I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe-Chapter 345 - Why Do You Have to Be a Mercenary With Beasts?

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345 Why Do You Have to Be a Mercenary With Beasts?

“I wonder what your name is?”

The man in luxurious clothes looked at the mercenary’s outstretched right hand and also reached out to shake it gently.

“Just call me Liu Jie.”

“Hello, Liu Jie.”

“Hehehe, hello, shop owner ~”

Liu Jie hugged his squirrel beast with one hand and held the middle-aged man’s hand tightly with the other.

This was a big customer!

Liu Jie, who was only a level three and an ordinary strength-type mutant, usually accepted miscellaneous missions.

For example, helping move things or farming the fur or meat of low-level mutated beasts.

His tone was good. If he could obtain a level one crystal core, he would purely earn 100 credits.

It could make him happy for a long time.

As for level two crystal cores, he rarely had them himself.

Usually, it was used sparingly.

He had never received a mission like directly giving two level two crystal cores at once.

Moreover, this was under the condition of failure.

If he succeeded,

That was a Lv. 4 crystal core!

This thing was worth 100,000 credits.

Therefore, at this moment, his eyes were about to turn into crystal cores.

“When are we leaving?”

Hearing this, the man smiled and shook his head.

“There’s no hurry. I’ll find a few more people later.”

After saying that, the man looked at Marvin at the bar counter.

Marvin looked at the man and nodded.

“Alright, help me assign a cleanup mission. The location is in a pre-war city 18 kilometers west of the city.”

“The lowest is a level three mercenary.”

“Level three?”

Marvin, who was recording the mission requirements on the communicator, was stunned.

There were also many dangers in the west of the city.

Moreover, it was 18 kilometers away.

Starting from level three… Wasn’t this courting death?

Seeing Marvin stunned, the man couldn’t help but ask with a smile,

“Is there a problem?”

“No, but I have to remind you that there are level five social mutated beasts in that area. The Demon Pattern Bull likes to move around in that area.”

The man waved his hand indifferently.

“It’s fine. Thank you for reminding me.”

“Continue writing the request ~”

Seeing this person’s confident appearance, Marvin simply didn’t say anything else.

In any case, he was only taking a commission from the mission.

There was no need to offend others because of this.

“Go ahead.”

The man looked at the big squirrel in his hand and said,

“There’s a prerequisite for this mission. It’s necessary. Remember, it’s necessary. You have to have a beast.”

“It’s best if it’s a different type of beast, such as attack, defense, and healing. Moreover, it’s of higher quality. At the very least, it’s not lower than this Brother Liu’s blue quality.”

“That’s why I need four more people.”

Hearing this request, Marvin took a deep look at this man while recording.

He completely remembered his appearance in his mind.

He looked ordinary and had a mustache at the corner of his mouth. His hair was medium long and there was a small scar on the corner of his right eye…

“As for the reward, the lowest price is a level five crystal core for each person. Moreover, the spoils of war of the mutated beasts will belong to the mercenaries.

Hearing this reward, Marvin’s hand trembled slightly.

This was a huge sum!

Four level 5 crystal cores were 40 million credits.

Moreover, it was an existence that was not easy to buy.

After all, after many mercenaries obtained mutated beast cores that matched their level, they would prioritize absorbing them themselves to increase their strength.

After all, in this world, credits were useless.

No matter how much money he had, he had to be alive to spend it.

It wasn’t just Marvin. After hearing the man’s conditions, Liu Jie and the surrounding mercenaries all exploded.

“Shop Owner! Shop Owner! I’m a high level four metal-type mutant. Can you give me a chance?!”

The man looked at the mercenary who raised his hand and smiled.

“Do you have any beasts?”


The mercenary shook his head.

“No, I haven’t had the time to buy it.”

Seeing this, it shook its head.

“That’s a pity. You have to have a beast for this mission.”

Seeing the man say so confidently, a mercenary asked curiously,

“Um… What mission requires beasts? Isn’t it better to have mutants?”

The man smiled.

“The terrain there is relatively special. There are many collapsed points. It’s not that easy for people to get there. Instead, it’s easier for many mutated beasts to enter.”

Hearing this, many of the surrounding mercenaries’ doubts were dispelled.

There were indeed such places, and there were many of them.

Moreover, this man’s words reminded these mercenaries.

In the past, they could not go to those places, so it was not convenient for them to directly explode. Please visit 𝒇𝒓𝗲e𝔀𝗲𝚋noѵℯƖ. c𝑜m

However, now that he had a beast, he could let his beast go!

Thinking of this, many mercenaries could not be bothered to watch the commotion and directly jogged towards the dojo.

In any case, he would have to queue up sooner or later.

At first, they were not that anxious.

However, with this train of thought, the things scattered in the pre-war city area were limited.

If he was late, he might not even get a single cent!

“Customer, take a look. If there’s no problem, I’ll send it.”

Marvin handed the edited mission request to the man, who immediately nodded.

“Send it ~”

Marvin immediately clicked on the communicator.

As soon as the mission was issued, a rustling sound came from the second floor of the Beast Taming Tavern.

“Brother, I’ll accept that mission!”

The man looked at the man down from downstairs and then at Marvin at the bar.

Marvin looked at Mark rushing down the stairs and felt vexed.