I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head-Chapter 1872 Crippled In One Punch

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Chapter 1872 Crippled In One Punch

The battle of the prodigies!

Many people did not expect that the battle that was supposed to be the finale would suddenly be brought forward. These geniuses felt as if they were cursed. They had never seen someone break the rules like this.

ƈοm Were these people crazy? Did they not care about their reputation?

With the battle between Chu Yunfan and Zhang Feng, no matter who won or lost, after experiencing such an exciting battle, no one would be in the mood to pay attention to the battle between ordinary people like them.

In the eyes of ordinary people, they were all geniuses who shook the region. To be able to become true disciples in various sects, of course, they weren't simple. However, they were very clear that there was a huge gap between them and the big shots on the prodigy list.

However, they had nothing to say. Neither Zhang Feng nor Chu Yunfan were people they could afford to offend. Even Chu Yunfan, who had been criticized the most by many people behind their backs, had proven with absolute strength more than a year ago that ordinary cultivators at the peak of the Cosmos Stage were no match for him.

"Good!" Zhang Feng burst into laughter as he flew into the air.

In the air, there was an open barrier, which formed a small isolated space, which was specially used for those geniuses in the garden party.

After Zhang Feng flew up into the sky, the scouts and experts who were originally in the small town and could not participate in the garden party could finally see the battle. However, they were also a little surprised. They did not understand why Zhang Feng would fight in the first battle. Who would Zhang Feng's opponent be? Chu Yunfan or Huyan Zhuo?

But soon, their doubts were answered. They saw Chu Yunfan walk up into the air. When he entered the barrier, Zhang Feng's aura exploded. It was as if he was an immortal egg that was about to transform into a peerless ferocious creature.

The attack earlier had not been able to harm Chu Yunfan, and he was even injured by Chu Yunfan. This made Zhang Feng understand that Chu Yunfan's strength was definitely extraordinary and could not be compared to ordinary people.

This time, Zhang Feng had truly risen to the peak. A terrifying aura enveloped the space. Although the people outside the barrier could not feel it, they could still feel the shock from what they could see, and it was terrifying.


Zhang Feng stomped his foot, causing the entire sky to tremble. Fortunately, there was a barrier that blocked it. Otherwise, the entire world would have shattered.

"The Creation Stage! This is the power of a Creator!"

It was unknown which genius shouted, but it broke everyone's thoughts. This was not the first time these geniuses had seen the power of the Creation Stage. However, it was the first time many of them had seen someone of the same generation as them who had stepped into the Creation Stage.

After all, there were only a few people in the same generation who had reached the Creation Stage. These people usually did not attack easily. Even if they did, very few people could force them to reveal their true strength. Strictly speaking, this was the first time they had seen such a scene.

Although they were only one step away from this power, only a small number of them were qualified to cross this rank. Even though they were geniuses and true disciples, the gap between them was obvious.

The people on the prodigy list were almost certain that they could enter the Creation Stage, but the other true disciples were not necessarily the same. Only a small number of them could enter the Creation Stage, and that was how the gap was widened.

Everyone could see that the surrounding spirit energy was gathering toward Zhang Feng at a speed visible to the naked eye, directly pouring into his fist.

"That's so scary. Zhang Feng's strength is indeed not something that a peak Cosmic can compare to."

"This is Zhang Feng's true strength. His being injured by Chu Yunfan earlier was probably just an accident."

"The strength of a Creator is still superior to a Cosmic."

However, they soon realized that something was wrong. They realized that Chu Yunfan was only looking at Zhang Feng coldly as if he did not mind Zhang Feng raising his strength to the peak.

Chu Yunfan just stood there coldly like a demon god. He also emitted a terrifying aura. Unlike Zhang Feng, who made a huge commotion, he just stood there quietly, but it was already very shocking.

"Chu Yunfan, you broke my attack and injured my hand earlier. If you think that's my peak combat strength, then you're gravely mistaken!" Zhang Feng burst into laughter and punched out. "Great Change Punch!"

This attack pierced the sky. A terrifying power spread out and the entire world shook violently. A terrifying fist force came crushing over. Even though they were separated by the barrier, many people still felt the pressure of Mount Tai pressing down on them.

The aura of the Creation Stage passed through the array, causing everyone to feel immense pressure. The Great Change Punch was unleashed to the extreme in Zhang Feng's hands, truly reaching the level of perfection.

Countless people were dumbfounded. It was simply powerful to a terrifying extent.

With Zhang Feng's cultivation level, when he reached the peak, he might even have a chance to become the sect leader of Great Change Faith, or at the very least, the first supreme elder.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan moved. His five fingers clenched into a fist, and a terrifying fist force leaked out. The terrifying fist force swept out. Energy gushed out like a pillar. He punched out, and the fist force pierced through the sky.

Quick! Quick! Quick!

Chu Yunfan's punch was lightning fast, and it was aimed directly at the Great Change Punch.


Everyone saw Chu Yunfan's punch turn into a golden light and hit the Great Change Punch head-on. It tore the entire fist force of the Great Change Punch apart and then hit Zhang Feng's fist.


Zhang Feng's fist hit the golden light. Immediately after, everyone heard him scream. His entire arm had collapsed and was broken by the golden light.

This brutal scene was witnessed by everyone, and they were scared to death. Immediately, the entire place fell into a dead silence. One could even hear everyone's breathing. Everyone seemed to be frightened as they stared at the scene in front of them.

"H-How is this possible?" someone said in a daze.

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