Heart Stealer Young Master Bo-Chapter 530 - : Master Bo officially came to propose marriage (3)

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Chapter 530: Master Bo officially came to propose marriage (3)

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Jiang Xiao’s posture was straight, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

The Army green uniform wrapped around his tall body, and he wore black middle boots as he strode steadily into the villa.

The man’s long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly, and his extremely masculine cold face revealed a sense of scrutiny. His words were sonorous. 1 should … I hope I’m not late.”

Bo Li Cheng’s body stiffened for a moment.

Fortunately, he already knew that Jiang Qianqian would be there, so he quickly regained his calm expression. He raised his chin slightly to look at the man and nodded politely, master Sheng.

“Xiao Ling, you’re back.” Shi Fu heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the atmosphere was more and more deadlocked for Bo Li Cheng, it was a relief for the old master. At least he had an advisor, so he didn’t really have no idea what to do.

Jiang yingluo also politely nodded to greet the elder.

He then glanced sideways at the boxes on the ground that contained the betrothal gifts. He raised his hand lazily and hooked his finger, the list of betrothal gifts.

Ji Lin hurriedly took the list of betrothal gifts from Shi Fu’s hands and handed it over.

Jiang yingluo took the list of betrothal gifts, but her sharp eyes were locked on Bo Yucheng. She sized him up for a moment before lowering her head to review the betrothal gifts given by the Bo family.

But when he saw this extremely sincere betrothal gift…

A look of surprise flashed in the man’s eyes, and he could not help but raise his eyebrows, the Bao family is quite generous.

He snorted indifferently.

Jiang yingluo’s lips curved up slightly, but it was hard to read her emotions. He closed the betrothal gift list and handed it to the side …

He was passing it in the direction of Shi qinglan.

Seeing this, the girl’s delicate body stiffened for a moment. She blinked her beautiful eyes in confusion and took the betrothal gift list handed over by her younger uncle. She didn’t quite understand what he meant by this.

“Uncle …” Shi qinglan’s Red lips parted slightly, and her voice was soft and gentle. Although she did not have any intention of acting coquettishly, her voice was so soft that it could melt one’s heart.

She raised her eyes to look at the man who had suddenly arrived.

Shi qinglan did not have much contact with Jiang zhizhi, but she felt that she was a ruthless character with a strong personality. Although she doted on her, it was also because of this that she had some friction with Bo Li Cheng…

“Yes.” Jiang Xiao glanced sideways at the girl who called her and the smile on his lips became gentler, good.

Shi qinglan was speechless. She didn’t want to hear this.

The girl gently pursed her red lips and quietly lifted her eyes to look at Bo Li Cheng, but he still stood tall and straight, his elegant and Noble posture not reduced at all, still so calm.

Bo Li Cheng’s eyes looked deeply at Jiang Yingying. master Sheng, 1 really want to marry Lan Lan, 1…

tsk-” Jiang Yingying snorted disdainfully again.

He strode over to the sofa and sat down. He leaned back lazily and crossed his legs. He rolled his eyes and said,” what does it have to do with me? I’m just here to watch the show.

The man’s lips were curled into a teasing smile. When he raised his eyes, he raised the corners of his eyes slightly and said,” you guys can continue.

However, Jiang Yingying’s attitude was even more confusing.

He sat there arrogantly with his legs crossed, but the fierceness in his deep eyes did not diminish. They were still full of scrutiny and danger, and just like that, he stared closely at Bo Li city.

Bo Li Cheng could not help but break out in a cold sweat for himself…

Bo chengru did not know much about Jiang zhizhi before this. He had only heard a little about her. Seeing the situation, he said in a slightly embarrassed manner,” so, about the marriage proposal…

“Old Bo,” Shi Fu spoke with a deep voice.

He looked meaningfully at the list of betrothal gifts in the girl’s hand and pondered for a moment before saying,” this … It’s not that we’re rejecting you, but this betrothal gift is indeed a little too expensive. Our Shi family can’t afford to pay for something like this from your Bo family…”

“No, no, no,” Bo chengru quickly interrupted him.

He looked at Shi Fu with a serious and sincere expression, after all, LAN is the precious daughter of your Shi family. You’ve found her after being lost for so many years, but you didn’t expect that she’d be taken away by our brat. No matter what, these betrothal gifts are what the Bo family should give. It’s just a small token of our appreciation. Elder Shi, you don’t have to feel burdened.

Jiang zhizhi lifted her eyes and looked at Bo chengru.

He twirled his fingers nonchalantly, his eyes emotionless, as if he was really just here to watch a show.

“This …” Shi Fu looked at Shi hongxuan with a troubled expression.

They had already decided to listen to Shi qinglan’s wishes. If she was willing to marry him, they would not stop her. Now, with the sincerity in the betrothal gifts…

Shi Hongji pursed his lips and nodded lightly.

Seeing this, Jiang Yunfei smiled gently and said,” since the children are in love with each other, as parents, we can’t interfere too much. We, the Shi family, will accept old Mr. Bo’s betrothal gift.

Bo Li Cheng’s heart trembled.

He raised his eyes in shock, and his pupils shrank. Auntie, you mean … You agreed?”

The man’s voice was tight, and his Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Jiang yunhan nodded with a smile. Speaking of which, we don’t have the right to interfere with LAN ‘er’s choice.

As her voice fell, her eyes dimmed a little.

None of them had been involved in Shi qinglan’s growth, so they had no right to interfere, let alone continue to stop her. At most, they were just really reluctant to let their daughter get married …

“Tsk.” Jiang Xiao suddenly opened his mouth and lazily put down his legs to stand up from the sofa. He slid his hands into the pockets of his military pants and said, “it’s indeed a scene of a little white Rabbit being taken away by a Wolf.

He strode over to Shi qinglan’s side.

He placed his arm on the girl’s shoulder and placed his finger on her chin. He lifted her face in a slightly domineering manner, girl, did you choose this wild man willingly?”

Hearing this, Bo Li Cheng could not help but feel nervous again.

He was just immersed in the joy of being accepted and almost forgot that the most difficult problem, Jiang Xiaoyu, had not been solved yet…

“Little uncle.” Shi qinglan’s Red lips pouted, but she lowered her eyes shyly. I did it willingly… I’m willing to marry.”

Jiang Yingying’s eyes twitched violently when she heard this.

He only felt that this scene was very familiar. When Jiang yunzhe and Shi hongzhe got married, his sister had also told him that she was willing to marry him. He was so choked that he did not even have a reason to stop her.

“Master Xiao …” Bo Li Cheng’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.

Jiang Xiao glanced at the man from the corner of his eyes and said unhappily,” we’re all f * eking dogs, but since the girl is willing, then so be it.

Hearing this, Bo Li Cheng’s heart was finally at ease.

However, Jiang Qianqian grabbed his collar immediately after. She narrowed her eyes and stared at him. but I’m warning you ….