I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples-Chapter 481 - The Three Sects Arrive!

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Chapter 481 The Three Sects Arrive!

In the outside world, the village chief and He Zhen looked at the candidates who were teleported out one after another.

They were all slightly stunned.

What the hell happened there?

How did so many people get eliminated so quickly in this test?

The village chief looked around, but he didn't see Lu Changsheng or Duan Chaohe.

At this moment, He Zhen smiled and said, "Looks like Duan Chaohe survived to the end."

"Village Chief, the Mortal Village has appeared. This is the will of the heavens. The will of the heavens cannot be violated!"

The village chief's expression was ugly.

If the Mortal Village appeared, he did not know how much of an impact it would have.

The old ancestor and the teacher must have their own considerations for setting such a rule.

"The result is still unclear. Isn't it too early for you to come to a conclusion?"

He Zhen smiled and said, "What's the suspense? Now that Jin Wujin has come out, how can that follower be Duan Chaohe's match?"

Then, He Zhen looked at Jin Wujin and asked with a relaxed expression, "Jin Wujin, tell me what's the situation inside."

Jin Wujin revealed an inexplicable smile and did not answer.

He Zhen's expression darkened slightly after seeing this scene.

Could an accident have really happened?

At this moment, a green light flashed.

He Zhen and the village chief looked over!

The person in the green light would determine the future of Mortal Village.

Nonetheless, He Zhen's expression changed, and the village chief's eyes were filled with surprise!

The person in the green light was actually Duan Chaohe!

It was Duan Chaohe who came out first!

In other words, Lu Changsheng would win in the end.

He Zhen was about to ask when Duan Chaohe roared in horror, "Don't your Mortal Village disallow killing without permission?! Hurry up and stop that follower!"

Stop him?

He Zhen and the village chief's expressions changed slightly.

In the direction where Duan Chaohe had appeared.

Space was actually torn apart!

Lu Changsheng took a step forward.

Then, he stretched out his hand in the direction where Duan Chaohe had fled!

An invisible force pressed down on Duan Chaohe!

At this moment, He Zhen shouted angrily, "How dare you! How dare you be impudent in Mortal Village? Are you treating our rules as nothing?"

Then he slapped out!

A palm print that could affect the power of heaven and earth!

There was actually some Mystic Yellow Qi aura among them!

It collided with Lu Changsheng's invisible aura!

At this moment, He Zhen's expression changed slightly. He took three steps back and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth!

However, Lu Changsheng's attack was also blocked.


Lu Changsheng was a little surprised.

Even though it was just a casual attack, he was still stopped by He Zhen?

"Who the hell are you?"

He Zhen's expression was bewildered. With such strength, he was definitely not a small follower.

Lu Changsheng didn't answer. Instead, he pointed at Duan Chaohe and asked, "Are you going to stop me?"

He Zhen's expression turned ugly when he heard this. "In Mortal Village, prohibitions are good at killing!"

Lu Changsheng nodded.

Since they wanted to stop him, there was nothing they could do.

He would snatch the Mystic Yellow Qi too…

Then, he put his two fingers together and slashed the air with his sword!

The two slashes contained the Sword Dao Law!

It slashed towards He Zhen and Duan Chaohe behind him!

Their expressions changed!

Dao Law?!

This person had actually comprehended the Sword Dao Law!

The 3,000 Great Daos corresponded to 3,000 Dao Laws!

The Sword Dao Law was one of the high-level Dao Laws!

There were only a handful of people who had comprehended the Dao Law in the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Of course, this did not include He Zhen!


L just as the Sword Dao Law was about to slash He Zhen and Duan Chaohe…

A loud roar was heard in the sky!

A flood dragon that was trapped by huge chains appeared in the sky!

Above the flood dragon, a middle-aged man in green-patterned white clothes struck out with his palm!

Immediately, turbulent waves, surging waves!

The water vapor in the world seemed to have gathered here at this moment!

It swept towards the two sword rules like a tsunami!

The Water Dao Law!

At the same time, in the Mortal Village, an invisible force appeared in front of He Zhen from the bamboo house!

At this moment, two slashes containing the Sword Dao Law landed on the two powers!


The Heaven and Earth flipped!

It was as if it had been reversed!

In this space, a huge destructive power appeared for a moment!

The power of three Dao Laws collided! freewe bnovel.com

Space continued to crack!

Everyone on the ground circulated their full strength to resist!

Those who were slightly weaker were swept into the distance!

"Who are you? Why did you kill a disciple of my Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall?"

The village chief looked up at the sky with a dark expression.

"I'm Yun Ziru, the Palace Master of the Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall."

In the sky, a violent wind blew!

Golden-Winged Rocs that blotted out the sky also arrived!

The person in the lead.

His face was rough!

Golden fur covered his entire body!

The aura was extremely terrifying.

"The Patriarch of the Golden-Winged Rocs, Jin Li."

Jin Li laughed and said, "I heard that the Primordial Purple Qi has appeared here? I want to see what this legendary divine item looks like."

"Oh? Do the Golden-Winged Rocs like to snatch things from juniors?"

As this voice that was as pleasant as an immortal's voice sounded, petals danced in the air in the entire sky.

A refreshing fragrance filled the air.

One of them was wearing a thin veil.

However, it was still difficult to conceal the appearance of that world-shocking beauty!

When Jin Li saw the woman, he licked his lips and said with a smile, "I didn't expect Ji Liuzhi to come in person."

Ji Liuzhi, the Palace Master of the Jade Pool Immortal Palace, one of the three major forces of the Milky Way Galaxy.

She was also known as the number one beauty in the Milky Way Galaxy, however, this name was inherited by Ji Qianyao.

When the Primordial Purple Qi appeared, Jin Wujin had already sent the news to the clan.

They could not let go of such a divine item so easily!

Once they got it, the Golden-Winged Rocs would become the strongest existence in the Milky Way Galaxy!

Of course, Ji Qianyao was not stupid. She also sent a message to her master, Ji Liuzhi.

A common man's only crime is to carry a jade after all.

She understood this principle.

At this time, Yun Ziru nodded and said, "It seems that this trip was the right one."

At this moment, Duan Chaohe pointed at Lu Changsheng and said, "Master! That divine item is in their hands!"

Yun Zirui looked at Lu Changsheng and said, "Hand over the Primordial Purple Qi. Maybe I can forgive you for attacking my disciple."

Jin Li also laughed wildly. "It's really funny! Are you humans all such sanctimonious people?"

"It's a robbery. Why hide it?"

"Junior, I'll protect you if you hand it to me!! Moreover, my Golden-Winged Rocs will give you a generous reward!"

Lu Changsheng smiled.

"Your strength should be inferior to Mortal Village, right?"

Everyone was slightly stunned, they didn't know why Lu Changsheng asked such a question.

"Since that's the case, I don't have to look for you one by one…"

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