I Became a 6★ Gacha Character-Chapter 300: Saint Candidate Irene 5★

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Chapter 300: Saint Candidate Irene 5★


It had become quite normal to come down without achieving anything.

Before the marshes were eroded by the undead's poison, when clean water used to flow through them.

Trudging through only to find nothing was an all-too-familiar conclusion.

Before Han Se-ah logged into this world and opened the gate, there had been a reason why the kingdom's superhumans had struggled below the 40th floor for decades.

Let's skip over the long tales of woe.

Anyway, being an adventurer is a job where the higher your rank, the more likely you are to come up empty-handed.

Whether searching for herbs or hunting giants in uncharted territories has a higher chance of success, anyone could guess.

"Ah— that's refreshing!"

"Definitely, having a base inside the tower makes things convenient."

However, what I'm used to and what Grace and Katie are used to are different stories.

After walking around for a long time, the only thing we had gained was a few mana stones.

"Maybe it's because the merchants have come in? The food seems tastier."

"Could be? There are merchants who come to trade with the stone dwarves, and those who want to sell goods to them."

Despite my concerns, the party members were in a bright mood.

We returned to the city of the stone dwarves and watched the bustling people while gulping down cold beer.

It seems rare to find someone who dislikes the combination of greasy meat and cool alcohol, and both Grace and Katie gulp it down.

I too opened my throat and poured down the beer, which felt so cold in my belly that I wondered if I should even be enjoying this in the tower.

After the exploration ended and we had settled the mana stones, we usually had a drink.

Carried away by the pleasant intoxication, sometimes we ended up going to our rooms to sleep, or sneaking into my bedroom to spend the night together.

However, today was a bit different.

‘...Their eyes seem somewhat impure?’

Grace and Katie would normally casually approach me, but this time, they were sticking closely to Irene on either side, right in front of Han Se-ah, who was leisurely sipping her drink after ending the stream.

Wondering what the situation was, I picked at the meat and casually paid attention as Han Se-ah ordered more drinks.

"Ah, Roland. You felt frustrated because your progression had stalled, right?"

"Hm... Yes?"

She slid her butt on the chair, came closer, and casually lifted her drink.

I lifted my half-empty beer glass to toast, and she started chattering, resting her arms on the table.

She was good at making conversation, so we almost naturally started talking, but... looking closely, her slightly tilted body seemed to be trying to cover Irene.

By this point, I realized that Han Se-ah wasn't acting alone, Grace and Katie were in on it too.

They were deliberately trying to pair me and Irene up for fun, or maybe they had some other ulterior motive.

Regardless, it didn't seem to be harmful to me, so I watched their cute scheming with half anticipation.

After all, the target was Irene.

Always a motherly smile, the embodiment of maternal love, but occasionally the beautiful woman revealed her voluptuous femininity under her thick robe.

There's hardly anyone who would dislike a woman who is beautiful, kind-hearted, and has a sexy figure.


"That, uh, yes-!"

"You're alright, right?"

I hadn't expected them to escalate things this quickly.

This is the first time I've felt guilty in front of a half-naked beauty.

From a married woman cheating after a deal with her husband to a silly young lady in high society wanting to elevate her social standing by discarding her virginity.

I've been so indulged in womanizing that it'd be called messy.

And now, with Irene in front of me, wearing a translucent negligee, I suddenly pondered.

Have I, as Roland, lived my life too recklessly?

"Though I am lacking... what comes next, uh…."

As I've mentioned before, the Goddess Faith, which worships the Goddess of Life, doesn't particularly address s*xual matters in its doctrines.

Marriage is a vow made before the Goddess, so adultery is seen as lying to the Goddess, but like the nobles, consensually engaging in affairs is tacitly condoned by the temple.

But just because drinking a lot isn't illegal, it's natural for people to worry and frown upon someone who drinks several bottles every day.

So, while the temple doesn't regard my womanizing as a violation of its doctrines... it's true they look at me worriedly, as if wondering what would happen if the owner of the holy sword, who travels with the hero, failed to manage himself.

The result is the breathtaking view before me.

Irene, who normally doesn't show even her skin, let alone the contours of her body, due to her thick nun’s robes, was now wearing a very thin negligee.

It wasn't meant as comfortable sleepwear but rather designed to entice a man; the silk so white it was nearly transparent, revealing her pale skin beneath.

A light, semi-transparent negligee draped over pure white undergarments. Despite a bit of frill, it looked nearly naked compared to her usual attire.

Above this, her splendid golden hair, usually hidden under a hood, cascaded down like a waterfall, gently covering her white skin.

The fact that she was exposing herself so daringly in a man's bedroom seemed to embarrass her; her cheeks, ears, and nape flushed red as she muttered something in a voice quieter than a whisper.


"That, Irene...?"


Her voice was so faint it was hard to capture even with my superhuman physique. Still, I could just make out her saying something old-fashioned about manners, about adhering strictly to ancient etiquette.

Her body was perfectly mature, with everything in its proper place, yet perhaps due to nervousness, her fingers twitched incessantly, and her thighs quivered gently.

With the tension making her neck stiff, she took long breaths while fidgeting on the bed.

I slumped down next to her; Han Se-ah had been stalling for time, so she must have been waiting.

There were naturally spectators.

It seemed pointless to speak, so I slowly reached out my hand.


"Pretty clothes. Did you pick them out carefully?"

Even though I'm a scoundrel who would dare touch a future saint, I couldn't just brazenly grab her chest in this atmosphere.

I gently placed my hand on her shoulder and softly stroked her shoulder and neck, pulling her towards me; she leaned into me with a faint murmur.

No matter how long the drinking session was, there wouldn’t have been enough time to buy such a perfectly fitting luxury negligee...

Perhaps this was something Irene herself had prepared.

"A, a person of faith..."


"I, I think a person with faith shouldn't just talk, but, whew, sho, show it through actions...!"

Her words were bold, but the voice she breathed into my shoulder might not have even reached past it.

She didn't even look up, just fidgeted with her fingers.

I enjoyed Irene's adorable antics and continued to gently stroke her shoulder and neck until her rigid body relaxed.

Certainly, this could be called a sudden surge fueled by alcohol.

The sense of duty and courage mixed with alcohol as she was quietly egged on by others.

Normally, just walking beside her would make her blush, and here she was, in the bedroom in sexy sleepwear.

Continuously caressing the soft form embraced in my arms, I noticed that the effects of the alcohol, which hadn't been very strong, were starting to wear off.

She began to fidget more frequently.

If we had been completely drunk and gone all the way, it might have been different, but to come back to one's senses while still in my arms...

The way her body stiffened again, amusingly, doesn't change the softness in my embrace.

"Uh, Roland? If you keep massaging just my shoulders, um..."

"I like it, though."

Whether she had splurged on it or it was sent by the temple, the negligee flowed smoothly like water.

As I moved my hand over the garment, more luxurious than what most nobles would own, her skin gradually began to redden.

It was so thin and soft that even touching it felt like skin on skin contact, which made it pleasurable to caress even without undressing her.

I gently kneaded the delicate shoulders that were nestled into my embrace.

Then, my fingertips caressed her collarbone, so smooth it was hard to tell if it was silk or skin, as I entwined her disheveled golden hair.

Shoulders, collarbone, nape, earlobes, and hair—all seemingly insignificant but made her body feel erotic.

"Mmm, Roland."

As the influence of the alcohol faded, perhaps she realized that my leisurely movements were a kind of consideration; she turned her head to look up at me softly.

Her slender neck moved as she was nestled in my embrace, bringing our noses close enough to touch.

It hadn't been long since we had drinks, but the breath she exhaled smelled more fragrant than alcoholic. Did she check her outfit, wash up lightly, and even prepare perfume?

As I slowly moved toward her sparkling gold eyes, which shone like jewels crafted from molten gold, her eyes naturally closed.

I thought her long eyelashes looked like gold artifacts as I stole a kiss from her lips, which were tense with nervousness.


"There's no need to hold your breath like that."

"Is, is that so?"

She inhaled deeply like someone about to dive.

It was cute so I planted several light kisses.

At the same time, I slowly began to undo the belt of her negligee and gently lowered the loose shoulder part.

She opened her eyes again, perhaps puzzled that her first kiss felt no different from the pecks given to orphans at the temple.

Continuing to distract and ease her tension, I exaggerated the sound of pecks, kissing her lips, cheeks, nose bridge, and forehead—like a bird pecking at seeds, our lips lightly colliding.

As tender kisses were repeated while she was embraced, her tension seemed to dissolve, and the corners of her mouth melted into a tender smile.

"Hmm, a man's lips are thicker and bigger than I thought. And so are the hands...?"

"Is that so? The difference is quite significant."

Then, as if fascinated, Irene placed her hand over mine but stiffened again.

She seemed to have just realized her negligee had been stripped down like a belt.

But now that we had come this far, I had no intention of letting go; I lifted her interlocked hands like a safety belt and gently embraced her waist.

Not being from a combat role but having helped with menial tasks at the temple, her belly was soft yet firm without excess fat.

As if soothing a child with a stomach ache, I gently caressed her belly with my palm, and she burst into a little giggle.

"When I was young, I used to feign illness."

"Irene, you did?"

"Yes. I was so happy when the nun would take care of just me. Whenever I said my stomach hurt, she would always pat it and soothe it like this."

As she reminisced with a faint smile, she fondled my hand.

Responding to her story, I stealthily moved my hand.

Recalling the saying that a man likes to touch the stomach because it is a strategic point from which one can branch out both upwards and downwards, I slyly moved upward.

Beneath the semi-transparent negligee, I stealthily touched the pure white underwear.

Irene twitched noticeably within my arms, yet she did not seem to feel any discomfort.

The ones more likely to make a fuss are the two outside listening at the door, and Han Se-ah, who pretended to listen while actually operating the camera.

Unlike the two who drunkenly pounced, a leisurely and romantic foreplay was underway.

Regardless, I deftly unhooked her pristine white bra, revealing her soft breasts to the world.

They jiggled, asserting their presence with a weight that would not be overshadowed by Grace's.

Like the finest flour dough, her pale flesh ended in a shyly hidden pink... truly well concealed.

After several kisses that set the mood and heightened the excitement, I gently teased her still partially hidden nipples with my fingers.

Irene exhaled sharply, her large breasts being fondled—enjoying the breasts of a future saint, could there be a greater indulgence for a man?

"Ah- Ro, Roland? Don't act like a child―♥"

"That's harsh, calling me a child."

"Don't, uh, only focus on the breasts like the children at the temple—♥♥♥"

Perhaps due to her limited s*xual knowledge, she treated my fixation on her inverted nipples as if it were mere child's play.

Her ignorance seemed fitting for a 'pure saint', which was almost painfully arousing.

She was so enchanting that I wanted to hold her forever, but if I just let time pass, my own desires would end up pathetically unfulfilled.

With that thought, I laid Irene down on the bed.


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