I Became a 6★ Gacha Character-Chapter 301: Saint Candidate Irene 5★ (Part 2)

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Chapter 301: Saint Candidate Irene 5★ (Part 2)


Irene lay on the bed without any resistance, like a doll.

Her brilliant blonde hair cascaded across the bed like a golden waterfall, making the simple inn's bed feel like a luxury beyond even a noble's dreams.

Embarrassed to be lying sprawled on the bed with her chest completely exposed, she timidly covered her breasts with her hand.

Yet, the image of her cute, half-erect inverted nipples had long been etched in my retina.

Ignoring the negligee that had slipped to her waist like a skirt, I overlaid my body on hers.

"Your body, it's quite thick..."

Naturally, I had lunged to cover the breasts that were shyly hidden.

My adorable palms barely covered the ample flesh; as I gently overlaid my hands, Irene murmured in wonder.

There’s a difference in height, sure, but comparing shoulder width to muscle thickness is simply out of the question.

The only superiority she might hold over me is in the girth of her chest.

Thinking this, I buried my nose in the benevolent saint's bosom.

As my nose plunged into the heart-pounding chest, I understood why they say it gets stuck there.

My cheeks were slightly sweating, pressed against the sticky bosoms, complemented by a gentle hand stroking the back of my head.

…I might become addicted.

That light peck earlier, and now the hands that had tried to tease out the inverted nipples and were currently buried in her cleavage.

Irene stroked my head with relaxed hands, as if this were merely child's play, easing her tension.

Hmm… Attracted to her bust and her inverted nipples, did she think all this was to ease the tension?

Of course, I can't have her thinking this.

With that thought, I casually removed her hand, then firmly locked our fingers together so she couldn't move.

She smiled sheepishly again, unaware of what was to come.

Being sexually naïve, she had no idea of the situation, merely smiling benevolently as she indulged my whims...

Objectively, it would be hard to find a more lascivious scene.

The three people sneakily peeking from outside the door would be shocked.

"Irene, I’m going."

"Going? Suddenly where, uh—????"

Her ample chest was now fully exposed, having even lost its bra.

The shyly hidden inverted nipples, stimulated by fingers and teeth, were now fully erect.

In such a state, while a man burrowed between her thighs and she cutely stroked him, her hands were interlocked and subdued...

It was truly a defenseless posture, her arms and legs wide open.

If I were to step aside, everything from her bosom to her secretly moistened panties might be completely exposed by the camera behind.

"Is, is this what a man's—?"

"Yes, it's because Irene is too sexy that it became like this."

Her knowledge may be lacking, but her body was honest; her panties had soaked through, not white like her bra, but transparent like her negligee.

As I firmly pressed against her through the thin fabric, I could feel it slickly soaking in.

Both sides, hers and mine, were clearly heated up, as if crying out to be undressed.

Releasing the interlocked hands and peeling off the now functionless undergarments, Irene's hands, seemingly regretful of letting go, gently grasped the blanket.

I casually tossed the sticky underwear aside and placed my hand over her slender hip line.

Her eyes and eyelashes were golden, and beautiful, I thought; and naturally, the area below was not just lascivious but beautifully so.

The golden pubic hair, soaked from the flowing love juices, felt to me more beautiful than any natural landscape.

‘Honestly, it’s hard to be considerate anymore.’

Because she’s a saint candidate, because of her mammary glands, pretending to be benevolent but hiding those damning breasts.

With a head heated as if by fever, I gently pushed my waist forward.


“I haven’t even put it in yet?”

“But, but it touched me… This is what men like, the nuns said♥”

“You don’t need to be so considerate. The sounds will come out naturally.”


The p*nis of a libertine who has devoured not just dozens, but hundreds of women, tentatively stepped into the saint's welcoming lower parts.

Then her v*gina, while tightly gripping the glans, does not push it out but instead wriggles and moves as if to offer a warm welcome.

Perhaps due to the relaxed foreplay, it welcomed my p*nis without much resistance.

It's not a demeaning observation, like being loose or easy.

Rather, it's the v*gina of a benevolent saint patiently enduring the p*nis of a man she's meeting for the first time.

The glans slowly entered, considerately enveloped yet snugly embraced.

“Uh, ugh♥ The nuns said, up to here—♥♥♥”

"Did the nuns teach you about s*x?"

"Dress up pretty, and follow obediently then you'll be taken good care of-♥♥♥”

Slowly, but without stopping, I push my waist up, and her golden eyes well up with tears, surprised by the stimulation.

It felt more like a shock to her body from the internal pressure she was feeling for the first time, rather than tears from the pain of penetration.

Tears flowed drop by drop like pearls being formed, yet Irene’s voice was filled more with ecstasy than pain.

Is it because of divine energy?

She doesn’t seem to be in pain at all?

I know that depending on the body, some women bleed profusely and suffer, while others feel only a slight wound.

I’m not some virgin who doesn’t know women, nor am I a unicorn who insists virgins must bleed and weep during their first time.

But could a body really be this receptive?

Honestly, I've bedded adventurers and nobles before, never irreverently a nun, so maybe it's the effect of divine energy.

Regardless, it doesn't change the fact that Irene's body is more lascivious than expected.

“So that’s why you dressed up so beautifully. You look really pretty.”

"It's the first time I've worn such luxurious clothes—♥”


So lascivious that even piercing through the hymen with the tip of my p*nis causes no apparent pain.

At this point, it seems less like a lewd body and more like divine energy at work.

Just in case the pain of penetration hits her later, I gently leaned down and kissed the tear-soaked rims of her eyes.

“Huh, like a puppy, Rol-and... uh♥”

After licking the teardrop that rolled down long with his tongue, I kissed her sparkling, wet eyelashes under the light.

Licking her face tickled her, making it hard to endure as a clear laugh burst out.

It's unbelievable that she can smile so broadly when a weapon-like p*nis has penetrated and advanced to the entrance of her womb, rampaging inside like a robber invading a private room.

Did I move too slowly in consideration, or is it because she's naturally a 5★, and her stamina stats support her?

Not feeling pain is a relief, but as a male, it oddly wounded my pride.

I recalled a past event.

When Grace first obtained her sense passive, her body became extremely sensitive, almost as if she had taken a drug, didn't it?

And Irene’s protection passive, maybe even applies to s*x.

Her passive makes minor damage as if it never happened.

"...As if it never happened?"

"Um, Roland? Is it, is it right to rub there, ah—♥"

Suddenly reminded of past lascivious writings, I pulled my p*nis out faster than I had inserted it, without any back-and-forth motion.

My formidable p*nis, protested as though asking why it was being made to taste the air.

When I laid it on the golden bush and moved it gently, the sensation of the compressed clit made Irene produce a choked sound.

Next time, shall I also caress the nipples along with the clit that our saint has so carefully hidden?

Such blasphemous thoughts warmed me up before I gently press my p*nis back into her welcoming v*gina once more.

Her v*gina clenched tightly as if to deny any intruders, yet her body welcomed my p*nis without any resistance, as if saying it was indeed welcome.

"But Irene, doesn't it hurt?"

"I had heard it would hurt, but no, not at all—♥ Maybe because it's you, Roland, could it be—♥"

Again, without any resistance, the meaty bludgeon advanced to the entrance of the womb, pounding once more like a scoundrel in the sacred space of the saint candidate, yet she seemed to feel no particular pain.

But it wasn't without resistance.

For a brief moment, as if the hymen had regenerated, there certainly was a sensation of the glans gently piercing through something.

A saint whose hymen regenerates and has inverted nipples.

At this point, maybe the sordidness of Heroines Chronicle is committing a sin against Irene.

I'd like to bury my nose in those lascivious breasts and wonder why the hose for the dispenser intended for babies is hidden, needing to be chewed out, but that requires more time.

So, what she needed to learn today was the sensation of her precious womb being prodded by a thick meat stick.

To focus entirely on that pleasure, I once again interlocked with her fingers and slowly swayed my hips.

Squelch—Squish squish

"Uh—Roland♥ Isn't it hot...?"

"Sweat is fine."

"But still—sorry...♥ Huh?"

The room filled with breaths heavy with heat.

The sound of a pounding, and of course, the sound of frothy love juices being stirred by the meaty stick crudely hitting the ears, while each time the sagging ballsack knocked against her full buttocks, Irene's golden eyes flickered this way and that.

"This is, it's embarrassing...!"

"It's okay, you're beautiful."

"But still, the sounds, ah—♥"

She let out a vulnerable moan and, while squeezing her v*gina as if urging to consecrate the seed in her womb, she still seemed embarrassed by the lewd sounds, closing her eyes tightly.

She wasn't embarrassed when I was chewing her inverted nipples, but she seemed shy about this.

Trying to implant pleasure only seemed to increase the embarrassment with the lewd sounds.

Maybe I should move a bit faster, I'm feeling a little impatient.

I'm not some monster who kills women with his p*nis, and considering her passive that blocks both goblin stones and orc arrows, moving a bit more aggressively shouldn't cause her pain.

Born a 5★, she has both the base physical stats and a cheat-level passive combined.

"Then, I'll make you too busy to care about the sounds."

"That would be mu—uh—♥"

Grabbing her slender hips felt as comfortable as an ergonomic handle.

Her body, not just accepting my p*nis but all of me, seemed devoted like the saint candidate she was, lewdly welcoming everything.

I accepted that silent consideration and rapidly thrust my hips.

From the entrance of her womb, where my p*nis had been hesitating, it suddenly plunged forward as if possessed by an ardent zealot towards the saint's womb—!

"Ugh—my stomach, inside, it's echoing—♥♥♥"

"Does it hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt, but, my stomach, it echoes…!!!"

The saint's v*gina, determined to receive my seed, clung tightly, refusing to let go of my p*nis, and the flesh around it tightened just as aggressively, inciting a lewd battle of squelching and squirming.

But in such a situation, the saint always wins.

Would any man dare to escape from here where she, upon meeting a p*nis for the first time, dedicates everything from her regenerating hymen to the entrance of her womb, wrapping so tightly around him?

"Really? Then, shall I finish inside?"

"It's okay, the nuns said, after the adventure, the baby—♥"

Had she even prepared contraception magic for her first experience to receive a creampie?

Just how far did they prepare this innocent virgin?

Thinking how scary the gossip of old ladies can be, I thrust my waist forward―!

Sweat made the skin on the pelvis sticky, and I gripped it tightly, thrusting deep inside.

I thrust my waist deeply inward with such force that even the testicles seemed pressed inside.

At the entrance of her womb, which seemed to say nothing more could enter, I thickly came, and our saint's inner flesh joyfully accepted the offering, squelching as it engulfed it.

Just a single ejaculation induced a sense of lethargic depletion, such was the perfect compatibility between the saint and the master of the holy sword.

"Uuuugh… Is this, a man's, climax? …So, is it over now?"

"…No? I think we need to do it about three, no, five more times."

"Eh…? But the nuns said, eek♥♥♥"

I wonder why the local old ladies assume superhumans would finish in just one go.


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