I Have Robbed 999 Types Of Powers-Chapter 487 - : New Type 4 Champion

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Chapter 487: New Type 4 Champion

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Yang Xi smiled, “You’re awake?” Unfortunately, it’s too late!”

He didn’t dare to bet on whether the Iron Tower General would still have the strength he had just now, so he immediately used flux extreme collapsing finger to destroy the Iron Tower General’s brain.

The red and white matter spurted backward like paint.

Yang Xi naturally wouldn’t forget to ignore the Iron Tower General’s special ability. He took the level 4 [Earth Battle Energy] and the 6% comprehension of the Earth Profound Meaning.

Yang Xi retracted his index finger. There were only three pieces of white bones left on it, and a heart-wrenching pain came.

He was still not familiar with the Crumbling Finger. He had to admit that he was lucky to be able to successfully finish off General Tie Ta this time.

Seeing that General Tie Ta was dead, Tongtian also withdrew the three immortal swords into his body.

“You’re not bad, Chick.”

With that, he turned into a stream of light and rushed to the horizon.

As a proud expert, he naturally couldn’t be bothered to attack those defeated soldiers.

The show was over. Yang Xi’s Arbiter clone used the Exquisite Profound Meaning to escape with a portion of the Ossaide warriors, leaving behind some dumbfounded Ossaide warriors.

What they were about to face was a one-sided massacre by human warriors.

Yang Xi sighed in his heart. This battle was finally over.

Apart from Chris, the other four Tier 4 players on Ossaide’s side had all had their abilities stripped away by him. It could be said that he was the one who had gained the most in this counterattack.

The clouds regained their calm, and a ray of sunlight leaked out and enveloped Yang Xi.

The wind in the sky blew his black robe into the air. Suddenly, Yang Xi felt a little dazed.

At this moment, it had not been that long since he looked at his sister helplessly in the hospital.

However, compared to his salted self, he was a completely different person.


He looked at the battlefield with pity. Except for a small number of troops that were still chasing after the remnants of Ossaide, most of the human warriors were tiredly resting on the spot.

Most of them had fainted from exhaustion. If it weren’t for the life-sustaining function ot the three-piece suit, they might have drowned.

Before the logistics team set out to clean up the battlefield, Yang Xi also discovered that many members of the Judgement Organization at the Heavenly and Earthly Demon Ranks were picking up scraps.

Among them, Yang Xi could see the sneaky Xiao Baishi at a glance. Although he looked extremely miserable, at this moment, he was happily making money from the war.

Because of the urgency of the war, Yang Xi did not pay too much attention to the performance of these peripheral members.

However, Vermilion Bird, the Chief Butler of the Judgement Organization, would definitely record everything they did. When Yang Xi was free later, he would give them an evaluation.

It was also time to have a few more constellation positions…

After all, the Judgement Organization was about to enter the stage of great development, so they still needed a few capable soldiers.

With the current foundation of the Judgement Organization, it was still very easy for them to nurture a few experts in a short period of time.

As long as Yang Xi was willing, he could even create a Type 4 expert.

“After this battle, the humans of Planet Azure have finally reached a turning point. ”

The defense line of the Freedom Alliance’s sea area had already been pushed to the forefront. The remaining forces of the Monster Alliance and the Hundred Cities Federation would probably be eliminated by the humans in the coming days.

However, it was unknown if the arrogant colonists on New Frye would change their view of the humans on Planet Azure after this war.

If they put aside their differences and joined forces to attack the human race, it would be a new catastrophe.

“So…l cannot stop setting up my plans in the Southern Continent. Regardless of whether it’s Du Lan, the Arbitrator, or the Resistance Army under Xiao Yan, all of them must continue to stir up trouble in the Southern Continent. I cannot allow the four factions to have the energy to once again target the Human

Race. ”

Thinking of this, Yang Xi felt a headache.

Not only that, but there were also many internal affairs of the human race that involved him.

Whether it was the inheritance stone, the reverse deduction of the mother ore, or the promotion of the meditation technique, they could not do without Yang Xi’s full support.

The other forces were completely winning in this aspect.

With Yang Xi’s vision, he naturally knew that the Human Race must unite. He had found a way to become stronger, but if the entire Human Race wanted to surpass the accumulation of the Ossaids over a long period of time, they had to work hard to catch up.

What he could do was to rely on his own ability to remove the ” technological blockade ” of the Ossaids.

“Younger Brother Chick, it’s all thanks to your Judgement Organization this time. Otherwise, I would really have become a sinner of the human race! ” Ouyang Guanhe’s somewhat lonely voice sounded behind Yang Xi.

Unknowingly, Yang Feifei and the other two had already arrived behind him.

“Old Brother Ouyang, you are wrong. Without your planning…” Yang Xi was about to brag to Ouyang Guanhe when he realized that the auras of both him and Zhao Jinyin had fallen from Tier 4 experts.” You two…”

‘ That’s right,” Zhao Jinyin said calmly.” Both of us are no longer at Stage Four. I even have a feeling that it’s a slim chance for me to re-comprehend the Wave Particle Profound Meaning.

Although Yang Feifei had preserved their lives, their Type 4 experts ‘origin energy had all been burned up. The laws they had comprehended previously had also been burned up.

Yang Xi frowned. He had thought that in this war between the humans and the Ossaids, the humans would have ” zero casualties ” on the Tier 4 battlefield.

However, he did not expect that they would still lose two Tier 4 combatants.

Seeing the heavy atmosphere, Ouyang Guanhe forced a smile and said, “”Younger Brother Youji, it’s fine. I’ve never been short of hardships in my life. It’s just that we’ve lost our comprehension of the laws, but our Type 4 bodies are still preserved. In terms of strength, we’re above the peak of the Type 3 realm!

Not to mention, the lifespan that I extended after breaking through to the fourth step didn’t decrease. I still have a lot of time to cultivate!

‘Even if I can’t comprehend the Profound Meaning of Speed anymore, I can still comprehend other laws!”‘

Ouyang Guanhe sounded optimistic, but both he and Yang Xi knew how difficult it was for him to comprehend other Profound Meanings.

And Yang Xi was not a saint who would give them the nomological fragments.

After all, he didn’t have enough for himself. He had so many accounts to level up.

Even if his avatar had leveled up, he still had a lot of followers.

“Brother Youji, can I discuss something with you?”

Ouyang Guanhe put his hand over and said,” We’re both organizations from the

Freedom Alliance’s Sea Area. Now that I’ve fallen from Tier 4, the Chamber of Commerce Alliance can only be described as a group of dragons without a leader. Ahem, I wonder if you’re interested…’

Before he could finish, Yang Xi suddenly felt a fluctuation of law behind the island chain defense line.

A new Tier 4 powerhouse had appeared in the human race!

Yang Xi’s expression was a little strange because he could distinguish the aura of the person who was breaking through. It seemed to be Ouyang Xuan, that silly kid..

Wasn’t he only at tier 3 previously?

How did he break through to Tier 4 so quickly?

Yang Xi suddenly thought of the experience he had with Ouyang Xuan.

Could it be that Yang Xi was also such a genius in teaching disciples?

“Brother Ouyang, don’t be in a hurry to find someone to take over. I think the Chamber of Commerce Alliance will soon welcome a new leader. ”

Because Ouyang Guanhe and Zhao Jinyin’s perception abilities had also greatly decreased after falling from rank 4, they did not detect the new law fluctuations.

“What do you mean?” Ouyang Guanhe asked in puzzlement. ”

“Just follow me!” Yang Xi smiled. ”

After saying that, Hai Zhu’s clone opened the Mirage Vortex. Yang Xi took the lead and walked in, followed by Yang Feifei.

Ouyang Guanhe and Zhao Jinyin looked at each other, gritted their teeth, and followed him in..