Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction-Chapter 1002 - Attack

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1002 Attack
Outside the Hallucinatory Forest, Liu Yan led the elite squad and quickly advanced toward the Lighthouse Territory.

While they were making swift progress, Lin Feng established a mental connection with the Withered Tree Spirit King through the Soul Contact they had formed, learning about the situation at Team Origin’s temporary camp.

Wang Long and the others left quietly and were immediately captured by the Withered Tree Spirit King, who tied them up with vines.

Thinking that the vigilance had relaxed at that moment, Wang Long and the rest were unaware that it was a deliberate arrangement by Liu Yan to see if any escapees would be caught.

Upon learning of the situation, Liu Yan instructed the Withered Tree Spirit King not to deal with them yet, but to keep them bound until Liu Yan returned to resolve the situation.

Subsequently, Liu Yan led the elite squad and continued their journey eastward.

Upon reaching the eastern island area, the experts from Team Origin remained on the outskirts.

Allen Smith and the other experts from Team Origin had the primary task of providing support and coordination, rather than being in the forefront of the operation.

Since they were not originally from the Lighthouse Territory, they couldn’t enter smoothly. Even if they approached, they would certainly raise suspicions if discovered by the people of the Lighthouse Territory.

Therefore, they stayed on the periphery to gather information about the Lighthouse Territory.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan, Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, and the others proceeded together.

After all, Liu Yan’s prowess was evident, and with his ability to conceal his presence and elude detection, it was natural for him to accompany them.

Liu Yan instructed Huang Yuan and the others to continue forward and proceed according to the plan.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan activated the A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak, and the B-grade skill, Traceless Silence.

Instantly, Liu Yan became completely invisible, disappearing from the spot.

In the eyes of Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, and others, Liu Yan vanished from where he was.
In Huang Yuan and Lu Dajiang’s eyes, Liu Yan disappeared from his original spot without a trace.

Not only were they unable to see or hear any movement from Liu Yan, but even when they relied on their perception skills to carefully sense, they couldn’t detect Liu Yan’s presence at all.

Liu Yan seemed to have completely vanished from this world, and no matter how hard they searched, they couldn’t find him.

Huang Yuan and the others exchanged surprised glances, amazed by Liu Yan’s abilities.

They had encountered various forms of invisibility skills before, but most could still be sensed through other means. It was impossible to achieve true and complete invisibility, evading all senses.

However, Liu Yan was able to achieve this, which was truly impressive.

Having such a remarkable skill could be extremely effective in many situations.

“Alright, let’s continue,” Lu Dajiang said.

Immediately, the group resumed their journey.

These individuals were originally experts from the Lighthouse Territory, they were considered part of the Lighthouse Territory’s “own people.”

The only exception was Liu Yan, an outsider who was moving alongside them. Liu Yan remained in a state of invisibility, making it impossible for others to perceive him.

Before long, Liu Yan and the others arrived at the western gate of the Lighthouse Territory.

On the huge city wall, the members of the Lighthouse Territory who were guarding the city were puzzled when they saw that only Lu Dajiang and the others had returned.

However, before they could inquire further, Lu Dajiang directly opened the west gate of the Lighthouse Territory.

After all, Lu Dajiang was the vice captain of the Lighthouse Territory, possessing the authority to open the city gate without needing permission from the guards.

Once the gates were opened, Lu Dajiang and the others entered, with Liu Yan, still maintaining his invisibility, following suit.

As soon as they entered the Lighthouse Territory, several members of the Lighthouse Territory gathered around.

“Vice captain, why did you suddenly return?”

“Yeah, why is it only a few of you returning? Where’s the main group?”

“What’s the situation with the battle over there? Did you encounter any difficulties?”

Although the remaining team members were puzzled, they still trusted Lu Dajiang and the others and hadn’t suspected them.

Lu Dajiang responded with a serious expression, “We’ve encountered some trouble and unique circumstances. I need all of you to quickly split up and gather every remaining member of the Lighthouse Territory. We have urgent matters to discuss, and not a single person must be missed. This is of utmost importance, so we cannot afford any negligence!”

Upon hearing Lu Dajiang’s solemn words, the members of the Lighthouse Territory immediately split up, thinking that something significant had occurred.

In the grand reception hall of the Lighthouse Territory, not long after Liu Yan, Lu Dajiang, and the others arrived, the remaining members of the Lighthouse Territory began to gather.

There were not many combat personnel among them. Most of them were logistics personnel, and there were also some Awakened with special occupations.

As the group gathered, they all expressed their confusion.

“What’s the situation? Why have we all been summoned here?”

“Did the frontlines encounter trouble? But what use is it to gather us? We don’t have much combat strength.”

“Where is Captain Luo? Why hasn’t he returned?”

“Strange, why are all the returning individuals from the Blue Planet? Why hasn’t a single Lakonian returned?”

“Something doesn’t seem right. Something is amiss!”

At this moment, Lu Dajiang looked at the roster and confirmed that all the remaining members of the Lighthouse Territory had gathered, with none missing. He immediately gave the order, “Everyone is here, let’s take action!”

Using his authority as the vice captain, Lu Dajiang swiftly closed all the exits of the reception hall to prevent anyone from escaping.

Huang Yuan, Wei Feng, and the others drew their weapons and began to attack.

While launching his attack, Huang Yuan shouted, “All Blue Planet individuals, do not resist. Stay put, and you won’t be in danger. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Before their arrival, Liu Yan had already discussed with Lu Dajiang, Huang Yuan, and the others about how to handle the remaining members of the Lighthouse Territory.

The fate of the Blue Planet individuals would be determined based on the situation. As long as they didn’t resist, they would be spared.

Those who stayed, they could choose to join the Origin Territory or remain in the Origin Territory temporarily before deciding to leave on their own.

However, if they resisted, even the Blue Planet individuals would be dealt with harshly.

As for the remaining Lakonian in the Lighthouse Territory, they would be eliminated without exception.

While some of the Lakonian might not harbor any ill intentions towards the Blue Planet individuals, they were still Lakonian.

Moreover, given the existing conflict, no one could guarantee they wouldn’t betray them in the future.

Hence, it was the safest approach to eliminate all of them without leaving anyone behind.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan, maintaining his stealth mode, also initiated his attack.

The S-grade weapon, Blade of The Night, appeared in Liu Yan’s hand as he swiftly stabbed with his dagger, instantly killing two Lakonian.

[B-grade skill, Backstab, activated!]

Liu Yan instantaneously appeared behind another Lakonian, and with a strike from the Blade of The Night, he eliminated them.

Simultaneously, Huang Yuan, Lu Dajiang, and the others joined in the assault.

The remaining members of the Lighthouse Territory consisted of only a few dozen individuals, with some Blue Planet individuals still unaware of the situation. Nevertheless, they offered no resistance.

As for the remaining Lakonian, their numbers were small, and most of them had limited combat strength.

Confronted with Liu Yan and the other top experts, they were utterly outmatched.