Heart Stealer Young Master Bo-Chapter 529 - : Master Bo officially came to propose marriage (2)

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Chapter 529: Master Bo officially came to propose marriage (2)

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After Bo chicheng returned to the old mansion, he specially tidied up his appearance.

Although he was still wearing a suit and leather shoes, the black material of his clothes made him look handsome and Noble. His every movement was elegant, as if he was an elegant young master exuding an air of nobility and elegance.

“Auntie.” He smiled and slightly nodded.

Bo chengru was also looking at Jiang yunzhe with a smile, and his eyes were filled with kindness. Mrs. Jiang, I’m here to disturb you again.

Jiang yunzhe was stunned for a moment. It was obvious that he didn’t expect the two of them to visit him. However, he quickly regained his senses and slightly turned his head to make way for them, please come in.

The Bo Grandpa and grandson changed into slippers at the entrance and entered the house.

However, just as Jiang Yunxi was about to close the door, a large group of people suddenly appeared outside the house.

“Be careful,” Bo chengru immediately beckoned them in. Aiyo, please be gentler. These things must be secured and don’t break them …

As he spoke, he carefully took care of the box.

Surprise flashed across Jiang yunchang’s eyes once again. She saw countless exquisite boxes of different sizes being carried into the room. She couldn’t help but feel puzzled, old Mr Bo, this …

Sensing the strange movements in the living room, the others also stood up and saw that Bo Yucheng and Bo chengru had come to visit and had brought countless things!

“A-Cheng?” Shi qinglan raised her eyes in confusion.

Bo Zhicheng’s Red lips curled up slightly as he looked at the girl. There was some deep meaning in his deep eyes, but his gaze was still filled with tenderness and even a little bit of joy.

She looked down at the things that were being carried in, puzzled …

Shi qingxiao furrowed her brows and narrowed her eyes at him coldly, what is young master Bo trying to do? ”

This time, the city of thin mist did not show any signs of hostility.

He tried his best to soften the aura around him and looked at Shi honghui and Jiang yunzhe with a smile as gentle as Jade, uncle, Auntie, I have specially brought betrothal gifts to propose marriage.

“Marriage proposal?” Shi qinglan’s eyes flickered.

She recalled the abnormal behavior of Bo Li Cheng on the road just now, combined with the current measures, and suddenly realized what was going on!

Bo chengru looked at them with a smile, these are the betrothal gifts that our Bo family has given to LAN girl. It’s just a small token of my respect. If it’s a little shabby, I hope that future in-laws won’t blame me.

Qin Feng was the one who led the way and had people carry the betrothal gifts in.

He walked forward respectfully and presented an exquisite card with both hands. Mr. Shi, this is the list of gifts.

Hearing this, Shi honghu lowered his head and glanced at him indifferently.

He raised his hand and took the list of gifts. He squinted his eyes and looked at it. Shi Fu and Jiang yunzhe also went over to take a look and suddenly felt shocked…

The gift that the Bo family had set was 100010000 Yuan. Although it seemed to be only 100 million Yuan, it was one in a million. The cash was enough to fill several large boxes.

In addition, the wedding gifts also included wedding cigarettes, wedding wine, and wedding candies, all of which were top international brands.

The wedding candy was specially made for this time’s betrothal gifts. The candy was wrapped in the girl’s “LAN” word, and Qin was wrapped in it sweetly.

The wedding wine was specially brewed. The Bo family had found the world’s top winery, and this exclusive brew could be said to be the world’s one and only.

In addition, there were countless other rare treasures, such as. dazzling array of jades, pearls, relics, and antiques. They were all the finale items that had once appeared in top auctions, and several of them were things that Shi Fu had coveted but failed to get…

There were even many pieces of jewelry that only existed in legends. Many collectors had been looking for traces of these jades and pearls all over the world, but they did not expect to appear in this gift list!

The real estate and cars under the Bo financial magnate were indispensable among the betrothal gifts. Bo chengru carefully selected for several days before picking out the most special ones from countless real estate.

There was even a large island in the betrothal gift…

“This …” Even though Shi Fu had seen a lot of the world, when he saw this list of gifts, his heart still stirred.

Not only was the Bo financial magnate willing to offer rare treasures, touring cars, and islands, but Bo chengru had also given 20% of his shares to Shi qinglan as a betrothal gift!

20% of the shares in the top rich family’s business …

The amount of money involved was simply unimaginable!

No matter how much the Shi financial magnate doted on Shi qinglan, they would not be able to give her that many shares. After ail, there were other family members who held the shares. They really did not expect the Bo family to give her so many shares!

future in-laws think… Less?”

Bo chengru observed their expressions quietly and rubbed his hands in panic, our Bo family is definitely sincere in taking a fancy to this granddaughter-in-law of hers! If you think that the betrothal gifts are too shabby, we can go back and re-”

Shi Fu raised his hand and interrupted Bo chengru.

He lowered his eyes and took a deep look at the gift list. After closing it, he handed it back to Bo chengru, his eyes dark and silent.

“Elder Shi, this is … What do you mean by that?” Bo chengru panicked, afraid that the Shi family would go back on their word and refuse to agree to the marriage.

Bo Zhicheng’s palms were also covered in a thin layer of cold sweat…

He gently pursed his lips, so nervous that his Adam’s apple moved slightly. After a moment of silence, he adjusted his emotions and said,”

“Mr. Shi, uncle, aunty, master Sheng, young master an.”

It was rare for Bo Zhicheng to call Shi qingxuan master Sheng and Shi qingan young master an. Although his expression was not obvious, one could sense his nervousness and strong desire to live from the way he addressed him …

His voice was a little tight, my feelings for Lan Lan can be seen by heaven and earth. 1 only want to marry her in this life. I can even swear on my life … I’ll devote my entire life and never let you down!”

The man’s eyes were as deep as the night, full of sincerity. His eyes were so deep that it was easy to sink into them. At this moment, his eyes were full of sincerity, making it even more difficult for people to refuse.

However, he had lowered his attitude today…

The gentle and Noble young master’s appearance, coupled with the elegance and politeness in his movements, really made her like him too much.

Shi qinglan raised her eyes to look at Bo Li Cheng. The man’s jawline was smooth and firm, and his eyes were sparkling, making her heart slowly ripple “This …” Shi Fu frowned.

He really didn’t mean to refuse, but he felt that the betrothal gifts were a bit too exaggerated, and he couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

However, just as the atmosphere was in a stalemate …

A crazed voice suddenly sounded, if I had been a few minutes later, the little white Rabbit would have been gnawed to death by the wolf. How could I miss this good show?”

Jiang Yingying strode into the living room with her long and slender legs.

He slightly narrowed his long and narrow eyes, the corners of his eyes suffused with an unfathomable light, and the corners of his lips curved into a devilish arc.

“If I’m not wrong, master Bo is …. Marriage proposal?”