I Have Robbed 999 Types Of Powers-Chapter 488 - : Emerald Lightning

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Chapter 488: Emerald Lightning

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After stepping out of the Mirage Vortex, they arrived at Banana Island.

At this moment, Banana Island was covered with thunderclouds. It was not much different from the phenomenon of heaven and earth when the White Snake Swordmaster broke through to the fourth rank.

At the center of this phenomenon was Ouyang Xuan, who was dressed in a simple robe.

Ouyang Xuan’s personality had also changed during his time on Banana Island.

In the past, although he looked dull, he was actually extremely arrogant. Otherwise, he would not have given off the feeling of a sharp sword being unsheathed the moment he opened his eyes.

But now, he seemed to be much more approachable. Only when one was not paying attention could one discover that he was out of this world.

Seeing the lightning flashing in the sky, Ouyang Guanhe, who had been struck by lightning before, naturally knew that his son had actually broken through to grade-4 after not seeing him for a while!

“Is this true?”

Ouyang Guanhe even suspected that he was hallucinating. In his knowledge, other than the times when Ouyang Xuan was fiddling with something, most of the time, he would only cultivate according to the rules.

In terms of talent in developing superpowers, Ouyang Xuan was indeed

inferior to him when he was young.

The thunderclouds became denser, and the lightning seemed to be about to strike down.

Ouyang Guanhe couldn’t help but worry about his son’s situation.

When he himself broke through to Tier 4, he was struck by lightning very miserably. Now that this matter fell on Ouyang Xuan, how could he not be worried!

“Xuan Jer, be careful!”

Ouyang Guanhe couldn’t help but shout.

However, Ouyang Xuan was currently locked onto by the Heaven and Earth

Phenomenon and could not notice Yang Xi and the others behind him at all. “Don’t worry, Brother Ouyang. We’re all here today. We definitely won’t let anything happen to our nephew.

He was laughing in his heart. He and Ouyang Xuan were usually of the same generation. Now that he was an elder, it felt very good.

Ouyang Guanhe was an old fox. How could he not know how Yang Xi and Ouyang Xuan addressed each other?

But now, he was happy to see Ouyang Xuan’s evil taste in the young chicken. Even if Ouyang Xuan could advance to the fourth rank, it would be difficult for him to suppress the other families.

However, if the Judgement Organization stood behind them, the other families would not dare to make a sound.

Right now, the Judgement Organization had 3 Type 4 experts on the surface, and the Chamber of Commerce Alliance and the Iron Blood Army had both lost him and Zhao Jinyin. In terms of strength alone, they were no match for the Judgement Organization.

“Younger Brother Youji, thank you for your good words. ”

Although Ouyang Guanhe wanted Youji to take care of the Ouyang family, he would not say it directly. This would make people unhappy. He had his own way.

Zhao Jinyin looked at Ouyang Xuan, her eyes sparkling. After she and Ouyang Guanhe fell out of the Type 4 realm, there was a new junior who became a Type 4 expert. This made her feel like the era had changed.

After all, not everyone could protect the human race from the old era to the new era like Exploding Heavens and Tongtian.

Perhaps her and Ouyang Guanhe’s historical mission had been completed.

Thinking of this, her mood was exceptionally relaxed.

Yang Xi also noticed the change in Zhao Jinyin’s emotions, and he was surprised. He did not expect that a woman with such an extreme personality like Zhao Jinyin would be able to recover from the shock of losing her Stage Four strength in such a short period of time.

However, this was also a good thing.

The phenomenon finally took shape, and the entire Banana Island was in a doomsday scene.

The Qian family’s staff had already informed the residents of the situation through the island’s media before the phenomenon appeared.

After knowing that this doomsday scene was caused by a certain big shot of the Qian family, although the residents on the island were still a little panicked, there was no riot.

There were even some teenagers on the island who came to the vicinity with live broadcast machines in search of excitement.

Unfortunately, they were all taken away by the Qian clan’s clansmen. For the sake of insurance, Money Without Loss did not want this matter to ferment too early.

Moreover, Ouyang Xuan was a member of the Ouyang family. He had become a Tier 4 powerhouse at the Qian family’s base…

It was impossible to say that he didn’t lose money and his heart didn’t bleed.

He also could not figure it out. You Chicken had taken care of the clansmen a lot, so why had he not seen a single person break through to Tier 4?

Fortunately, he already knew that Ji Yourong had become a third step expert. This was the strength of the two brothers Qian Youque and Qian Youming.

In his hands, the Qian family had already returned to its former glory.

Qian Youque could accept the fact that he could continue to be the second aristocratic family in the Freedom Alliance.

This way, he looked at Ouyang Xuan with a much friendlier gaze.

Anyway, Ouyang Xuan was still young. He got along well with so many young people in the clan. What if he got along with someone?

Yang Xi’s meditation technique experiment team also looked at Ouyang Xuan with admiration.

“Is this the phenomenon of heaven and earth that only appears when one becomes Tier 4?”

Yang Xi had once taught Ouyang Xuan about this knowledge, and as a teaching assistant, Ouyang Xuan would naturally tell the members of the Demon Hunting Team.

Qian Weichen and Yang Chuyou’s progress had already exceeded their original expectations with the supply of magic crystals. They had become B-class ability users, and the gap between their cultivation and the other experimental subjects had widened.

The two of them had also become the two mountains of the demon hunting team. The other members, whether they were from the special ability group or the normal group, each chose one side.

This was something Yang Xi had not expected.

” What?” Qian Weichen muttered,” Assistant Teacher Ouyang told us that he still needed some comprehension to break through to the Type 4 realm. I didn’t expect it to be so fast!” ”

Yang Chuyou’s beautiful eyes were filled with admiration.” Other than Lord

Youji, Brother Ouyang Xuan is the most powerful ability user! ”

Qian Weichen pursed his lips and said,” Then you’re wrong. How can Assistant Teacher Ouyang compare to Lord Youji?” If not for the large amount of mana crystals provided by the organization, he might not have been able to break through to the fourth step so quickly.”

“Didn’t you use mana crystals too? Why didn’t you break through to the fourth rank?”

The two of them were still bickering when the thunderclouds that had been brewing in the sky finally struck down.

In an instant, the originally gray Banana Island was suddenly illuminated by a green light!

The entire cloud layer was instantly covered by green lightning. Then, in the center of the thundercloud, a bolt of lightning that could not be opened struck down!


After the loud bang, everyone could not help but shiver!

This… It was already very scary to look at it from the side, but Ouyang Xuan was still directly below the lightning!

Could he survive?

Yang Xi, Ouyang Guanhe, and the others also fell silent and looked at Ouyang Xuan with concern.

On the barren land, Guanhe’s eyes were staring straight at the lightning phenomenon. There was no fear in his eyes. Instead, he felt as if he was comprehending the Dao!

His voice wasn’t loud, but it clearly reached everyone’s ears.

“Today, I will definitely reach the fourth rank!