I Refused to Be a Substitute, and Shot to Fame on a Variety Show With My Mother-In-Law-Chapter 722 - : Let Wei Yu Know (1)

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Chapter 722: Let Wei Yu Know (1)

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A few minutes later, Pei Jiao returned to the car.

Qin Zhuoning could tell that her expression was not right. He guessed that Wen Qiong had probably said something about Wei Yu when she came to look for Pei Jiao. He was not sure what she had said, but it was definitely not something good.

After Wen Ye drove away, Qin Zhuoning asked her, “Is it related to Wei Yu?”

Pei Jiao’s thoughts were in a daze, and she did not hear Qin Zhuoning for the first time. It was only when he reached over and patted her shoulder that she barely came back to her senses. She looked at him in confusion. “What?” Qin Zhuoning felt extremely uncomfortable. “Is there news of Wei Yu?”

Pei Jiao shook her head and said vaguely, “I’m not sure.”

Qin Zhuoning took in Pei Jiao’s reaction. “Wen Qiong must have been looking for you to tell you about Wei Yu.”

Pei Jiao lowered her eyes. “l don’t know. Don’t ask me.”

Qin Zhuoning could not tell what Pei Jiao was thinking. He could only guess from Pei Jiao’s reaction. Either Wen Qiong was also here to ask Pei Jiao about Wei Yu, so Pei Jiao did not know anything now, or Wei Yu was fine now and Pei Jiao knew, so she was indifferent.

He rather hoped it would be the latter. It would be best if Wei Yu was safe and sound now. The two of them would draw the line between them from now on. As for that child…

Qin Zhuonings gaze landed on Pei Jiao’s abdomen. Pei Jiao sensed his gaze and instinctively raised her hand to cover her abdomen. Qin Zhuoning lowered his eyes sadly and placed his hand on the steering wheel. “I’ll take you home first.’

“I’m not going home yet,” Pei Jiao suddenly said. “l want to go to Beike’s.”

Qin Zhuoning replied imperceptibly, “Isn’t Beike not back yet?”

“He is.” Pei Jiao looked out of the car window. “He returned the day before yesterday.”

Qin Zhuoning vaguely knew why Pei Jiao was looking for Beike at this time.

Coincidentally, Wen Qiong had come over. So she’s looking for Beike about Wei Yu. Out of selfishness, Qin Zhuoning persuaded her, “Have you forgotten what the doctor told you not long ago? You have signs of a miscarriage. You can’t run around. It’s best to lie in bed and rest.’

Pei Jiao knew whether he reminded her or not because her lower abdomen still hurt.

“l won’t wander off.” She forced a smile.

Qin Zhuoning couldn’t do anything to her. He thought to himself, Forget it, let her be.

Half an hour later, Pei Jiao arrived at Beike’s residence.

Qin Zhuoning wanted to send Pei Jiao in, but Pei Jiao rejected him. “No need. I come here often. 1 can go by myself. I’ve dampened your spirits today. I’ll definitely make it up to you next time.”

Qin Zhuoning didn’t like to hear her polite words. They were so distant that they couldn’t even be considered friends.

“Don’t say this in the future.” Qin Zhuoning watched her leave. “I’ll smoke here for a while before leaving. Go in first.” As he spoke, he took out his cigarette box.

Pei Jiao’s gaze lingered on the cigarette box in his hand for a moment before she turned around and went in.

As Pei Jiao’s figure disappeared at the entrance, Qin Zhuonings car did not leave for a long time. His thin arm resting on the window sill, a cigarette between his fingertips. He did not smoke it until it burned out.

Pei Jiao knew the password to Beike’s house. She knocked on the door for a long time, but no one came to open it. She entered the password and entered it.

Stepping into the entryway, she bumped into Beike, who had come late to open the door. Compared to Pei Jiao, who looked too pale because of her discomfort, Beike looked like he was terminally ill.

Dark circles under his eyes, his lips bloodless, and he was quite dispirited. Seeing him like this, Pei Jiao had the illusion that she had entered the wrong door.

“Beike?” Pei Jiao called his name uncertainly.

Beike looked at Pei Jiao steadily for a long time, then turned around and walked towards the fridge. “Why is it you? I thought there was a thief.”

Pei Jiao endured the discomfort and walked in. She teased him in her usual tone, “So you’re disappointed not to see the thief?”

Beike opened the fridge and took two bottles of soda. He turned around and threw one to Pei Jiao. “I’ve already rushed out to fight the thief, then I saw that it was you. Tsk, what a disappointment.”

The soda taken out of the fridge was too cold. Pei Jiao quickly placed it on the bar beside her. “With your weak body, are you sure you won’t black out as soon as you raise your hand?”

The two of them were not inferior to each other.

Beike unscrewed the cap of the soda bottle and gulped down most of it. The cold soda made him feel better. He raised his hand to smooth the messy hair that had fallen across his forehead, revealing his smooth forehead.

This way, he looked even more energetic. At least, he was not as dispirited as before.

“Miss, why are you here?” He turned to the sofa and avoided Pei Jiao’s gaze, not daring to look at her directly..