I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head-Chapter 1871 Who’s Here to Deliver Their Head?

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Chapter 1871 Who’s Here to Deliver Their Head?

"I wanted to use this opportunity to meet the heroes of my kingdom." Princess Yun Yang smiled sweetly.

Her smile was like a warm room in spring, and many young geniuses present could not help but stare at her. Many of them had a look of admiration in their eyes. Princess Yun Yang had many admirers within Grand Xia.

"I'm especially excited to meet General Chu. I've heard a lot about you, General. You're the only one who can make it onto the prodigy list with a cultivation base below the peak of the Cosmos Stage. Now that I've seen you, I know your reputation is well deserved." Princess Yun Yang looked at Chu Yunfan, her words full of praise.

Chu Yunfan felt two gazes falling on him like two sharp swords. He looked over. The owners of these two gazes were Zhang Feng and Huyan Zhuo from the Destiny Sect.

Chu Yunfan suddenly understood. Other than him, whether it was Zhang Feng or Huyan Zhuo, as experts on the prodigy list, they were extremely proud. In Grand Grand, they were characters that attracted everyone's attention. Now, they were in attendance at Princess Yun Yang's garden party. This meant that they had a certain degree of standing. At the very least, they had a certain degree of inclination.

The main reason for this was that both of them were in love with Princess Yun Yang. After all, Princess Yun Yang had yet to take up a husband. The imperial family of Grand Xia had always been open-minded in this aspect. The possibility of the king appointing a marriage for his heirs was very small. The princes and princesses were allowed to choose their own spouses.

After all, the imperial family of Grand Xia was so powerful that they no longer needed to rely on marriage to stabilize their rule. As long as the imperial family didn't seek death, it was impossible for others to shake the rule of Grand Xia.

There was no doubt that among the many princesses, Princess Yun Yang was one of the best. She was one of the most popular and well-known princesses. Countless prodigies who claimed to be geniuses secretly listed Princess Yun Yang as their target and regarded each other as powerful competitors.

Princess Yun Yang's praise for Chu Yunfan instantly made the two of them feel threatened. They even treated Chu Yunfan as a competitor. This time, not only Zhang Feng, but even Huyan Zhuo's gaze toward Chu Yunfan became somewhat unfriendly.

However, Chu Yunfan didn't care. He looked straight at Princess Yun Yang and met her eyes. The reason why he was attending this party was simply to know Tang Siyu's whereabouts. He only knew that Tang Siyu had been conferred the title of Princess Gushe, but he did not know her exact whereabouts. He needed to find out from Princess Yun Yang.

"You're too polite, Your Royal Highness." Chu Yunfan nodded.

After praising Chu Yunfan, Princess Yun Yang turned the topic to Zhang Feng and Huyan Zhuo. She even chatted and laughed with many people present, giving people a feeling of being bathed in the spring breeze as if she was everyone's old friend. Chu Yunfan couldn't help but sigh. No wonder Princess Yun Yang was able to create such a huge commotion. She was indeed not an ordinary woman to win a reputation that was on par with a few popular princes. The core of this garden party was undoubtedly Princess Yun Yang.

After the heated discussion came the core content of this garden party. Many geniuses began to give it a try. This was to be a sparring session, and they would verify what they had learned through battle. Although they were all the best of the younger generation in their respective factions and were all experts at the level of true disciples, their fame was often limited to their own sects. Only someone like Chu Yunfan who suddenly rushed onto the prodigy list would be able to become famous and well-known by everyone.

If other people wanted to become famous, they had to rely on such an opportunity to display their strength on similar occasions. Their fame would grow, and under such circumstances, the greater their fame, the more attention they would receive from the sects and the Imperial Court. Their future prospects would be limitless.

The current world was a world of great competition. Many geniuses were like thousands of sails competing to be the ones who jumped out of the reincarnation. They did not advocate the so-called dust to dust. Only by truly displaying one's talent could one be able to obtain the sect's vigorous nurturing. The path of cultivation could not be lacking in the support of various resources. How could one rely on one's own bitter cultivation to compare to the sect's full nurturing?

Princess Yun Yang held a garden party to rope in these young geniuses and choose the useful ones to become her followers, and these young geniuses wanted to take this opportunity to become famous. It was precisely because of this idea that Princess Yun Yang's annual garden party became bigger and bigger, and her influence continued to increase.

However, when Princess Yun Yang announced the official start of the garden party's sparring session, no one expected that the first person to jump out would be Zhang Feng.

"Chu Yunfan, do you dare to fight me now?" Zhang Feng looked at Chu Yunfan coldly.

This made many of the geniuses who were originally eager to try completely dumbfounded. They looked at Zhang Feng one after another, their eyes revealing only one message.

'Are you crazy? How are we supposed to go out now?'

According to the usual, the first batch of people to go on stage would always be those with weaker cultivation. As a way to throw bricks to attract jade, they also understood in their hearts that when those true experts made a move, they would probably not have a chance.

Top experts like Zhang Feng usually sat on the fishing platform and would only appear after everyone had finished their matches. This was in line with their status and also gave everyone a chance to perform.

But now, Zhang Feng wanted to attack as soon as the sparring session started. He looked impatient. With Zhang Feng's strength, who would be interested in watching them fight? They were not on the same level.

At this moment, these people looked at Zhang Feng bitterly. They were so depressed that they wanted to die. Many of them looked pensive. They all remembered the conflict between Chu Yunfan and Zhang Feng in the restaurant earlier. If Princess Yun Yang's sword attendant, Tertius, had not suddenly appeared and interrupted them, they would have fought.

However, they had not expected Zhang Feng to jump out so impatiently. Clearly, he was not willing to wait any longer.

Everyone turned to look at Chu Yunfan. The real decision was in Chu Yunfan's hands. At Princess Yun Yang's garden party, if Chu Yunfan was unwilling, even Zhang Feng could not force him to make a move.

"Why wouldn't I dare? Since you're here to deliver your head, I'll take it," Chu Yunfan said coldly.

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