I Possessed a Demon Sovereign-Chapter 508 - : 506. The Top of the Red Dust’s Ten Heroes

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Chapter 508: 506. The Top of the Red Dust’s Ten Heroes

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At this moment, Chen Luoyang already knew why Daoist Banhai’s body had such a strange reaction.

This clone was formed by combining the power of the Heavenly Book with the word “Illusion” and the Heavenly Book with the word “Life”, using the Tusita Heavenly Net from the Green Bull Temple and the White Jade Dragon Bone from the Blue Dragon Island as the foundation.

At this moment, the person who came from the distance was from the Blue Dragon Island.

Moreover, his strength was far superior to Han Zheng, the Jade Dragon.

The other party’s aura had affected the White Jade Dragon Bone in Half-Sea Path’s body, so Chen Luoyang had sensed it long ago.

As expected, a mighty dragon roar resounded through the world as it rapidly approached.

Judging from Han Mei’s expression, she clearly knew him.

Chen Luoyang looked over through Daoist Banhai’s perspective and saw a green Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud instantly envelop the sky above.

In the Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud, black scales and claws were faintly discernible.

The majestic and overbearing aura almost made him think that the Azure Dragon Island Master was here personally.

Upon closer inspection, this Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud was ultimately less dense and vigorous compared to the Azure Dragon Island Master.

However, the immense pressure was still suffocating.

Chen Luoyang had only seen such might from the Sunset King Zheng Chi, who had fought against a group of peak Martial Saints after cultivating Nuwa. Compared to Elder Zheng that day, this cloud was not only majestic but also gave off a strange aura that made people feel cold.

Recalling the information he had read about the Blue Dragon Island, a name instantly appeared in Chen Luoyang’s mind.

Wei Chaoran also recognized who it was at a glance.

However, before he could say anything, the green Dragon Awe Auspicious

Cloud above suddenly descended.

“Release him.”

Human voices sounded from within the auspicious cloud, mixing with the dragon’s roar, it was terrifying.

Wei Chaoran was expressionless and unmoved.”Xu Peng, since when did your

Blue Dragon Island become interested in Western Qin?”

A figure slowly walked out of the azure auspicious cloud. It was a young man of medium build.

The person looked to be less than thirty years old. He was dressed in black, and there was a dragon pattern on the exposed skin on the right side of his neck.

When Chen Luoyang saw the other party, he thought to himself that it was indeed the case.

In the Blue Dragon Island, other than the Blue Dragon Island Lord, the only other person with such power was the black-robed youth in front of him.

The legendary leader of the ten heroes of the world.

Dragon King Xu Peng.

He was one of the few people closest to the Martial Honored Realm in the current mortal world.

The Ten Heroes of the Red Dust were all geniuses, and their cultivation levels were more or less different.

Two of them were one step ahead of the others and had already reached the eighteenth realm.

Moreover, both of them were among the top ten Martial Saints in the Red Dust World.

One of them was Xu Peng, the number one person among the younger generation of the Blue Dragon Island. The Blue Dragon Island Lord had personally given him the honorific title of ” Dragon King “. He was publicly acknowledged as the leader of the Red Dust Ten Heroes and was an existence that could compete for the strongest Martial Saint below the magnates.

His prestige was so great that it even faintly overshadowed the strongest of his generation, such as the Little Sword Immortal of the Heavenly River, the Crazy Demon Monk of the Bitter Sea, and Wei Ling of Eastern Zhou.

“We have no interest in Western Qin.” The youth in black came to Wei Chaoran, Han Mei, and Daoist Banhai.

Wei Chaoran looked straight at Xu Peng and nodded.”l’ve heard of your character. Since you said so, I trust you.

I won’t make things difficult for this woman, but she has a close relationship with the West Qin people. I need her to tell me the whereabouts of that West Qin person.”

“Can you believe me too?” Han Mei asked. I told you, I don’t know where that person is!”

“You heard that?” Xu Peng looked at Wei Chaoran calmly.

“Did you hear what I said?” Wei Chaoran asked expressionlessly. She must tell me the whereabouts of that West Qin person.”

“It’s not necessary.” Xu Peng said.

As he spoke, the Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud around him gave birth to streaks of green-black clouds. They were like whips that wrapped around Wei Chaoran.

Wei Chaoran’s expression didn’t change as he was already on guard.

He grabbed onto Hanmei and didn’t let go. He picked up the godly spear in his hand and stabbed it at Xu Peng!

He had used all his strength in this spear attack, and it seemed to have surpassed the level he had used to fight the Sheming Demon Monk.

Xu Peng’s reputation was known to the world. He was ranked among the top ten Martial Saints in the Red Dust. He was even above the second strongest expert in Misery, Shexin Demon Monk, and far surpassed Sheming Demon Monk.

Although Wei Chaoran was fearless, he knew that this opponent was much more powerful than the Demon Monk She Ming.

Xu Peng had already reached the peak of the Azure Dragon Ten Absolutes, the supreme whip technique passed down by the Azure Dragon Island.

There were even rumors that he was modifying the Azure Dragon Ten Absolutes. When the news spread, it shook the world.

Wei Chaoran was the one who understood this the most.

He and Wei Ling had improved their Dragon-Tiger Seven Saint Spears after borrowing many secret techniques from the Eastern Zhou royal family.

Now, the Dragon-Tiger Seven Holy Spears could finally contend against the sacred land’s secret arts.

The Azure Dragon Ten Absolutes was a sacred land’s ultimate technique, so the difficulty of improving it was undoubtedly higher.

To a certain extent, Blue Dragon Island Master and Xu Peng were in a similar situation as Wei Chaoran and Wei Ling.

Wei Ling’s spear skills were already above Wei Chaoran’s, but his current level was inferior, and he was not as experienced as Wei Chaoran. As for Xu Peng, he was also showing signs of surpassing his master.

The target he wanted to surpass was a powerhouse.

Facing such an opponent, Wei Chaoran naturally didn’t dare to underestimate him. He immediately went all out.

The Dragon Tiger Seven Holy Spears were swift, fierce, and unpredictable. They were all combined into one attack and pointed at Xu Peng’s heart.

Wei Chaoran had already made up his mind to decide the winner in the first move. He would not give his opponent a chance to whip him. The speed of the spear in his hand had increased to the extreme.

However, Xu Peng had no intention of taking his weapon.

He simply raised his hand.

In front of Wei Chaoran, a dragon suddenly appeared and roared.

The Old Dragon wrapped around the spear, and the spear could not move forward.

Chen Luoyang looked over through Daoist Banhai’s perspective and saw Xu Peng holding onto Wei Chaoran’s divine spear with one hand.

The spearhead was very close to Xu Peng’s chest, but it did not move at all.

The sharp edge seemed to be suppressed by the invisible dragon’s might, unable to burst out from the tip of the spear.

Xu Peng looked at Wei Chaoran calmly. ” Let him go. Leave. I won’t repeat myself. ‘

Wei Chaoran’s expression remained calm and composed.”The Dragon King lives up to his reputation. I’ve wasted my decades on you, which makes me feel ashamed. But I still have the final say on whether to let you go or not.”

The whiplash-like green and black air currents wrapped around Wei Chaoran and Han Mei, trying to snatch Han Mei from Wei Chaoran’s hands.

However, Wei Chaoran’s body was surging with wind and clouds. Green light flashed as he resisted the green and black airflow. At the same time, he held onto Han Mei tightly.

In terms of strength, he was inferior to Xu Peng.

In the Yangtze River, the new wave pushed the previous wave. Xu Peng had the ability to slap Wei Chaoran to death on the beach.

However, Han Mei’s cultivation was too low compared to Wei Chaoran’s, so Wei Chaoran could easily kill her.

If she could resist Wei Chaoran’s attack, Xu Peng would be able to save her.

But for her safety, Xu Peng couldn’t make too big of a move, so he couldn’t stop Wei Chaoran from killing her.

Even though he had torn Wei Chaoran into pieces, Han Mei was still in Wei Chaoran’s hands.

However, Xu Peng’s expression was indifferent and he was not anxious at all.

Seeing this, Wei Chaoran frowned. He wasn’t sure if the other party was pretending to be calm.

At this moment, Daoist Banhai’s voice suddenly sounded from the side, “”This Miss Han is not from the Blue Dragon Island. To be precise, she is a relative of a disciple of the Blue Dragon Island.

Xu Peng was looking for her to find out more about her sister, Han Zheng, who was also the direct descendant of Blue Dragon Island.

If you can’t find out, you won’t suffer a fatal loss, but Wei Chaoran, you’re really going to die here.

Is it worth it to exchange your life like this?”

.. “Wei Chaoran’s heart sank.

Xu Peng glanced at Chen Luoyang’s incarnation, Daoist Banhai. However, he didn’t say anything and only nodded slightly. Then, his gaze returned to Wei


“Not just you, but your Wei Clan as well.” Xu Peng said quietly.

Wei Chaoran’s eyes suddenly flashed with a cold light.

Green light burst forth from the divine spear in his hand.

However, Xu Peng’s arm trembled slightly. Not only did it suppress the green light, but it also slightly distorted the spear shaft.

The violent and restrained power made Wei Chaoran’s spear unable to move.

Chen Luoyang watched on with interest.

Martial artists were competitive and could be killed but not humiliated.

Xu Peng’s words just now would normally only have the opposite effect, forcing Wei Chaoran to fight to the death.

But he didn’t seem to care.

Perhaps he really didn’t care about Han Mei’s life or death.

Or was he too confident?

“Your third son, Wei Zheng, is currently in this Yong Yue mountain range. saw it just now,” said Xu Peng calmly.

Wei Chaoran narrowed his eyes, a fierce glint flashing in them.

“Your eldest son, Wei Ling, as long as I know where he is, it won’t be hard to kill him.” Xu Peng’s tone did not fluctuate at all, as if he was not talking about a powerhouse who was also known as the Red Dust Ten Heroes.

“It’s even simpler for the rest of the Wei family.”

Although the two of them did not continue to fight, the terrifying aura of the confrontation shattered the surrounding mountains and rivers.

Daoist Banhai, who had transformed into Chen Luoyang, smiled. ‘”‘Actually, just losing three Martial Saints is enough to make the Wei Clan suffer. In the past few decades, the Wei Clan has risen and offended many people in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you offend others. The key is that the marriage alliance with the imperial family didn’t succeed more than ten years ago. Instead, you offended the later Empress of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.”

Wei Chaoran took a deep breath.

That Daoist had exposed the most uneasy point in his heart.

If it was the Qin Emperor or the Chu Emperor, regardless of whether they were afraid of the Wei Clan’s rise or not, they would still protect the Wei Clan in the face of external enemies.

However, it was hard to say for sure about the Emperor of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, who liked and disliked things at will and had the ambition to be a fatuous ruler…

Wei Chaoran stood there silently for a long time before letting out a long breath.

He finally let go of Han Mei.

Xu Peng’s expression was calm as he released the hand holding the spear in front of him, as if he was not worried that Wei Chaoran would take the opportunity to continue stabbing.

Wei Chaoran didn’t continue to attack. He put away his spear and left without looking at Han Mei and Taoist Banhai.

Xu Peng’s words must be carried out, he did not make things difficult, let Wei Chaoran leave.

Chen Luoyang watched the confrontation between Xu Peng and Wei Chaoran as many thoughts surfaced in his mind..