I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe-Chapter 677 - I Like To Be Reasonable (1)

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677 I Like To Be Reasonable (1)
Looking at the ordinary street in front of him, Blackie, the “young bear” who was inexperienced in the world, looked at Li Mao beside him in confusion.

“In here?”

Shouldn’t casinos be very luxurious places?

Blackie had watched a lot of pre-war movies.

Compared to the manor that he had destroyed last night, it was obvious.

Compared to there, this place was no different from a slum.

It didn’t look like a place where a big shot was.

However, Li Mao nodded with certainty.

“This is the place.”

“They build their places underground.”

“Because this place is at the edge of the city gate. If the city is broken through, the damage to the buildings on the ground will be huge.”

To the bosses of the taverns and various shops, there was nothing they could do.

For the sake of business, they can only choose to open a shop in the square at the east gate.

However, these underground mercenaries did not have such concerns.

As long as they were still around, they could open another place at any time.

“Okay, then. Where’s the entrance?”

“Come with me!”

“They shouldn’t have opened for business yet. None of the people in the nest are innocent.”

Li Mao could be said to be quite a thorough guide.

He didn’t care that there were so many mercenaries watching from behind and directly sold all the information about these underground mercenaries without any hesitation.

It made the mercenaries behind feel a little worried for no reason.

Could it be that this green-furred turtle was going to sell them too?

After all, in this day and age, not many people had a clean bottom.

Everyone had been through a bloodbath. Who didn’t use some shameful methods?

If this green-furred turtle blurted it out and asked Dojo Master Lin’s beast to “uphold justice”, wouldn’t everyone die?

Li Mao did not know that because of his act of leading the way, there were already people who started to be vigilant.

At this moment, he was bringing Blackie to the front of an alley when he was stopped by two fierce-looking bald men.

“Stop right there!”

“What are you doing? The business hasn’t started yet. If you want to play, come back in the afternoon!”

Li Mao looked at the two tall Level 3 mercenaries in front of him and turned to look at Blackie.

At the same time, the two mercenaries who were guarding the door followed Li Mao’s gaze and saw Blackie, who was following behind him silently.

“What are you doing, my friend?”

In the eyes of these two mercenaries, this black and white bear should be a mercenary’s special ability.

Some people’s beast transformation was indeed very obvious.

They had seen quite a few of them.

Therefore, they did not think of it being a beast at all.

Besides, not all mercenaries accepted beasts.

And these underground mercenaries were the group of people who did not accept them.
It was not that they had any objections to the beasts.

It was because they had their own rules and did not want to suddenly accept a new thing to change the current situation of the underground mercenaries.

Even if they wanted to accept beasts, they had to do it step by step.


Today, the beast came to knock on their door…

“Me? I’m here to cause trouble for you!”

Blackie opened his big mouth and punched the two mercenaries who were guarding the door to the ground, spitting out fluids.

If Lin Ye had not told him not to start a massacre, their bodies would not have been intact.

Following Blackie’s actions, Li Mao went up and eagerly opened the rusty iron door beside the alley.

Looking at their actions, the mercenaries behind hesitated for a moment and didn’t choose to follow.

After all, they could still say that they were watching the show if they stayed outside.

However, if they did not make a move after entering, they would have really offended both sides.

However, they were not worried about offending the underground mercenaries.

After all, judging from the situation today, it was hard to say how many of those reputable underground mercenaries would survive.

Other than watching the show, they were waiting here because they wanted to take their share of the loot.

After all, who didn’t like to eat?

And it was the kind that didn’t cost money…

“Brother, do you think there will be a fight down there?”

“Isn’t that inevitable?”

“How long will it take to end the battle?”

“This… seems to be the territory of the Boss Tiger, right?”


“It’ll take at least ten minutes, right? I remember that the creeper doesn’t have any other skills, but it can still take a beating.”

“I think we have to see if it uses the golden breath from before. If it uses it…”

Just as the mercenaries were wondering how long it would take for Blackie to come back up after he went down, they saw the door that had been closed for less than two minutes being opened again.

Then, Blackie, who had a round belly and a satisfied expression, and Li Mao, who had a dull expression on his face, walked out.

“Alright, I’ll leave those things to you. Exchange them for money. Remember to send them to the dojo when the time comes. I have to use them to buy wine.”

When Li Mao heard Blackie’s words, he nodded in a daze.

Then, he mechanically led Blackie to the next place.

After the man and bear left, the group of mercenaries looked at the iron door at the underground entrance in a daze.

This… so fast?

In just a few sentences?

Just as everyone was in a daze, the sound of wild shrieks and howls came from the iron door.