I Have Awesome Luck-Chapter 264 - : 264 Points of Good Luck

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Chapter 264: 264 Points of Good Luck

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Li Muyao was suddenly embarrassed by Huo Jiling’s serious praise. She chuckled and said,”Are you sure it was Grandma Huo who said it? Didn’t you make it up to make me happy?

Li Muyao couldn’t keep smiling when she saw Huo Jiling’s dark eyes. She immediately stopped talking and answered him seriously, “Alright, I understand. I’m indeed a little cautious about my good luck. After all, I never dreamed that one day, I would really be able to win five million yuan by buying a lottery ticket like in the movies.

Just a simple meal and a simple receipt could earn him tens of thousands of yuan.

As long as it was related to gambling, I would definitely win. It was impossible for me not to panic at such a magical experience.”

Li Muyao had never seriously talked about her sudden improvement in luck.

It could be said that Huo Jiling’s grandmother’s words had really shocked Li Muyao, because she also believed that if it was yours, no one could take it away!

Moreover, Li Muyao felt like Grandma Huo had told Huo Jiling to pass the message to her.

Well, Li Muyao had already started to think that the Grandma Huo she hadn’t met was related to Fraud Tian.

Huo Jiling suddenly reached out and touched the top of Li Muyao’s head.”Don’t panic. My grandmother said that this is a gift from the heavens. You should accept it openly and do what you want to do. Being careful will lose the meaning of luck.

Don’t let your hands touch water. I still have to work for another half an hour.

Mooncake, wait for me. Play computer games or read books for you?”

Huo Jiling looked at her soft hands that had been drugged and sighed. He suddenly understood why his mooncake was obsessed with his hands. It was just like the feeling he felt when he held the mooncake. It was especially satisfying, as if a certain empty space in his body had been filled. It was not the first time he had such a pleasant feeling.

“Pfft! Huo Jiling, do you know that I’m a little offended by you talking to me in this suit? Anyway, thank you for telling me so much. I’ll remember everything here.”Li Muyao pointed at her head and followed Huo Jiling’s gaze to lean back on the sofa. Huo Jiling was so close to her that she could smell the fragrance of jasmine on his body.

Yes, Li Muyao had smelled it since they boarded the plane to Jin City.

The fragrance coming from Huo Jiling’s body wasn’t the complete fragrance of jasmine, but also a hint of ebony. It was obviously a perfume made of jasmine and ebony, which was more suitable for men than the pure jasmine fragrance used by women.

“I don’t read books or play computer games. I’ll just lean on the sofa and daydream. You do what you need to do. Let’s go eat Shacheng cuisine tonight.”Li Muyao, who Huo Jiling had specifically used his grandma’s words to point out, said calmly.

There were some truths that one could vaguely feel. After someone helped you bring it up, you would feel that it was very reasonable and even understand it, but you still needed a little time to digest it.

“Alright, drink some tea if you’re thirsty, or make some yourself.”

Soon, Huo Jiling came in with a tea set and jasmine. He made a few cups for Li Muyao and kept boiling water in the mini teapot. If Li Muyao wanted to drink more after she finished, she could make some more. This way, Li Muyao wouldn’t be too bored..

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