I Refused to Be a Substitute, and Shot to Fame on a Variety Show With My Mother-In-Law-Chapter 721 - : Wei Yu Had Already Disappeared for a Long Time (1)

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Chapter 721: Wei Yu Had Already Disappeared for a Long Time (1)

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At the same time, Pei Jiao was already in the hospital. However, after confirming that she was pregnant and that there were signs of a precursor abortion, she did not immediately decide to undergo an abortion.

She folded her arms and walked slowly down the hospital corridor, saying, “It’s past the time of the drug flow. There’s going to be surgery… but I’m afraid of the pain. I’ve never had surgery before…”

Qin Zhuoning, who had been accompanying her, comforted her. “This surgery is harmful to the body. If… you can’t bear to part with it, don’t do it. I acknowledge this child.”

“It’s not that I can’t bear to, it’s just fear…” Pei Jiao immediately denied it. She shook her head at Qin Zhuoning. “Besides, this is my own fault. Why do you have to get involved? It has nothing to do with you.”

She pretended to sound relaxed, as if she did not understand what Qin Zhuoning meant. Qin Zhuoning placed his hand on Pei Jiao’s shoulder. “Jiaojiao.”

Pei Jiao lowered her eyes, her black eyelashes trembling slightly. She did not dare to look at Qin Zhuoning again. A nurse passed by the corridor. Qin Zhuoning pulled Pei Jiao aside and said to her, “This isn’t meddling. I want to take responsibility.”

Pei Jiao smiled bitterly when she heard this. She pried away Qin Zhuonings hand on her shoulder. “Brother Zhuoning, what nonsense are you talking about? This child isn’t yours. Why are you taking responsibility?”

“Pei Jiao!” Qin Zhuoning suddenly called her by her full name, his voice slightly low.

The nurse who passed by turned to look at the two of them, then reminded them kindly, “1Keep your voice down in the hospital.”

Qin Zhuoning said to the nurse, “Sorry.” He did not say anything else. Instead, he pulled Pei Jiao out of the hospital.

After returning to the car, he continued the topic. However, just as he finished speaking, Pei Jiao interrupted him. “Brother Zhuoning, I know how you feel.”

Qin Zhuoning was stunned. Looking at Pei Jiao’s current attitude, what he wanted to say turned into helplessness. “Jiaojiao…”

Pei Jiao was a little tired. She pressed her temples to ease the soreness. “Drive me home.’

In the end, Qin Zhuoning did not tell her his feelings. He knew that she wouldn’t want to hear it even if he said it. It would only add to her troubles. Just as he was about to drive, a black car drove past in front of Qin Zhuonings car. Soon, the door opened and Wen Qiong got out.

Qin Zhuoning recognized the car. It was Wen Ye, so he naturally recognized the woman who got out of the car. It was Wen Ye’s sister, Wen Qiong.

Judging from Wen Qiongs anxious manner, she must be looking for Pei Jiao.

“Jiaojiao,” Qin Zhuoning called her softly.

Pei Jiao lowered her hand and looked at Qin Zhuoning. “Huh?”

Qin Zhuoning gestured for her to look out of the car window. “She should be looking for you.”

Pei Jiao glanced sideways and saw Wen Qiong standing outside the car. Without hesitation, she pushed open the car door and got out.

“Wen Qiong,” Pei Jiao shouted.

At this moment, Wen Qiong could no longer care about her usual image. She walked forward and grabbed Pei Jiao’s arm. She sized up her entire body and asked, “Is it gone?”

Pei Jiao’s reaction was not slow. She guessed that Wen Qiong must know about her pregnancy and that she might have a miscarriage when she came to the hospital.

Wen Ye had introduced the old Chinese doctor. It did not seem strange for Wen Qiong to know, but she was a little surprised that Wen Qiong knew so quickly.

“Is it really gone?” Wen Qiong asked nervously again.

Pei Jiao nodded her head.

Wen Qiong sighed. “What a pity.”

Pei Jiao said, “What’s there to pity? We’re not the same kind of people.”

“You can’t wait to draw a line with Wei Yu. Wei Yu can’t bear to leave you. There’s no sign of him now. I don’t know when he’ll come back.” After saying that, Wen Qiong sighed and urged Pei Jiao, “Hurry up and get into the car. Don’t get cold. You’re very weak now.”

Wen Qiong thought that Pei Jiao had already undergone an abortion. This abortion was equivalent to minor confinement, so she had to pay more attention. However, Pei Jiao did not enter the car. She suddenly grabbed Wen Qiongs hand and asked, “You just said that you don’t know where Wei Yu went?”

Wen Qiong was stunned. “It seems that you don’t know?”

“l…” Pei Jiao shook her head, then was stunned. “How could that be? Didn’t he return to the base?”

“He did not go back to the base. Wei Yu has disappeared for a long time. The entire Wei family is hiding it now,” Wen Qiong said with a sigh..