Hitting Up The Big Leagues with a Green Tea Personality-Chapter 793 - : Going to the fan meet-and-greet (1)

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Chapter 793: Going to the fan meet-and-greet (1)

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Even if Zhou xiran was willing, she didn’t expect the excitement to come so quickly.

[ I’ve never seen such a kind sister! ]

[ sister, you’re really awesome! ]

[ my daughter is of noble character. She didn’t let me down. ]

[ is the donation channel open to the fan support club? [ I also want to donate some pocket money. ]

[ count me in for doing a good deed. I’m about to get my red packet money. ] [

I’ll just take out a little. ]

[ donate money for a cup of milk tea! ]

Everyone was praising summer catmint.

Zhou xiran almost vomited blood.

Forget it, at least I can earn back some money from rap.

She thought this way, but she didn’t expect that the real face-smacking was yet to come!

On the day of the fan meeting, Zhou xiran specially dressed up, wore a mask and sunglasses, and went to the venue in a low-key manner.

Fortunately, the summer Bohe fan club had already sent out a thick red down jacket, heart-shaped sunglasses, a cap, and a scarf.

In this winter, not only did they keep themselves warm, but they also concealed their appearances.

It was exactly the situation that Zhou xiran did not want to expose her identity as the young lady of the Zhou family.

Of course, she wouldn’t dress like this when she went out.

She put the things in the car and prepared to change them in the public toilet outside.

However, before she could go to the parking lot, she ran into Zhou Weize as soon as she went downstairs with her things.

He glanced at her shopping bags. you’re going to help?

Zhou xiran was speechless.

How did he know?

Zhou Weize didn’t say anything but frowned slightly. go on, come back soon.

“I didn’t Zhou xiran wanted to deny it.

Zhou Weize raised his eyebrows. lying is not what a lady should do.

Zhou xeran froze.

Zhou Weize glanced at the shopping bag, ” there’s the word ‘Xia’ on the clothes. Is it supporting summer mint or summer tree? ‘

“Xia Shu’s support color is white. That’s Shiba?”

Zhou xiran took a deep breath.

Her third brother was definitely not just a good-looking vase who only knew how to act.

If he were to do business, he would also have the intelligence to sweep away thousands of troops.

“Love born from hatred?” Zhou Weize thought for a while and came to this conclusion.

Last time, Zhou xiran had even stuffed a note into Xia Bohe’s mouth in an attempt to discredit her relationship with zhongqiu for an unknown reason.

However, summer mint and zhongqiu’s relationship as aunt and nephew broke the crisis.

In times of danger, one would always show their charm.

Xia Bo Li had a good character, her acting skills were not inferior to GE min’s, and her skills were above that of ordinary artists.

He was indeed a very good idol candidate.

“Come back early.” Zhou Weize understood and didn’t want to provoke his sister.

After all, it took a lot of courage for her to fall in love with someone she hated before.

And it was better than being with those ‘socialites’ who were not elegant.

Zhou xeran had no words to say, so he could only brace himself and walk out of the house.

“My brother actually knows that summer Mint’s support color is red.”

Zhou xeran was speechless.

“Could it be that someone on the same stage noticed it?”

She had a bad feeling about this.

Her third brother wouldn’t have a good impression of Xia Bo, would he?

She could never accept Xia Bo as her sister-in-law!

Zhou xiran thought about this question all the way as she entered the rongde club where the fan meet was held with a heavy heart.

Glory club was one of the high-class private clubs in Rivertown.

Zhou xiran had been here many times, often having afternoon tea or attending banquets with the elders.

But today, it was summer mint who was the host and welcoming the fans.

Zhou xiran’s already bad mood was immediately made worse.

An even worse premonition swept over him.

How long had it been since suzerain started acting? how many commercial endorsements did she have? how could she book this high-class club that was usually booked three months in advance?

Even if they had money, they still had to line up!

It was clear that a meet-and- greet with Suzanna’s fans had just been initiated in the group A few days ago!

Zhou xiran couldn’t help but have an unprecedented thought in her mind.

[ is Shiba a hidden rich girl? ]

Also, after she walked into the club, she received a fan meeting gift that had a faint fragrance, high-class and elegant.

In addition, the heart- stirring Rap sound was already coming towards her!