I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe-Chapter 676 - Uncle Blackie, This Way! (2)

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676 Uncle Blackie, This Way! (2)
It was said that one would be beaten up for dine and dash…

Well, there shouldn’t be anyone here who could defeat him.

But he could not cause trouble for Lin Ye.

He had said that if he caused trouble, he would not be allowed to come out alone in the future.

Now that he finally had a chance, he definitely could not waste it.

Just as Blackie was feeling conflicted, a very hearty laugh suddenly sounded at the entrance of the Beast Pub.

“Boss Ma!”

“I’ll pay for Master Black’s drinks!”

Looking at the “shimmery” green-haired guy at the door, Marvin couldn’t help but sigh. This grandson’s luck was really good.

As for the other mercenaries, they gritted their teeth again.

F*ck, why didn’t I think of paying?

After Li Mao walked in valiantly, he immediately walked to Blackie’s table and sat down.

Seeing Li Mao, an “old acquaintance”, Blackie also grinned happily.

“You’re here. Remember to show me the way later.”

“Can you find those people’s nests?”

Hearing Blackie’s words, Li Mao was about to pat his chest and promise when he heard several voices coming from behind him.

“Master Blackie! I know!”

“I know! I can bring you there!”

“Me too! Those people have done a lot of evil deeds. We can be considered to have done justice for the heavens!”

“That’s right! Count me in!”

When Li Mao heard the mercenaries shouting, he was so angry that he trembled.


Didn’t they say that they would enforce justice on behalf of the heavens earlier?

Now that the casino manor had been flattened, they knew to come here and shout?

All of them ran fast to join the fight when they fought with the wind and ran faster than the wind when they were fighting against the wind!

These sons of b*tches had become numb from winning!

“Get lost!”

“Who doesn’t know the address of those bastards?”

“Do I need you to tell me? Get lost!”

Li Mao got up and turned around to chase them away.

His level was very low and he was not ranked among the mercenaries in Jiangzhou City. He was at most a consumable that they could use occasionally when they needed to fill human lives.

There were at least tens of thousands of such small fries in Jiangzhou City.

However, such a small figure now dared to stand in front of these Level 3, Level 4, and even Level 5 mercenaries and scold them.

And he was relying on Blackie behind him.

After being scolded by Li Mao, these mercenaries could only sit down with gloomy faces, looking angry but not daring to say anything.

The problem was that even after Blackie left, they did not dare to take revenge on Li Mao.

What if Blackie thought of this small fry again?

When the time came to investigate, they would either leave Jiangzhou immediately or wait for death…

“The wine is here~”

Fortunately, at this time, Marvin came over with a cup of wine.

Blackie looked at the colorful glasses in front of him, bent down slightly, and sniffed them.


Blackie sneezed from the alcohol, and its fur was trembling.

The entire bear looked sleek.

“Boss Ma, is your wine mixed? Why does Master Blackie seem to dislike it after smelling it?”

“Get lost!”

Hearing the mercenary’s ridicule, Marvin awkwardly retorted.

“I’ve carefully brewed it in a winery!”

Then, he immediately looked at Blackie and asked curiously.

“Has Master Black had a drink before?”

Blackie shook his head.


“Then I recommend that you drink this first. It’s green plum bamboo wine. It’s sweeter and less exciting.”

“Moreover, it’s brewed from the deep mountain bamboo and green plums in the Hundred Thousand Mountains in the south. It’s very gentle and fragrant.”

Marvin said and moved the other glasses away, leaving only the light green wine.

Hearing Marvin say that the green wine in front of him was brewed from bamboo, Blackie’s eyes lit up and he was immediately interested.

Then, he bent his bear paw slightly and picked up the glass of wine. Then, he raised his head and drank it in one gulp.

Feeling the stimulation in his mouth, Blackie closed his eyes slightly.

Feeling the stimulation from his mouth to his throat and finally to his stomach, Blackie opened his eyes and handed the cup to Marvin.

“One more!”

“No, many more glasses!”

Seeing how much Blackie liked it, Marvin was overjoyed.

“I’ll get someone to get it for you now!”

As for the other wines, they naturally went to Li Mao.

This guy thought that since he was the one who was spending the money, he might as well drink with all his might.

After all, these wines amounted to his commission for the past few days.

Usually, he would only order wine when he occasionally made a small fortune.

However, if he followed behind Blackie, wouldn’t he be able to make a greater fortune?

This money was equivalent to an investment.

After thinking it through, Li Mao felt that the wine tasted much sweeter.

As time passed, more and more mercenaries came to the Beast Tavern to see Blackie.

They filled up all the seats in the tavern.

All of them watched as Blackie drank cup after cup of wine. Beside him was a pale green-haired young man.

After all, the wine that Blackie drank cost half a Level 1 crystal core!

And Blackie had already drunk ten glasses!

This was five Level 1 crystal cores!

5,000, no, it should be 6,000 to 7,000 credits now.

His income for more than half a month!

Li Mao could no longer be happy.

The incomparably sweet wine that he had drunk previously instantly became bitter.

He only hoped that he could follow behind Blackie later and pick up today’s “losses”.


After drinking the twelfth cup of wine, Blackie finally burped under Li Mao’s frightened gaze and stopped.

It was comfortable!

“It’s delicious!”

“I’ll drink it every day from now on!”

When Marvin heard this, the smile on his face was as if he had won a prize worth tens of millions, covering his eyes.


“You’re welcome to come anytime! I don’t have much here, but I definitely have enough wine!”

Blackie nodded. After giving Marvin a five-star rating, he stood up unsteadily and placed his claws on Li Mao’s shoulder.

“Come on, let’s get down to business!”

“Lead the way. After you’re done, I’m going home to sleep!”

Li Mao looked at Lao Hei, who was walking a little unsteadily in front of him and speaking a little loudly. He suddenly felt a little guilty.

Would it be able to complete the mission if it went like this?

Why did it feel like it was very unreliable?

However, he was in no position to say no. He was only a human-shaped hand-in-hand for Blackie. There was no way he could express his opinion.

After coming out of the tavern, Blackie, Li Mao, and the others were followed by many mercenaries.

It was obvious that they all wanted to take a share of the loot.

Of course, their reasons were also very dignified.

To put it nicely—help Uncle Blackie save the citizens of Jiangzhou City who had been poisoned by these underground mercenaries.
Li Mao naturally scoffed at this.

But since Blackie had no objections, it was impossible for him to say anything.

Moreover, in addition to fighting, the ways of the world were also very important.

He was already very arrogant in the tavern just now.

However, that was just verbal.

If he continued to have conflicts of interest with these mercenaries, they would really have the strength to secretly kill him.

Although Li Mao’s strength was insufficient, he was still very smart.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been the only one to successfully connect with Blackie when so many people had seen him.

After walking for more than half an hour, Li Mao brought Blackie to a slightly older block in the east district.

Then, he turned to look at Blackie.

“Master Black!”

“Here, this street is full of gambling.”

Li Mao’s bent back was exactly the same as those guides in movies.