I Possessed a Demon Sovereign-Chapter 509 - : 507. Places That Can Be Used

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Chapter 509: 507. Places That Can Be Used

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Chen Luoyang was deep in thought as he watched Wei Chaoran leave.

As one of the two Commanders of the Eastern Zhou Army, Wei Chaoran was not afraid of death.

Xu Peng was stronger than him, so he could not make him compromise.

At most, they would just go their separate ways. He would kill Han Mei, and Xu Peng would kill him.

It seemed to be a bit of a dispute, but it was not worth it.

However, if he did not even have such a temperament, Wei Chaoran would not be able to advance to the eighteenth realm, the peak of the Martial Saint Realm.

However, Wei Chaoran cared more about personal honor than life and death.

Therefore, he finally gave in and retreated when facing Dragon King Xu Peng.

This Eastern Zhou Dynasty’s Great General Ding Yuan valued the rise and fall of the Wei Clan’s inheritance even more.

After hundreds of years of hard work, generations of people had finally reached an unprecedented peak in his hands. In Wei Chaoran’s heart, this was his greatest pride and life achievement.

Moreover, there might even be a better future waiting for the Wei Clan.

His two sons, Wei Ling and Wei Zheng, were both dragons and phoenixes among men. They had a bright future ahead of them, and they were already showing signs of surpassing their master.

If they managed it well in the future, there might be a possibility of a Martial Honor powerhouse emerging in the Wei Clan.

At that time, the Wei family would be in a completely different situation.

But before that, they still had to work hard and endure hardships.

Right now, the Wei Clan was at its peak, but the crisis behind the glory was shocking and felt like they were treading on thin ice.

In recent years, their situation in Eastern Zhou had become more and more awkward.

Other places also seemed to be paying attention to the Wei family.

If he was careless and made a wrong move, all his previous efforts might be wasted or even consigned to eternal damnation.

The next few months would be the most critical period for the Wei family.

It was like transcending a tribulation. If he succeeded, he would be like a carp leaping over the dragon gate. If there was a problem, it might not be as simple as suffering a great loss of vitality.

As the current head of the Wei family, Wei Chaoran was especially vigilant.

Before this, although they had heard of the Dragon King Xu Peng’s reputation, they had never had direct contact.

After meeting for the first time today and exchanging a simple move, Wei Chaoran was convinced that Xu Peng was not only well-known, but many rumors were not even enough to describe his strength.

This young man, who was similar in age to Wei Ling, was even more terrifying than the rumors said.

If the Eastern Zhou royal family did not intervene, Xu Peng said he would exterminate the Wei family. Under the current circumstances, he really had the ability to do it.

It was often said that the Dragon King’s words were of great weight and that he would keep his word. This was supported by extremely strong strength.

In Wei Chaoran’s judgment, the Ten Heroes of the Red Dust of the younger generation were no longer worthy of Xu Peng.

Just like the Empress of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the weight of such a figure could no longer be measured by age and seniority.

If the other party resorted to unscrupulous means, the destructive power would be too shocking, and the Wei Clan would not be able to bear it.

In other words, even if the Wei Family was destined to fight to the death and even be destroyed, it was not worth it to go all out for Han Mei.

Wei Chaoran quickly calmed down.

Although he was unwilling, he still let go of Han Mei and left.

Chen Luoyang could see through the thoughts of the Great General Wei by the side.

He had helped Han Mei to save her life earlier as a test, but now it seemed that Wei Chaoran’s thoughts were not without the possibility of making an issue out of it.

As for the number one direct disciple of the Blue Dragon Island, Xu Peng …

Chen Luoyang glanced at him.

His strength was indeed extraordinary. Without moving the Azure Dragon Ten Absolutes, he easily locked down Wei Chaoran’s Dragon Tiger Seven Saint Spears with his bare hands.

Whether Zheng Chi, who had cultivated to Nuwa, could be so relaxed as to make Wei Chaoran retreat in the face of difficulties was probably a question mark.

However, compared to his strength, Chen Luoyang paid more attention to Xu Peng’s style of handling matters.

The Blue Dragon Island was indeed worthy of being one of the sacred lands of the demonic path.

Dragon King Xu Peng perfectly displayed the temperament of his sect.

At the same time, he was cold and closed, domineering and fierce, not taking human lives seriously.

It matched perfectly with the rumors that his master, Island Lord Bao Lvqi, had spread in the mortal world.

The Azure Dragon Island Master only looked like a kind old lady in front of the Demon Venerable and his close disciples…

However, Xu Peng was a man of his word, and he did things in an open and aboveboard manner. Apart from being aloof and cold, he also revealed the arrogance in his heart.

Unfortunately, their contact was still limited, and they couldn’t see anything of value for the time being.

Chen Luoyang thought quickly.

“Thank you very much, Dragon King. It’s a good thing you’re here,” Han Mei thanked Xu Peng.

” Master summoned Junior Martial Sister Han, ” Xu Peng said calmly. ” But he lost contact with her, so I came to take a look. Did you guys get separated too? ‘

” Yes, it just so happened that the Dark Sea rose from the ground and swallowed the mountains. ” “I’ve lost my sister. I don’t know where she is now.” Han Mei smiled bitterly.

Xu Peng nodded. ” It’s fine. I’ll continue to look for her. Come with me so that

Junior Sister Han won’t have to look for you again after we find her. ‘

“Thank you for your care, Dragon King.” Han Mei had met Xu Peng before and knew that he didn’t care about the Dragon Slaying Skill.

In the eyes of the Dragon King of the Black Dragon Island, the Dragon Slaying Skill was just a martial art. Whether or not he could kill the dragon depended on who the dragon was.

“Thank you for your help just now.” Han Mei thanked the Half-Sea Daoist that Chen Luoyang had transformed into.

It was true that Wei Chaoran was no match for Xu Peng.

However, it would not be difficult for the top expert of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to take her life.

Although the Dragon King didn’t mind the name of the Dragon Slaying Skill, he didn’t pay special attention to her either.

She was from the same sect as Jade Dragon Han Zheng, not Han Mei.

The reason why she saved her today was to find her sister.

If something really happened to the Han Second Young Lady, it was not a big deal to Xu Peng.

Of course, the Dragon King was a man of his word. If Wei Chaoran dared to attack, he would kill him on the spot and then go to Wei Ling and Wei Zheng.

However, the problem was that even if the Wei family was really exterminated at that time, it would be impossible for Second Young Lady Han to come back to life.

Therefore, Han Mei was also grateful to Daoist Banhai, who had helped Wei Chaoran put pressure on him and persuaded him to give up.

“You’re welcome. I just happened to meet you.” Daoist Banhai smiled.

Xu Peng’s gaze also landed on Daoist Banhai.

His gaze was more penetrating than Wei Chaoran’s.

“We’ve met before.” Although Xu Peng said so, his tone carried a rare hint of doubt.

Chen Luoyang thought to himself, You should have seen the White Jade Dragon Bone that the Azure Dragon Island Lord gifted me.

Daoist Banhai’s clone looked calm, but he smiled mysteriously. “”l’m also a

‘dragon’, but I’m different from the direct descendant of your Blue Dragon Island, Layman Xu.”

Xu Peng sized up Taoist Banhai and remained silent.

“The Dark Sea is unstable, and the danger can be great or small. Since you are looking for your fellow disciples, I won’t disturb you any further. We will part ways here. I believe we will meet again in the future. ” Daoist Banhai said with a smile.

Xu Peng looked at him again and nodded. “”Goodbye.”

After saying that, he immediately left with Han Mei.

Chen Luoyang nodded his head as he watched the green Dragon Awe Auspicious Cloud disappear into the horizon.

Cold, solitary, closed off, and did not like to interact with the outside world.

If not for this, the Black Dragon Island might have been even more powerful than the Fusang Island in the past.

As he pondered, Chen Luoyang also left his original spot to search for Leng Ji who had just escaped.

In order to observe Han Mei, he had to temporarily put Leng Ji aside. Now it was time to pick it up again.

As for Han Mei…

Chen Luoyang’s gaze revealed a look of amusement.

Unlike when he was watching the battle between Han Mei and the Unpeaceful Demon Monk, he seemed to have been affected by bad luck. This time, he was safe and sound.

However, it was hard to determine whether it was because the time was not long enough for it to flare up, or because Han Mei had focused all her “power” on Wei Chaoran.

More experiments and observations were needed…Chen Luoyang thought to himself.

He collected his thoughts and focused his attention on finding Leng Ji’s whereabouts.

According to the latest update from the white jade bottle, Leng Ji had indeed fallen into the hands of the descendant of the Misery Sea.

The Demon Monk She Ming had indeed done something to Leng Ji back then.

While he was restraining Wei Chaoran, the other Misery Sea’s descendants used their secret techniques to track Leng Ji.

He had not recovered from his injuries, and he had been through a series of fierce battles. Moreover, he had just been severely injured by Wei Chaoran, so his body was in a worse condition.

He was soon found and caught up by a small team of Misery’s experts.

Although Leng Ji was fierce, he was unable to break through the enemy’s encirclement. In the end, he was trapped in a valley.

The people in the Bitter Sea wanted to capture him alive, so they did not try to force themselves to surround him. They only surrounded the valley.

If they delayed for a little longer, more experts from Misery would arrive.

Chen Luoyang, who had transformed into Daoist Banhai, rushed to the valley at his fastest speed.

Before he got close, he saw a black ball of light from afar.

From within the light ball, a faint chanting sound that made one’s heart upset could be heard.

The chanting seemed to be sealed within the ball of light, enveloping the valley.

After Chen Luoyang made a rough analysis, he knew that this was a Martial Saint expert who had been passed down from Misery Sea. He had used the two moves of the Buddha’s Devil Palm, Breaking Maha and Devil’s Crossing All Lives, at the same time.

However, it seemed that he was only a Martial Saint of the sixteenth realm and not a top Martial Saint like the Demon Monk She Ming of the eighteenth realm.

She Ming the Demon Monk was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he was entangled with Wei Chaoran or the top experts of the Western Qin Imperial Family, so he couldn’t make it to the valley in time.

The other experts of Misery were in charge of the valley.

Right now, they were clearly trying to purify the coldness in the valley.

Although Leng Ji couldn’t use the two black dragon energies freely, if he could urge the black dragon to devour his body, even Wei Chaoran wouldn’t be able to stop him.

However, the ultimate techniques in the world had their own strengths.

The lineage of the Misery Sea was now using the combination of the Demonic Purification of All Living Beings and the Breaking Maha to launch an attack against Leng Ji’s spirit, trying to purify him and make him give up resisting and committing suicide.

Leng Ji, who was weakened by his heavy injuries, was on the verge of collapse. He wanted to activate the Black Dragon Qi in his body, but he was unable to do so. He could only hold on to his will.

Just as Chen Luoyang was considering whether or not to make a move, he suddenly noticed that there was a young monk among the people of Misery who seemed to be acting strangely..