Heretic Doctor Useless Consort-Chapter 534 - : Encountering a Devil Cultivator!

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Chapter 534: Encountering a Devil Cultivator!

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Another beam of light from the Grand Princess Taixu hit Liao Zongmings dragon aura, shocking the latter so much that he instinctively retreated behind Liao Zongming.


After regaining his freedom, the Heavenly Dragon Crown Prince’s dragon energy immediately returned to his back. At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Crown Prince had already returned to his human form, but his face was still extremely pale.

However, compared to Liao Zongming, Tian Long Crown Prince’s situation was clearly better, so…

“Are you going to hand over the dragon energy yourself, or do you want me to make a move?” The Grand Princess Taixu looked at Liao Zongming and his brother coldly. The majestic red dragon energy behind her was extremely spectacular!

Liao Zongming immediately admitted defeat and said, ” Let’s make a deal. This lady is here to save me. Let her go, and I’ll give you my dragon energy. How about that? ‘

“Do you think you have the right to talk to me like this?” Eldest Princess Taixu replied indifferently. At the same time, she said, ” I’ll give you three breaths to consider.

Liao Zongming choked on his words. After all, he really didn’t have the right to talk to the Grand Princess of Taixu, but he didn’t want to owe this snow maiden anything.

“You might not necessarily win.” ” Young Lord Liao, ” the snow maiden said as she stood in front of Liao Zongming. ” You go first.

“This is not a discussion. Let’s go first!” The snow maiden said coldly, and a sharp blade appeared in her hand! It was the only divine weapon of the Sky Snow Sect, the Sky Snow Sword.

Eldest Princess Taixu, however, said indifferently, ” Your courage is commendable. It seems like we’re going to make a move. ‘

“Of course, if you want dragon energy, you can take it! There’s no reason for me to hand it over personally.” The snow maidens were the first to strike! As soon as she drew her sword, the surrounding temperature dropped sharply.

Liao Zongming glanced at the snow maidens and immediately retreated. He knew that staying behind would be useless! However, the moment he retreated…

The Heavenly Dragon Crown Prince immediately caught up. Have you asked this prince?”

The Heavenly Dragon Crown Prince’s recovery ability as a dragon was also showing its advantage at this moment! They were both heavily injured, but Crown Prince Tian Long was obviously recovering much faster. He was about to catch up to Liao Zongming.

Once they started fighting again! Liao Zongmings chances of winning were slim, not to mention…


The snow maiden was sent flying by Princess Taixu’s palm strike and crashed into Liao ‘Longming! He even spat out a large pool of blood, clearly seriously injured.

“How is it?” Liao Zongming quickly helped him up and fed him a pill. Then, he turned around and said, ” Alright, stop fighting. Here’s your Dragon Qi. Let’s go out. ‘

“Do you think that’s possible?” Tian Long Crown Prince asked coldly. However, he still turned to look at Eldest Princess Taixu behind him. It was obvious that he wanted to see what she wanted.

Eldest Princess Taixu replied calmly, ” I don’t care about your grudges. I only care about collecting the dragon energy. ” In other words, if the crown prince wanted to kill Liao Zongming, it was none of her business and she would not stop him.

Liao Zongming quickly said, ” Hey! This Eldest Princess Taixu, don’t forget that your little brother is still pursuing my Youngest Biao Sister. Our families are in-laws. Is this how you treat your in-laws?”

“Unfortunately, it’s not the case at the moment.” Eldest Princess Taixu said. At the same time, she gave an order to Dragon Qi behind her, ” Go up and devour their Dragon Qi.


A huge amount of dragon energy immediately rushed out and devoured the dragon energy of Liao Zongming and the other two! He actually wanted to swallow the two streams of dragon energy in one go.

But at this moment! At this moment”Tianyu! Open-”

Liao Zongming took out a piece of super divine rune paper and placed it in front of him and the snow maiden, covering the entire area. He then helped the snow maiden up and ran.

After all, the super shen glyph talisman paper he shot out had a very strong defense! However, he knew that with Eldest Princess Taixu’s strength, it would not be difficult for her to crack the shen glyph talisman paper.


The Grand Princess Taixu’s Dragon Qi, on the other hand, struck the defensive divine patterns as expected. It sent out waves of energy that shook the Heavenly Dragon Crown Prince to the point where he spat out blood again.

“Bastard! ”

Grand Princess Taixu stared at the defensive divine pattern in front of her, and her face turned green! After all, this was the first time she had been played by an ant-like existence.

The main reason was that she didn’t know Liao Zongmings status in the Kunlun Sea. He had many treasures on him, but he didn’t have the strength to activate them.

Such a scene made Granny Liao, Wang Chenxiao, and the others who were watching from the outside breathe a sigh of relief, but they were worried. After all…

” Once this shen glyph is broken, the one chasing Zong Ming will be Eldest Princess Taixu. And this Eldest Princess Taixu!s strength is far above that of the Tian Long Crown Prince. ” Wang Chenxiao analyzed unoptimistically.

” At least he managed to escape this time, and the little princess is already on her way to help. ” Gong Mingche was more optimistic this time.

” This is the only good news. I hope we can make it in time. ” Wang Chen smiled as he looked at the few people left in the hall, especially at Ye Qianli, who was rushing toward the battle circle.

Because of Liao Zongmings Nine Heaven Obsidian Flame aura, Ye Qianli knew that he was fighting with someone, so she quickly rushed to the scene.

Fortunately, Liao Zongming and the snow maidens were heading in the same direction as Ye Qianli! It was just that it was quite far away. At this moment, it was still four districts away.


“Boom!” Following the Grand Princess Taixu’s divine spear, it pierced through the super divine pattern blocking the way! Liao Zongmings expression changed when he sensed it.

“Damn it! How can this Grand Princess of the Great Void be so strong?” Liao Zongming wanted to cry, but no tears came out. The problem was that both he and the snow maidens were injured, so they couldn’t run fast.

For a moment…

It’s over. This Grand Princess Taixu is even more powerful than the legends say! ” Wang Chenxiao felt that Ye Qianli might not be able to catch up because the distance was too far.

Moreover …

“Wait! That devil cultivator, why is he there!” However, Pei Qings sharp eyes caught sight of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator who had just walked out from the depths.

More importantly, he was in the next area that Ye Qianli was about to go to. In other words, the two of them would encounter each other. But when did this Devil Cultivator come here?

“He was in this area before, but the wall in this area is the most winding. If you don’t look carefully, you won’t know which area he is in.” Gong Mingche said from the side.

Wang Chenxiao’s expression turned ugly. ” This is a torture. With the little princess’s current cultivation, she’s definitely not a match for this Yin Demon Cultivator. Moreover, she’s pregnant. However, Zong Ming needs help, so she must break through. ‘

” Not necessarily. If she finds out about the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivation, with her Ziwei Star Talent, she can escape without a problem. ” Pei Qing said disapprovingly.

” No, she’ll definitely make it through because that’s Zong Ming. ” Wang Chenxiao said with certainty, but this certainty made him even more anxious, because the Grand Moon Demon Cultivation was very strong.

The truth was just as Wang Chenxiao had expected. After Ye Qianli noticed the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator, she did not stop. Then, she encountered the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator.

At the same time! The Grand Princess of the Great Void had caught up to Liao Zongming and the snow maidens once again..