I See the Aura of the Great Emperor in All My Disciples-Chapter 482 - One Strike That Ended It All

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Chapter 482 One Strike That Ended It All

In the sky of the Mortal Village.

The spiritual qi surged like the tide of the world with frequent changes!

Countless black iron chains intersected the sky towards the left, outlining the sky!

It was as if the entire world was bound and suppressed by chains!

A pair of golden wings that covered the sky towards the right!

Every fine golden feather was like an extremely sharp sword.

It formed a huge sharp metal storm and could cut through all monsters!

The two phenomena were emitted by the Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall's Hall Master, Yun Ziru, and the Patriarch of the Golden-Winged Rocs, Jin Li.

Lu Changsheng said indifferently, standing in front of these two terrifying phenomena, "That's good. It saves me the trouble of looking for them one by one."

Everyone was stunned hearing Lu Changsheng's words.

Yun Ziru also raised his eyebrows and said, "How arrogant."

Jin Li also laughed and said, "This kid is not bad. How about this? As long as you hand over the thing, I'll let you join my Golden-Winged Rocs. I'll personally change your blood!"

The bloodline of the Golden-Winged Rocs was naturally the top bloodline in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Behind Lu Changsheng, Ji Qianyao looked at Ji Liuzhi pitifully.

Ji Liuzhi naturally noticed his gaze and could not help but shake her head helplessly.

He sent a voice transmission, "He gave you the Primordial Purple Qi. I will naturally protect him. Furthermore, he was able to defeat the Bonewing Snake Tiger alone. It proves that his talent far exceeds yours."


The Jade Pool Immortal Palace did not accept male disciples.

Why not break the rules?

In Ji Liuzhi's mind, she could not help but think of going against her ancestors' decision…

She still thought highly of Lu Changsheng's talent after all.

And he seemed to be quite compatible with Qianyao?

Lu Changsheng shook his head and laughed as he listened to their conversation. "I won't give it to you, and I won't join."

"Young man, have you thought it through?" Yun Ziru looked down at Lu Changsheng with his hands behind his back.

Jin Li's eyes were also filled with killing intent. "If you don't listen to me, your path will end."

Just as the two of them were about to attack…

A figure came from a bamboo house in the village.

"Everyone, this is my Mortal Village. Don't start a conflict here. You can do whatever you want after we get out."

When the village chief heard the voice, his face lit up.

Then, he immediately cupped his hands in the direction of the bamboo house and said, "Sir."

The other villagers of the Mortal Village were the same.

Sir was the pillar of the Mortal Village.

It had been like this since the village was established.

It had never changed.

The teacher said, "Everyone should know the rules of the Mortal Village. If you still want to break the rules, I won't show mercy."

Yun Ziru's expression was ugly as he said, "Sir, we naturally abide by the rules. However, if this young man wants to kill my disciple, doesn't that violate the rules of Mortal Village?"

Jin Li sneered at the side. However, he did not dare to act rashly.

The arrogant Golden-Winged Rocs would also be very afraid of Mortal Village.

That was because the Mortal Village was a place that even the Milky Way God and the person from the Demon Region respected.

The teacher continued, "I will naturally stop him if he makes a move."

"However, you're the ones who want to break the rules, right?"

At this moment, He Zhen spoke.

"Mister, the cause of all this is because of this child. Leaving him behind is naturally a future trouble. Why don't we hand him over?"

The village chief's expression froze. Then, he looked at He Zhen and said, "Looks like one of these two factions is working with you in secret?"

"Previously, when you roped in Duan Chaohe, you didn't choose Jin Wujin. You reached an agreement with the Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall, right?"

He Zhen did not hide anything. Instead, he shrugged and said, "I just want to bring the village forward. What's wrong with that?"

Yun Ziru also smiled and said, "Village Chief, Sir, the rules of Mortal Village are too old-fashioned. It's time to walk out."

The village chief frowned and glanced at Yun Ziru. He shouted, "When did an outsider interfere in the matters of Mortal Village?"

At this moment, the teacher interrupted their conversation. "Everyone, why are you here? Don't hide it. It's meaningless. I'll still say this. If you want to attack, my Mortal Village will accompany you."

His tone was light.

However, Yun Ziru and Jin Li's expressions turned grave.

They knew that once they made a move, their teacher would definitely make a move!

His master's strength had always been unknown.

However, he would definitely be stronger than them!

This was publicly acknowledged by everyone.

There was silence for a moment.

Ji Liuzhi also nodded slightly.

Since Lu Changsheng was under the protection of his teacher, Lu Changsheng would be safe.

Nonetheless, just as he was thinking about this…

Lu Changsheng's words almost angered her to death.

"You're not going to do it? Then I'm going to do it."

Even in Mortal Village, if they did not make a move, they would try their best to snatch the Primordial Purple Qi after leaving.

The feud had already been formed, and the karma was connected.

He had to end this quickly!

Ji Qianyao quickly pulled Lu Changsheng's arm.

What is going on? Isn't this looking for trouble?

The village chief was also dumbfounded.

Master has already spoken to protect you, and you still want to take the initiative to attack?

Duan Chaohe couldn't help but mock, "You're going to attack? Now that my master is here, how are you going to attack?"

The teacher also said, "The rules of the Mortal Village…"

However, before he could finish speaking…

Lu Changsheng was like a bolt of lightning!

No, his speed seemed to have reached the speed of light. In the blink of an eye, he appeared beside Duan Chaohe.

A palm had already landed on the top of Duan Chaohe's head just as Yun Ziru reacted!

The Sword Intent rushed into his body immediately!

It swept through Duan Chaohe's body!

In just an instant, Duan Chaohe had lost all his life!

"Cut the crap. I'm getting calluses in my ears."

Yun Ziru's expression was unsightly as he said, "Sir, now that this child has killed my disciple, you shouldn't be able to stop him, right?"

Killing his own disciple right under his nose?

Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall was one of the strongest factions in this star domain.

Putting everything else aside, where would he put his face? (f)reewe(b)novel

The Sect Master was present.

The sect disciples were killed right under the Sect Master's nose.

How many people would choose Beiming Dragon Subduing Hall in the future?

The mister also frowned in the bamboo house.

This man's temper was so explosive?

However, since he dared to make a move, he naturally had something to rely on.

At the thought of this, the teacher was a little interested.

"Deal with it yourselves. However, if it affects Mortal Village, don't blame me for being heartless."

Yun Ziru snorted coldly hearing this.

He pointed his finger at Lu Changsheng!

All of a sudden, huge chains in the sky pressed down on Lu Changsheng!

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