Heretic Doctor Useless Consort-Chapter 535 - : It’s Easy to Turn the Tide!

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Chapter 535: It’s Easy to Turn the Tide!

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“Water Empress, it seems like your daughter’s good luck has come to an end.The people of Kunlun Mirror will also stop here.” Emperor Dragon Tian’s expression did not improve even though he was mocking them. After all, this was not in line with his plan.

“Not necessarily. If she can’t win, she can still escape. That’s not embarrassing.” However, Emperor Taixu did not think that this little princess of Kun Lun would be eliminated here.

“It depends on her choice. Then there’s the golden dragon behind her. I keep feeling that it hasn’t displayed its true strength yet.” Emperor Yan Huo was also paying attention to Ye Qianli and the devil cultivator.

In fact, very few people were paying attention to other things. Everyone was staring at these two, especially at Ye Qianli’s fattest one! The biggest golden dragon was as big as Ye Qianli. It looked like a real five-clawed golden dragon.

Given its previous performance, no one knew what kind of power it would unleash! After all, it was formed by two Golden Fighting Souls. Its strength was something to look forward to.

However, no matter how the monarchs discussed it, no matter how tense the situation was, the Great Empress remained silent. This made Monarch Taixu feel a little strange as he called out, ” Great Empress?

“Empress,” Monarch Taixu called out a few times but did not receive any response from the Water Empress. This made him prepared to check on the

Water Empress’s condition. However, just as he extended his divine sense, the Water Empress stared at him coldly!

“Cough, I called you a few times but you didn’t respond, so…” Emperor Taixu explained.

“Thank you for your concern, Emperor Taixu. I was just thinking.” The empress replied indifferently. Just as she turned her gaze back to the arena, she heard Western Demon muttering, ” What happened to you just now? Your nephew almost died, but you didn’t even react.”

“It has nothing to do with you.” The empress responded indifferently and then said with slight astonishment, ” Why did Little Li-er encounter a fiendish cultivator? She should…

Before she could finish her sentence, the empress understood what was going on. After all, she had also seen Liao Zongming’s situation. This made her frown slightly. She seemed to have been absent-minded for a while, and the situation had changed so much?

“Do you need me to tell you the cause and effect?” Western Demon kindly suggested.

“No need.” The empress vetoed the idea, causing Western Demon, who was about to explain, to choke. He could only watch the scene quietly.

However, Western Demon could not help but ask, ” What were you doing just now? From the moment your daughter flirted with that Prince Taixu, you seemed to have lost your soul. Don’t tell me you’ve also taken a fancy to that

Prince Taixu?”

The empress was speechless.l

“It seems that I was right. It’s not like mother and daughter have never liked the same man. It’s not a big deal. You don’t have to be too sad. You …” Western Demon continued chattering.

“You must have poison to mute the soul.” the empress said calmly.

Western Demon was speechless.

“I’ll prepare a pack in case of emergency.” After the empress finished speaking, she looked at the arena quietly. The Western Demon didn’t dare to make a sound.

After all, there was such a medicine! Moreover, he had developed it himself. This smart woman had previously plundered all of his treasures. ” If she went back to look for it, she would definitely be able to find it.

” .. “The Western Demon felt that the Demon Life was bleak. If he wanted to turn over a new leaf, he didn’t know if it was still too late…

However, regardless of whether he was in time or not, when Xi MO saw what had happened to the devil cultivator in the arena, he was even more determined to turn over a new leaf! Because the moment the Grand Yin Devil cultivator met Ye Qianli, it immediately turned into him being in bad shape!

After all…


The year beasts that came out of the ancient battlefield were already ferocious! He stared at the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator arrogantly, as if he was going to eat him up in one bite.

“F * ck! What was going on? This … This, this is a f * cking Nian? An extinct Nian beast?”

“My mother! The little princess of Kun Lun, she, she actually carried a Nian with her, how could she fight? She was invincible! More importantly, how can this Nian be summoned?”

“This is cheating! Oh my god…”

The surrounding crowd was stunned. They felt that this was too f * cking ridiculous! She was simply invincible. The first place in this competition would definitely be the princess of Kun Lun!

However …

“No! This year beast doesn’t seem real.” Emperor Yan Fire analyzed as if he had a pair of fiery eyes, because he felt that the aura of this year beast wasn’t right.

Regardless of whether it was right or wrong, Ye Qianli summoned her Nian beast and stared coldly at the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator. ” Make way, or you’ll be eliminated now. ‘

” This isn’t the year beast itself, do you think it can stop me? ” The Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator said in a hoarse voice. It was obvious that he was deliberately changing his voice.

“You can try, but you should be glad that I’m in a hurry to save him. If not for this situation, you’ll be eliminated in half an hour.” Ye Qianli raised her eyebrows slightly, and the noble aura that she had been born with pressed down on her opponent.

“Imperial pressure! She has Imperial Pressure.” Emperor Taixu’s eyes turned cold as he spoke. All the Great Emperors present were stunned, but they soon noticed the faint golden aura emanating from Ye Qianli’s body! That was really the pressure of an emperor.

“It should be the power that the Golden Dragon gave her.” The empress said calmly, but her heart was once again in turmoil! She didn’t expect her Little Qianli to have developed an emperor pressure so quickly.

Even though this was actually a skill that came with the talent of a Renhuang, normally speaking, if one did not fuse the talent of a Renhuang with the perfection and obtain the full recognition of a Renhuang, this kind of emperor pressure would not be formed.

Even if it was her…

Not long after.


“l see. The golden dragon behind her is indeed extraordinary! 1 feel that it is not as simple as a Golden Fighting Soul. Look at its eyes, they are clearly filled with an unexcelled domineering aura.” Emperor Yan Huo heaved a sigh of relief.

Although the little girl inside was still young and her cultivation was still very low, it was precisely because she was still young! After all, if she possessed the Imperial Pressure now, how far would she grow in the future?

The monarchs were shocked just thinking about it! Emperor Dragon Tian was especially shocked! This made him even more eager to devour this little girl, not just for the dragon soul! It was also to prepare for a rainy day.

However …

“Your golden dragon is very strong. If I devour it, I’ll be much better off in the next round.” The Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator stared greedily at the fat golden dragon.

” Roar! ” When the fat golden dragon heard that someone wanted to devour it, it immediately widened its eyes in anger! The dragon’s beard was in the air, and it looked like it was about to fight.

“Alright, since you want to fight, then let’s fight! At most, my people will be eliminated, but it’s worth it to have you by my side.” Ye Qianli’s eyes glowed with a faint golden light.

Roar! ” The fat golden dragon immediately became excited as if it had been injected with chicken blood! The dragon scales on his body were already standing up, and his eyes that were staring at the other party’s scarlet golden dragon aura were like staring at a meat bun, emitting green light.

His gaze made the Scarlet Golden Dragon Soul of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator tremble and hide behind the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator.

For a moment…

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