Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction-Chapter 1001 - Elimination

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1001 Elimination
Wang Long and the others looked at the indifferent Lu Dajiang, their faces filled with helplessness. Upon careful consideration, they realized that Lu Dajiang was no longer their captain.

Liu Yan, who was in front of them, didn’t care what Wang Long and the others thought.

In any case, he had already successfully recruited Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang’s squad. Not only did it greatly increase the strength of the Origin Territory, but it also ensured the safety of the Origin Territory. It could eliminate the source of information and prevent the existence of the Origin Territory from being discovered by the Lakon Territory.

Of course, there was still one final step that needed to be accomplished, which was to disband the Lighthouse Territory and deal with the remaining members, either by eliminating them or bringing them back to the Origin Territory to avoid any leaks.

Liu Yan turned to Lu Dajiang and Huang Yuan and said, “Your squads will continue to operate under your established structure, and you will lead them. This will enhance cooperation and overall combat strength. Huang Yuan’s squad will be recognized as the sixth squad of the Origin Territory, while Lu Dajiang’s squad will be the seventh squad.”
Liu Yan intended to instill a certain level of trust in these two squads. While disbanding them might have strengthened their sense of belonging to the Origin Territory, Liu Yan didn’t see it as necessary. He believed that the allure of the Origin Territory and his charisma were enough to attract them.

By maintaining their existing structure, without breaking them up, they could preserve their familiar dynamic and further strengthen their overall combat capabilities.

However, when He Yang and the other captain heard Liu Yan’s arrangement, they immediately felt that it was inappropriate.

He Yang said, “Captain, this doesn’t seem right. Both of their squads surpass ours. It might be inappropriate to rank them below our fourth squad.”

Jin Cheng nodded in agreement, “Yes, our fifth squad is the weakest. We should be ranked last.”

Ye Yifan and Hans Wilson glanced at each other but remained silent.

Lu Dajiang and Huang Yuan’s squads indeed surpassed their own in terms of strength. Naturally, they were not inclined to let Lu Dajiang and Huang Yuan’s squads be ranked ahead of theirs. They would leave it up to Liu Yan to decide.

Upon hearing He Yang and Jin Cheng’s comments, Liu Yan shook his head and said, “There’s no need to strictly rank them based on strength. If a later squad surpasses the previous ones in strength, would we have to rearrange the rankings? Let’s keep it in the order they joined. Although their squads are strong, they came later, so we’ll rank them sixth and seventh. How about that?”

As Liu Yan spoke, he looked at Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang.

Huang Yuan replied calmly. “I don’t have any objections. It’s just a title.”

Lu Dajiang smiled and added, “I don’t care either. These are merely empty titles.”

“Then let’s proceed accordingly. Next, we will discuss the disbandment of the Lighthouse Territory and how to handle the remaining members.” Liu Yan nodded.

Although He Yang and Jin Cheng felt that something was amiss, seeing that Liu Yan and the others had already made their decision, they refrained from further comments.

However, after thinking about it, they felt that this was not a bad idea. If their teams were pushed back in rankings due to the arrival of Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang’s squads, they wouldn’t mind. However, the team members within their ranks might feel neglected by Liu Yan, leading to a sense of disappointment.

Even though the recruits had superior strength compared to the existing members, nobody wanted to feel left out or undervalued.

This was precisely Liu Yan’s intention.

By intentionally arranging the rankings in this manner, Liu Yan aimed to convey to Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang that, although their squads were powerful, they had joined the Origin Territory later. Therefore, their rankings would be behind the original teams, helping them understand their positions.

Furthermore, Liu Yan didn’t want the original members of the Origin Territory to be discouraged. Even though their strength might not match that of the recruits, they were equally important in Liu Yan’s eyes. This approach would motivate them to continue their diligent cultivation and training, striving to improve their abilities.

Soon, Liu Yan and the core members of Team Origin, including Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, and others, discussed the disbandment of the Lighthouse Territory and how to handle the remaining members.

Following the discussions, Liu Yan learned from Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang that Luo Feng planned to launch a full-scale attack to quickly subdue Team Origin. As a result, there were very few remaining members in the Lighthouse Territory, and most of them were non-combatants.

This made it much easier for Liu Yan to address the situation.

Given the small number of individuals involved, Liu Yan planned to personally lead a squad composed of skilled experts, including Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, Allen Smith, and others expert. With this team, they would be able to handle the remaining Lakonian. As for the Blue Planet people among them, they would be brought back to safety.

Liu Yan planned to resolve the remaining Lakonian individuals and naturally bring back the Blue Planet people among them.

It would be best if they were willing to join the Origin Territory, but if not, they would be confined within the territory until it was safe enough for them to leave.

Initially, Huang Yuan and the others thought it would be sufficient for them to handle the situation, considering that there were no combatants among the remaining members.

However, Liu Yan insisted on personally going, deeming it the most secure option.

After all, the safety of the Origin Territory was at stake, and Liu Yan wanted to prevent any unexpected incidents.

Once the discussion concluded, Liu Yan and the team made some simple preparations and immediately set their plans in motion.

As for the current seven squads of Team Origin, their members would remain in the temporary camp for the time being.

Upon Liu Yan’s successful return, they would use the teleportation array to travel together to the Origin Territory.

Before their departure, Liu Yan specifically instructed the squad captains to ensure that no team members left the temporary camp. They were also tasked with supervising the members of other squads, giving them the authority to take action if any member attempted to leave without authorization.

Liu Yan privately instructed the Withered Tree Spirit King to monitor the situation closely and prevent any team members from leaving.

After all, Liu Yan still hadn’t completely placed his trust in the two newly recruited squads of Team Origin.

The presence of the Withered Tree Spirit King served as the final safeguard, providing a great sense of reassurance.

With its formidable combat strength of 17 Stars, the Withered Tree Spirit King was an overwhelmingly dominant force among the team members.

Furthermore, this territory belonged to the Withered Tree Spirit King, who had lived here for hundreds of years and possessed unparalleled familiarity with the surroundings.

In this way, it would be entirely impossible for any member of Team Origin to leave the area.

They were surrounded by the powerful alliance of the Withered Tree Spirit King and numerous Withered Tree Spirits, making it highly unlikely for them to break free.

After making all the arrangements, Liu Yan, Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, and the other top experts, totaling more than ten people, set off.

These individuals were the elite experts of the current Team Origin.

Although their numbers were small, the combat strength of this squad of over ten people was formidable.

As for the members within the Lighthouse Territory, they were not only a few but also non-combatants, making it easier to deal with them.

Of course, all of this hinged on Liu Yan and the others successfully entering the Lighthouse Territory.

Fortunately, the captain of the Lighthouse Territory, Luo Feng, had already been dealt with by Liu Yan. Currently, Lu Dajiang, the vice captain of the Lighthouse Territory, possessed the highest authority and could easily gain access.

Once Liu Yan and his group departed, most of the members of Team Origin in the temporary camp began diligently cultivating.

After all, they had just experienced consecutive intense battles over the past two days. Many team members still carried injuries and required treatment before they could fully recover.

Even those who had already recovered were actively engaged in cultivation.

Post-battle cultivation often yielded greater gains and faster strength improvement.

In particular, in such crucial life-and-death battles, the growth potential was even greater.

At this moment, the numerous members of the seven squads of Team Origin were all focused on their tasks.

However, Wang Long and the others couldn’t stay idle. They quietly circumvented each tent and made their way toward the outer perimeter…