Gourmet Gaming-Chapter 848

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Chapter 848

Usually, ordinary kingdoms and empires would suffer from financial difficulties for several months after their successful establishment. Not only that, their lacking military force would also put them at great risk during that period. After all, they did not have anything to use to pay for anything, since they had only been established and built.

They had to make various exchanges with the other empires and kingdoms. And it was only through those exchanges would their people be able to make profit. Once their people made profit, they would be able to receive taxes.

In addition, they had to supply and equip their military with weapons and armor, as well as food. However, without any money on hand, it would be difficult to maintain that. And if they could not maintain that, then their military force would naturally weaken.

However, the Beyond the Heavens Empire was different. This was considering that it had only been established less than a month ago.

A beautiful lady announcer was currently having a conversation with an expert in ATV Broadcasting Station’s program called Athenae Player’s Exclusive Information.

“Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk is a truly smart emperor. He was able to navigate the situation regarding the offers that the other emperors and kings had made.”

“Can you tell our dear viewers how he dealt with it and your insights on this matter?”

“Of course. Emperor Minhyuk had put forward several conditions to those that wanted to send recruitment offers to his vassals. ‘Anyone is allowed to recruit my men. However, if you want to recruit them, then you have to pay the recruitment fee which would vary depending on the person who you are trying to recruit. It doesn’t matter whether it is successful or not. You have to pay the fee.’ The empires and kingdoms agreed with this condition and began to reach out to his men. Furthermore, each kingdom or empire had to pay the recruitment fee even if dozens of them came to recruit that one person.”

“So, you’re saying that if for example, five empires tried to recruit Spear God Ben, then each of those empires would have to pay the recruitment fee?”

“That’s right. As far as I know, there were dozens of kingdoms and empires that tried to recruit them. From what I have gathered, they all tried to recruit the most prominent figures of the Beyond the Heavens Empire like Spear God Ben, Brod, Elpis and many more. I don’t know the exact figures, but if you estimate roughly, I think the Beyond the Heavens Empire was able to secure more than four million platinum through this.”

“Wow. Four million platinum? That’s quite a huge amount.” The lady announcer clicked her tongue.

Four million platinum was worth more than hundreds of billions of won in cash.

“But that’s not all. Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor Minhyuk was also able to successfully increase their military forces through this maneuver.”

The expert held his pen as he pointed toward a piece of paper. Awe and admiration stained his voice as he spoke of the achievements made by the Beyond the Heavens Empire during this short period of time.

“He had put forward another condition, saying, ‘We will recruit as many talents as your empire tried to recruit from us.’ First and foremost, this is a blow, a counter to the disrespect that the other empires and kingdoms committed toward them.”

“However, the Beyond the Heavens Empire was able to secure many talents with that move, no?” The lady announcer said, admiration also evident in her voice. “What kind of impact do you think the talents recruited by the Beyond the Heavens Empire will have?”

“The Beyond the Heavens Empire was able to recruit the pride of a nation and was even able to recruit the pillar of an empire. Interestingly, they were very smart in their recruitment. They did not solely focus on recruiting strong talents. They also recruited a significant number of non-combat NPCs like blacksmiths, famous poets, and even bards. In other words, not only were they able to strengthen their military force, they were also able to lay the foundation for their future trading activities.”

The expert praised the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

The announcer pondered for a moment, before asking, “Does that mean that the Beyond the Heavens Empire has become the strongest empire upon their establishment?” 𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝒘𝒆𝙗𝓷𝒐𝙫𝒆𝓵.𝙘𝒐𝒎

It was not strange for the lady announcer to think so. In fact, it was not just her, the viewers thought so too.

But the expert shook his head and said, “That’s not the case.”

“Yes? How come? Didn’t you just say that they were able to secure a lot of funds and even recruited many famous and strong talents?”

“Of course, it’s certainly good to secure a lot of talent. However, the number of their troops is still less than half the size of the troops of an ordinary empire. That’s not all. The aftermath of this recruitment is also definitely going to come.”


“Just a few minutes ago, Emperor Consteinus bowed toward the former Hound Knight Order Commander, Amacar. However, you can consider him to be an exception.”

The announcer quickly understood what he meant. “So, you’re saying that even though the Beyond the Heavens Kingdom was able to get away with this thanks to the contract that they have signed, in the end the other empires and kingdoms would harbor dislike for them?”

“That’s right. They might have put various restrictions and conditions to prevent the other empires and kingdoms from causing them harm during this human resource recruitment fiasco. However, at the end of it all, the actions done by the Beyond the Heavens Empire would garner the hate of the other empires and kingdoms. This would make things difficult for them in the future. If the smallest mistake appeared in the Beyond the Heavens Empire, these empires and kingdoms would most definitely try to bring huge punishment upon them.”

Both viewers and commentators understood what the expert said. The fact that they could recruit countless talented people was obviously a good thing. However, the sweet apple that they had in their hands was not without its poison. If the Beyond the Heavens made even the smallest mistake, the others would definitely jump on the opportunity to punish them.

“Personally, I believe the greatest contributor in the human resource recruitment activity was Beyond the Heavens Empire’s Prime Minister Haze...”

The conversation between the announcer and the expert continued just like that.


Minhyuk, Amacar and Consteinus were all currently together.

When Consteinus bowed deeply and Amacar came running to him, Amacar had asked his former emperor if he could come and see him anytime. Of course, they also wanted it to happen the other way around. It would be very unpleasant for both Minhyuk and Amacar to see Amacar come running to the Ardo Empire every time. However, for Consteinus to come to Beyond the Heavens Empire anytime, they would need the explicit approval of Emperor Minhyuk. After all, there was always an accompanying risk if another empire’s emperor came strutting freely in the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

‘Amacar goes to Ardo and Consteinus goes to the Beyond the Heavens.’ freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

However, Minhyuk saw this as a great opportunity to forge relationships and have peace with the greater power that was the Ardo Empire.

Of course, the current Consteinus had very low favorability toward Minhyuk. It was only natural. After all, if you remove the fact that everything was an act to help him realize what was happening around him, to Consteinus, Minhyuk was just someone who took away his empire’s precious talents. However, Consteinus and Amacar wanted to have exchanges. That meant that they had to talk to Minhyuk.

Right now, Minhyuk was cooking for the two of them to raise a bit of favorability. The menu was none other than chicken, specifically Kyochon Chicken. Even if a person could only eat half a chicken, if they were presented with Kyochon Chicken, then they would be able to eat the entire chicken.

Kyochon Chicken was the number one when it came to sales volume. Its bestseller and signature menu was its salty and savory Kyochon Chicken and Soy Sauce Chicken. Of course, they also had an extensive menu that included Sweet Chicken and Red Chicken. Minhyuk loved eating the lollipop chicken and was very fond of the flavors Kyochon Chicken and Red Chicken. Together with some wedge potatoes on the side, the food was to die for.

Minhyuk gently placed the chicken coated with seasonings in the hot frying pan.


Emperor Consteinus and Amacar both turned to look at him when they heard the clear and crisp sound of the sizzling oil.

“What a mouth-watering smell.”

“Does it make you hungry? His Majesty Minhyuk’s cooking skills are extraordinary. Please look forward to it.”

Amacar had actually stood up and said that he would do it himself. After all, he was currently under Minhyuk’s command. However, Consteinus opposed it hoping that they would reminisce about their past.

“I still can’t forget the dish that you made for me in the past.” Consteinus smiled happily. “I was surprised when I took the first bite.”

“Is that so? Hoho.” Amacar laughed awkwardly.

‘Did he truly enjoy the dish that much?’

“You are truly good with the sword. I even cried after eating it. It was a dish where you could taste every flavor in the world.”


When Minhyuk heard this, he thought to himself that he should really do this himself. He looked at the mouth-watering and crispy chicken before frying the wedge potatoes. After frying the wedge potatoes, he went ahead and seasoned the chicken. Minhyuk poured the seasoning on the frying pan before pouring in the fried chicken and stir-frying everything. Only by doing this would the seasoning be able to seep through the chicken.

In a blink, the chicken was done. Fried to a crispy golden brown, it looked very appetizing.

“Let me say this once again, my Beyond the Heavens Empire accepts the future exchanges between the two of you.”

“Cough. If you have any shame in your bones, then you should allow it.”

Consteinus looked more relaxed when he saw Minhyuk responding mildly to his words, even cooking for them.

Then, Minhyuk said, “The chefs of Beyond the Heavens Empire have also made chicken for the soldiers of the Ardo Empire, who must be tired from the marching.”

“Is that so? Thank you.”

Even if the eight million troops ate only half a chicken, they still had to fry at least four million chickens. However, Minhyuk was willing to bear this cost. This was because he knew that forging a friendly relationship with the Ardo Empire was necessary if they wanted to deal with the Luvien Empire in the future. More importantly, Minhyuk was confident that the taste and flavor of the chicken would definitely impress and captivate Emperor Consteinus.

“By the way, you said that you were going to treat us but... isn’t this just a pretext for you to eat, huh? Beyond the Heavens’ Emperor?” Consteinus clicked his tongue when he saw Minhyuk place around ten whole chickens in front of him.

Minhyuk only chuckled lightly in response. He was busy gulping down his saliva as he looked at the chicken in front of him.

‘Should I eat it with cola instead of beer?’

Minhyuk quickly dropped a couple of ice cubes in a clear glass and poured some cool and refreshing cola in it.


Minhyuk savored the sound of the carbonate escaping from the can as the cola met with the ice. Of course, he made sure to gulp a few mouthfuls of cola before digging into the food.

‘Our Lord Chicken.’


The carbonated cola was accompanied by an electrifying feeling as it passed down his throat. Minhyuk immediately put down the glass and grabbed a piece of Kyochon Chicken’s signature menu, the Soy Sauce Chicken.

The wing was well-fried and there was no dry portion at all. The moment he took a bite, the tender and soft chicken meat separated from the bone and entered his mouth, along with a salty and savory flavor.


Every bite was truly delicious. No matter how much Minhyuk ate, it did not seem like the chicken could fill his stomach easily. This time, Minhyuk grabbed a meaty wing. He put everything in his mouth and ate it in one go. Of course, he did not forget to take a bite of the pickled radish.

Crunch, crunch–

A loud crunch rang in his ears as the sour flavor of the radish rounded up the savory and greasy flavor of the chicken.

This time, Minhyuk turned his attention to the Red Chicken. When he took a huge bite, the spicy and sweet flavor immediately spread out in his mouth. As expected, Minhyuk ate several pieces in one go while savoring the spiciness of the dish. However, the spiciness gradually crept up and spread in his mouth until it reached the tip of his tongue.

“Sluuurp. Hooo.”

Although the spiciness that spread in his mouth was stinging, he could not stop himself from eating the delicious and mouth-watering Red Chicken. Minhyuk quickly grabbed a piece of potato wedge and placed it in his mouth to ease the spiciness in his mouth.

The saltiness of the fried potato wedge took the edge off of the spiciness. Minhyuk put one piece after another, occasionally dipping it in sweet ketchup. The combination of the saltiness of the potato wedge and the sweetness of the ketchup was fantastic.

As he ate like that, Minhyuk also did not forget to look at Consteinus and Amacar’s faces.

“This is the first time that I have tasted a chicken this delicious in my entire life.”

“Me too.”

[Consteinus’ favor has increased.]

Minhyuk was quite delighted with their words.

“We... Let’s not think too much about this matter, no? I’ll make sure to accommodate the meeting between the two of you as much as possible.”

“Cough. If you say so.”

The Ardo Empire obviously did not have any intention of waging war against the Beyond the Heavens Empire.

“I also view the Beyond the Heavens Empire quite favorably.”

The biggest reason for this was probably because Amacar chose Minhyuk. Before he realized his wrongs, Consteinus thought that there must have been a reason why Amacar chose Minhyuk.

Minhyuk, who was having a friendly conversation with the two, suddenly stopped moving. An extremely alarming notification rang in his ears and forced him to stop what he was doing.

[The Forgotten Monarch’s Crown’s ‘Vassal’s Voice’ has been triggered.]

[Your vassal Haze is in grave danger!]


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