I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe-Chapter 346 - Why Do You Have to Be a Mercenary With Beasts? (2)

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346 Why Do You Have to Be a Mercenary With Beasts? (2)

How could he have forgotten to block this guy?!

He really did not want his brother Mark to accept this mission.

From the looks of it, all the reasons this man gave were very reasonable.

However, the difference between this reward and the mission was really a little big.

Usually, in such a situation, the client either hid something or… had other motives.

In particular, this person even asked the mercenary who accepted the mission to have a high-quality beast, making Marvin mutter in his heart.

He was one of the first batch of mercenaries to come into contact with beasts.

He did not know much about high-quality beasts.

This person did not look like someone from Jiangzhou City at first glance. Why did he ask for high-quality beasts as soon as he arrived?

Moreover… at this moment, many mercenaries had just obtained their beasts. Marvin didn’t believe that they cooperated so intimately.

Perhaps its efficiency was not as high as mutants.

Marvin didn’t believe that this person didn’t know this.

Thus, after combining all these doubts, Marvin didn’t want Mark to get involved in this mess.

“Come here.”

Marvin held the communicator and smiled at the man sized up Mark.

“Excuse me.”

With that said, he pulled Mark upstairs.

Looking at their backs, the man looked at him and asked nonchalantly,

“Are they two brothers?”

“Yes, the fat one is Boss Marvin, and the burly man who came down behind is his younger brother, Mark.”

“I see that you both have that thing in your hands. In other words, the two of them also have beasts, right?”

Liu Jie nodded.

“Of course!” 𝑓𝚛𝚎𝗲𝙬ℯ𝘣𝚗𝘰ν𝐞l. co𝗺

“Did you see the sign on the door when you came?”

The man was stunned for a moment before nodding with a smile.

“Hehe, is the Beast Taming Tavern because of beasts?”

“Of course. Boss Marvin is the first person in our mercenary group to have a beast. Moreover, he can talk to Hall Master Lin.”

“That’s why he changed the name of the tavern to the Beast Taming Tavern.”

When the man heard this, he subconsciously looked at the staircase.

“Then how’s the quality of the beasts of the two brothers?”

Liu Jie scratched his head.

“It seems to be not bad ~”

“I can’t remember very clearly. In any case, they’re definitely not low. I’ve seen them with the index.”

“I’ll show you. There’s a record on it.”

With that said, he flipped through the Beast Taming Index in his hand.

“Oh, I found it!”

“Shop Owner Marvin’s is an orange-quality Treasure Hunting Mouse!”

“Mark’s Dreadful Battle Lizard, purple quality.”

Hearing this, the man glanced at him and continued to ask,

“Are these two qualities… considered high?”

“Of course it’s high!”

He nodded matter-of-factly.

“It can be said that only one out of thousands of beasts has an orange quality. It’s comparable to a high-level mutant among humans.”

“Then do you know their abilities?”

Hearing his sugar daddy ask this, an awkward expression flashed on his face.

“Uh… that won’t do.”

“When the Beast Taming Index investigates other people’s beasts, it can only see their names, levels, quality, and bloodlines. It can’t see specific skills.”

Hearing this, the man nodded and did not ask further.

At the same time, while the man was asking about the Marvin and Mark brothers, the Ma brothers upstairs were also talking about each other.

“You can’t go on this mission. Hurry up and cancel it.”

“Why? Isn’t it quite good? All my conditions are suitable.”

Mark looked at Marvin in surprise.

“It’s precisely because it’s too good that I won’t let you go.”

“There’s clearly something wrong with the person who issued the mission.”

Seeing Marvin’s serious expression, Mark nodded regretfully.

“Alright ~”

“Yes, I’ll go down first.”

After saying that, Marvin returned downstairs.

When he came down, there were already a few more people at the bar.

It seemed that he was a mercenary who had accepted that mission.

Moreover, it was an old acquaintance of Marvin’s.

“Old Wei?”

Wei Zhou looked at Marvin coming down and greeted him with a smile.

“Shop Owner Ma, we’re here to take care of your commission again.”

“Hehe, then talk to this shop owner first and see if he’s satisfied.”

Wei Zhou then looked at the man at the bar.

The man was also sizing up Wei Zhou and the other three.

“Your levels are definitely satisfied. Then, I wonder what the quality and type of beast are?”

Although Wei Zhou also found this mission request strange, he could not be bothered to think too much about it because of the generous reward.

“Mine is a purple-quality beast, the Big-legged Rhinoceros.”

“The other three are blue-quality Black Wind Wolves, blue-quality throwing apes, and blue-quality Tauren shamans.

Hearing Wei Zhou’s words, the man rubbed his chin and looked at Marvin before nodding.

“Sure, you guys ~”

Seeing that it was so easy to accept missions, Wei Zhou was still slightly stunned.

“I’ll wait for you in the square. I’ll give you twenty minutes to prepare. We’ll set off in twenty minutes.”

With that said, the man left the Beast Taming Tavern.

Liu Jie looked at his sponsor’s back and greeted Wei Zhou and the others with a smile.

“Commander Wei, I didn’t expect that we would be able to carry out a mission together one day.”

“You have to protect me more later.”

Wei Zhou looked at the level three mercenary man in front of him and became more and more suspicious.

“Yes, take care of each other.”

With that said, Wei Zhou prepared to pack his things at the base and follow this generous shop owner to carry out a mission.

But before he left, Marvin suddenly called out to him.

“Old Wei!”


Wei Zhou turned to look at Marvin, who was waving at him, and walked back in confusion.

“What’s wrong, Shop Owner Ma?”

Marvin looked in the direction the man had left and solemnly said,

“Be careful.”

“There might be a problem with this mission.”

“I didn’t even know that you were the ones who accepted the mission. Otherwise, I would definitely have reminded you earlier.”

When Wei Zhou heard Marvin’s words, he solemnly nodded.

Even if Marvin didn’t say anything, he would still be careful.

This mission was indeed strange.

However, the reward was really generous!

It had to be known that such a commission mission that had taken away the contract could not be denied.

As long as it was officially accepted, no matter which party broke the contract first, they had to pay a certain percentage of the commission.

Therefore, they were not afraid of not receiving remuneration.

Of course, if he died, it would be a different matter.

However, looking at the level 5 crystal core, Wei Zhou and the others agreed that they could take the risk and give it a try.

“Yes, I understand. Thank you, Shop Owner Ma.”

“No, have a safe trip ~”


After leaving the Beast Taming Tavern, Wei Zhou looked at Wang Bo, Wu San’er, and Wei Jianbin and told them about his worries and Marvin’s reminder.

He received an answer from the three of them to continue the mission.

What a joke. Not everyone could casually ignore a level five crystal core.


Twenty minutes later, Wei Zhou and the others arrived at the agreed gathering point in the east square.

At this moment, the man and the level three mercenary called Liu Jie were already in the car.

Moreover, it was in the driver’s seat.

Looking at the modified jeep, Wang Bo’s eyes lit up slightly.

“Not bad. This employer seems to have some strength.”

“This thing is not cheap.”

Wei Zhou glanced at the car and directly opened the door.

“Let’s go ~”

Hearing the man’s words, Liu Jie stepped on the accelerator and the jeep drove towards the west gate.

After coming out of the western city gate, the man opened the map on his communicator.

Seeing that this person was so well prepared, the doubts in Wei Zhou’s heart lessened slightly.

The electronic map outside the city could only be drawn after he personally went there.

In other words, this address was not created by the man on the spur of the moment.

Touching the Beast Taming Index on his left wrist, Wei Zhou became 120% energetic after leaving the city.

At the same time, he was still thinking—

Why did it have to be mercenaries with beasts?