless Astral Power gathers in the limbs of the Beamon Giant Beast and instantly erupts with an unparalleled impact, quickly closing the distance between it and the enemy.

Chu Feng came to a sudden realization.

Wasn’t this the most common move used by the leader Beamon Giant Beast?

It instantly erupted with a terrifying speed and approached the enemy, blowing them up with a punch!

Even those peak Greater Gods could not react in time.

Those unlucky fellows from the Demon Spirit Race had basically all died under this move.

Right on the heels of that, Chu Feng looked at the second skill.

Earth’s Gift: As the Son of the Earth, when the Beamon Giant Beast steps on the ground, it can obtain a huge increase from the power of the earth.

It was a simple introduction, but Chu Feng keenly sensed that it was extraordinary.

Son of the Earth?

Was the Beamon Giant Beast’s status so high in the Starting Ground?

One had to know that more than 90% of the area in the Starting Ground was covered by the soil!

As for other areas like rivers and lakes, they were far inferior to the coverage of the ground.

The only thing that could compete with the ground was probably the endless sky and stars, right?

Since he could not get an answer from the introduction, he could only test it through practice.

Chu Feng looked excitedly at the Beamon Giant Beast crawling at his feet.

“The battle begins now!”

Chu Feng wanted to see how powerful the Beamon Giant Beast was after advancing to the Lord-level.

And how big was the difference between him and a true Lord-level?

The moment Chu Feng gave the order, the crawling Beamon Giant Beast suddenly stood up.

Its four limbs stomped on the ground, and the ground could not help but tremble violently.

The next moment, its huge body charged towards Chu Feng like an agile ape!

“Explosive Charging?”

Chu Feng’s gaze instantly became solemn.

In terms of strength, he might not be as strong as the Beamon Giant Beast, but he was not afraid in the competition of speed.

Of course, because it was only a spar, Chu Feng was naturally not extravagant enough to waste more than ten drops of Angel Bloodline Essence.

However, in order to test the limits of the Beamon Giant Beast, he gritted his teeth and let the Blazing Wings of the Sky devour three drops of bloodline essence!

A terrifying speed of 70,000 times the speed of sound!

At this moment, the Beamon Giant Beast’s bucket-like thick arm was already right in front of him. The wind howled like a blade. Even the surrounding space rippled violently.

At the last critical moment, Chu Feng suddenly erupted with extraordinary speed and instantly widened the distance between him and the Beamon Giant Beast.

But that was all.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng discovered that even if his current speed was slightly faster than little Beamon Giant Beast, it was limited.

After using Explosive Charging, the Beamon Giant Beast’s speed could actually reach more than 60,000 times the speed of sound in an instant!

This corresponded to the leader Beamon Giant Beast from before.

One had to know that speed was the last thing the Beamon Giant Beast race was good at!

Even so, thanks to this skill, it wouldn’t be inferior to other low-level Lord-level Astral Beasts.

Coupled with its terrifying strength and explosive power, it was simply invincible!

Chu Feng immediately became excited.

He hurriedly said, “Use the Earth’s Gift! Let me see what that is!”

The Beamon Giant Beast was naturally extremely obedient at this moment. It did whatever its master asked it to do.

In an instant, its arms suddenly drooped and struck the ground.

Its legs were also straightened at the same time.

From afar, they looked like four towering pillars standing on the ground.

The next moment, waves of almost imperceptible golden energy quickly gathered beneath the Beamon Giant Beast. Right on the heels of that, they instantly surged into the Beamon Giant Beast’s body.

... 𝑓𝚛𝚎𝗲𝙬ℯ𝘣𝚗𝘰ν𝐞l. co𝗺


The comfortable feeling made the Beamon Giant Beast roar.

A golden halo suddenly appeared on its fur, and a terrifying air wave swept in all directions.

Chu Feng’s eyes widened.

After a long while, he came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Come! Attack me!”

After a pause, he hurriedly added, “Don’t kill me! I’m afraid you’ll accidentally hammer me to death!”

It was no wonder that Chu Feng was afraid. The current Beamon was just terrifyingly powerful!

It was as if all its attributes had increased greatly!

Chu Feng could not help but feel puzzled.

Why didn’t the Beamon Giant Beast use this skill when he was chasing it?

How powerful!


However, before Chu Feng could think further, the little Beamon Giant Beast had already rapidly attacked. Coupled with the Explosive Charging skill, the effect was surprisingly good!

Its speed instantly soared to more than 80,000 times the speed of sound!

Its strength and explosive power had increased even more!

It had increased by more than a few times!

Chu Feng felt that the current Beamon Giant Beast was probably not inferior to an ordinary mid-level Lord Astral Beast!

It could actually fight across ranks?!

He had to admire this talent!

What a freakish race!

At this moment, looking at the Beamon Giant Beast that had instantly arrived in front of him, Chu Feng did not have time to think and hurriedly shouted, “Stop!”

“If this punch hits my face, it won’t be as simple as disfigurement!”

Chu Feng did not want to be killed by his pet beast!

If word got out, it would probably make people laugh at him for ten thousand years!

Just as Chu Feng finished speaking, the Beamon Giant Beast suddenly tilted its angle and brushed past Chu Feng’s body.

It charged towards a mountain not far away.

As the power accumulated was too magnificent, it was difficult to disperse in a moment. The beast could only change its target.

The next moment, there was a shocking bang!


In front of this powerful and terrifying impact, this towering mountain was actually shattered by the Beamon Giant Beast!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rocks splattered everywhere.

However, the Beamon Giant Beast’s fur was still as smooth as new. There was not even a scratch, as if it was not injured at all.

Chu Feng was indescribably excited.

“How strong!”

“With this guy by my side, won’t I be able to do whatever I want in the Starting Ground?”

Chu Feng was overjoyed.

At the very least, other than the central core area, he was an invincible existence!

At this moment, the Beamon Giant Beast had removed its amplification power. Its connection with the ground seemed to have been severed.

Its aura suddenly weakened.

It was even not as strong as before.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows. As if he had understood something, he muttered, “So that’s what happened…”