Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality-Chapter 792 - : My xiaxia is a real fairy, right?

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Chapter 792: My xiaxia is a real fairy, right?

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Zhou xiran was also surprised to see Mumu’s private message.

The other party asked her if she was an adult. The other party suggested that she take back such a large gift and directly transferred the money to her.

He would return it to her, along with the gifts from the previous live broadcast.

Zhou xiran froze for a moment, wondering if she had been exposed.

[ I’m an adult now. I can make my own decisions on this money. [ I just want xiaxia to become better and encourage her in the way I can. ]

Zhou xiran’s mind was spinning quickly.

Soon, Mumu replied- [honey, 1 hope you won’t tip me a large amount of

money or expensive gifts in the future. Xiaxia has enough funds for her activities at the moment, so you can keep it for yourself

Zhou xiran took a look and understood.

Was Xia Bo Li afraid that she would be exposed for accepting too much money from her fans?

An artiste could earn more than a million Yuan just by taking on an endorsement, so they definitely wouldn’t be short of money. If they accepted a hundred thousand Yuan red packet from their fans, would they be suspected of exploiting their fans? “This is a good opportunity!’

Zhou xiran’s eyes lit up.

She could lead the people in the fan group to think that Xia Bohe was taking money.

Even if she couldn’t succeed, she could still sell news to entertainment reporters in the future and expose the fact that she was exploiting her fans?

[ sister Mumu, you don’t have to return it to me. Xiaxia is my love. ] Zhou xiran narrowed her eyes and smiled.

Even if it was fan resources, if this kind of thing was exposed, the artiste would not be able to get away with it.

But soon, she could no longer smile!

[ Mumu: okay, thank you for your support for xiaxia on behalf of the fan club. ] [ at the beginning of next year, xiaxia will join the charity Association and donate your money to children in the poor mountainous areas of Jiangshi in the name of the fan support Association. ]

Zhou xiran: “???”

[ Mumu: are you willing? ] Zhou xiran was dumbfounded.

Wait a moment?

Donate it to children in poor mountainous areas?

Then she couldn’t use the money as an excuse to go to Black Summer mint!

After all, she was donating in the name of summer Mint’s fan club. At the end of the day, the public would still remember summer Mint’s kindness!

The fan club was one with her.

But this … What right did he have to use Zhou xiran’s pocket money to do such a wonderful thing for Xia Bohe?

She didn’t want to!

[Mumu: dear, are you still there?]

Zhou xiran’s face stiffened.

Calm down!

She had never thought of taking back the money.

If she gave it to Xia Bo, she wouldn’t be able to control how Xia Bo used it.

However, just thinking about it made her feel bad. She had spent money to buy a bad feeling.

[then, can I sing rap at xiaxia’s fan meeting to fulfill my wish?]

Zhou xiran gritted her teeth.

If losing all of this could be exchanged for the success of the mission, that would be fine too!

[ Mumu: okay, rap is no problem. Xiaxia’s studio had agreed. [ but let me make this clear first. Even if you don’t sponsor her with the money, xiaxia will still agree to sing rap. ] As if?

Zhou xiran sneered.

If she didn’t pay, would Xia Bo he pay attention to the request of a small fan?

Would she believe that? She wasn’t an elementary school student!

[ okay, then this will be a donation. Thank you, Mumu. ]

Zhou xiran took a deep breath.

It’s okay, it’s just pocket money.

At most, she could ask her third brother for more money.

Soon, Mumu sent a thank you emoji and left their private chat window.

Instead, he posted this message in his fan group.

[ Mumu (administrator): I’ve spoken to xiaxia’s studio and I’d like to thank all her fans for their gifts. However, from today on, xiaxia will not accept expensive gifts. Thank you. ]

[ all the gifts from the fans will be donated to the poor mountainous areas in the name of the summer peppermint fan club. ]

[ thank you #rich sister #for your financial assistance to the poor mountainous areas. ]

The moment this news was released.

The fans were in an uproar. [ my xiaxia is a real fairy, isn’t she? ]

Zhou xiran was speechless!