I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples-Chapter 480 - : Primordial Purple Qi!

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Chapter 480: Primordial Purple Qi!

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Just a single palm strike stopped the Bonewing Snake Tiger that even Duan Chaohe and Jin Wujin, two paragons, could not contend against?

Duan Chaohe’s expression was also quite ugly.

He was a prodigy of the Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall as a top faction of the Milky Way Galaxy.

They were unable to withstand the Bonewing Snake Tiger’s attack.

And Lu Changsheng, who he called his follower, stopped the Bonewing Snake Tiger with one strike?

The difference in strength was actually so huge.

At this moment, Lu Changsheng looked indifferent.

“I was still thinking about what to do with you.”

“However, there’s no need to think so much now.”

Obviously, Lu Changsheng wasn’t talking to the Bonewing Snake Tiger.

Everyone looked at Duan Chaohe.

Duan Chaohe’s expression was gloomy.

This was a threat!

However, what could he do now?

Obviously, Lu Changsheng was much stronger than him!

Thinking of this, Duan Chaohe turned around and left!

Seeing this, Ji Qianyao said, “He ran away.”

Lu Changsheng didn’t care at all. “Let him run.”

He made it sound as if he could run as far as he wanted.

Target locked.

They were just waiting for the Second Commander to fire the f*cking Italian cannon.

At this moment, the Bonewing Snake Tiger’s eyes were filled with anger as it let out a furious roar!

Its four legs kept stepping on the ground!

The ground shook again!

The sky was on the verge of collapse!

However, Lu Changsheng remained calm. No matter how hard it tried, it was useless.

“Puppy, can’t you behave yourself?”


You’re telling me this is a dog?

After Lu Changsheng finished speaking, he slightly pressed his palm down under everyone’s shocked gazes!

Immediately, a monstrous aura burst out of Lu Changsheng’s body!

It was as if it contained all the rules of this world!

Even the Heavenly Dao was used by him!

The Bonewing Snake Tiger let out a wail.

His four limbs fell to the ground!

Above the tiger’s body, it was as if the sky had collapsed, crushing it to the ground!

And at this moment,

The Bonewing Snake Tiger breathed out hot air from its nose.

It let out a series of cries, seemingly begging for mercy.

Lu Changsheng said, “If I let you go, you’d better behave yourself. Do you understand?”

The Bonewing Snake Tiger understood Lu Changsheng’s words.

It hurriedly nodded and did not dare to do anything else.

It stood next to Lu Changsheng.

There was only one word that could be used to describe the look in its eyes.


Jin Wujin’s expression kept changing.

With one palm, he tamed this powerful magical beast that only existed in ancient times…

One had to know that the bloodline of the Bonewing Snake Tiger was not weaker than their Golden-Winged Roc race!

Lu Changsheng looked at Ji Qianyao and said, “Go get what you want.”

Ji Qianyao was slightly stunned. “You don’t want it?”

“Doesn’t work for me.”

Ji Qianyao then nodded with a smile and walked towards the cave at the back.

Seeing this, the Bonewing Snake Tiger whimpered in grievance.

Lu Changsheng glanced at it and said, “You’ll follow me from now on. Do you still need these things?”

Everyone looked helpless upon hearing this. The Bonewing Snake Tiger nodded its huge head, its eyes revealing a happy expression.

It stuck out its huge tongue and kept licking Lu Changsheng’s body.

From top to bottom… Everywhere…

Lu Changsheng pushed it away and said, “Why do you have to be a bootlicker?”

Ji Qianyao, who had entered the cave, suddenly sneezed.

He rubbed his nose.


Is someone thinking about me?

At this moment, Ji Qianyao also walked out with a purple ball of light in her hand.

Above the ball of light, purple qi kept circling back!

It seemed to contain a wisp of the laws of the Great Dao!

The moment everyone saw the purple ball of light, everyone, including Jin

Wujin, except for Lu Changsheng, was excited!

“Primordial Purple Qi?”

“It’s said that the Primordial Purple Qi contains a wisp of the Primordial Great Dao. No one has seen this thing even in the Milky Way Galaxy!”

“There’s actually such a divine item in Mortal Village…”

Jin Wujin’s expression was ugly as well.

He couldn’t snatch it with Lu Changsheng here after all.

Even if he obtained it, he had to be alive to use it!


He seemed to have thought of something.

Jin Wujin activated his bloodline power.

A message was sent out!

Ji Qianyao looked at Lu Changsheng with a smile and said, “Are you regretting it? Why don’t you give it back to me?”

Lu Changsheng glanced at the Primordial Purple Qi.

This thing was useful, but unfortunately, there were too few of them.

It wasn’t even as much as the mass of grandmist energy in his body…

“Alright, since I’ve given it to you, just take it. Why are you dawdling?”

Then, Lu Changsheng looked around and said, “By the way, you’ve finished reading it. It’s time to hand over the jade seal.”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Lu Changsheng spread his hands and said, “You saw it just now. Don’t make me use force, okay?”

Everyone looked helpless upon hearing this.

With such monstrous strength and talent, there was indeed no chance of winning.

Therefore, everyone threw the jade seal to Lu Changsheng.

Jin Wujin also cupped his fists and smiled. “Senior, please come to my Golden-Winged Roc Clan as a guest in the future. 1 believe the Clan Leader would like to get to know you.”

Lu Changsheng nodded.

In reality, he didn’t take it to heart.

When he obtained these people’s jade seals, they were all teleported out by the green light.

He had already gathered eight cultivation techniques.

Ji Qianyao didn’t need to give it to Lu Changsheng directly.

Both of them had comprehended the same cultivation technique after all.

“What about now? Are we going to look for Duan Chaohe?”

Lu Changsheng nodded and walked in a certain direction.

“Eh? You’ve already found it?”

“No shit. Why else would I let him get away first?”

At this moment, Duan Chaohe had already run ten thousand miles.

He left where Lu Changsheng was.

His expression was gloomy as he muttered to himself, “1 did run away, but how should I deal with that troublesome follower?”

Even if he ran away, he still needed to gather all the cultivation techniques in the nine Sky Penetrating Stone if he wanted to pass the test.

Therefore, he had to find a way to deal with Lu Changsheng…

“Are you thinking about me?”

Suddenly, a grim reaper-like voice sounded in Duan Chaohe’s ears.

Duan Chaohe’s expression was ugly. He raised his head and looked at the two men and one woman in front of him.

Lu Changsheng, Ji Qianyao, and Xing Cheng.

“How did you find me?”

Lu Changsheng didn’t answer. Instead, he pointed his finger at Duan Chaohe’s forehead!

Duan Chaohe’s expression changed!

There was no way he could withstand this terrifying power!

He really wanted to kill him!

How dare he!

He gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

He threw out the jade seal in his hand.

A green light directly teleported Duan Chaohe out!

Lu Changsheng’s finger missed!

“Huh? Do you think I’ll let you escape?”

Since he had decided to kill him, he could not hold back!

To cut the grass, one had to remove the roots!

Thinking of this, Lu Changsheng tore open the space in front of him and chased after him under Ji Qianyao and Xing Cheng’s shocked gazes!